Basketball is an intense game. It requires lasting resistance and holistic concentration. But as a basketball player, you tend to lose your focus somewhere during the game.

I’m sure you also experienced this in your training routine or even when it really counts. What i found through my research is that yes, Basketball Players can really benefit from taking nootropic drugs in many ways.

I don’t recommend most nootropic substances to pro basketball players, or college scholarship sponsored players though. Most nootropics are on the list of banned substances in all professional major basketball organizations.

They would get themselfes into big trouble if tested positive for one of the banned substances and face a fine for doping.

But as long as you play basketball for recreational purposes like me, where no money or scholarship contracts are involved, you can enjoy all the benefits of performance enhancing nootropics.

Nootropic supplements have countless benefits for basketball players and athletes in general. They can support players get “into the zone” for hours, with increased performance and enhanced reflexes.

How does that happen? Basketball is all about reaction time, reading the situation, and facilitating the connection of mind and body. Focus, learning, and memory are interconnected with each other, affecting reaction time.

The more proficient a player is able to read the situation and react instantly, the better their game will be. For any athlete, performing on that level the whole game through can be exhausting.

That’s where nootropic supplements come to the rescue. Regular and proper use promotes laser focused concentration, and boosts cognition.

What’s interesting about nootropics is, they not only boost mindset,  focus and signal processing. They even enhance neurotransmission, which usually diminishes with the onset of fatigue.

Nootropic enhancers help you keep up your concentration and fast reflexes, especially when the game lasts for hours. Despite the intensity, you remain mentally and physically active and exceed your coaches’ expectations.

How do Nootropic Drugs Boost Physical Performance during Workouts, Practice, and Actual Games?

Nootropics stimulate and optimise brain chemicals and cognitive functions. This leads to peak performance on the court, which is necessary to win in sports and other strenuous activities.

Some of the nootropic benefits that help with working out or practicing your game include:

Focus: Concentrate Deeply

You are pushing yourself to go beyond your limits in workouts, practice drills and games. The ability to concentrate is the cognitive function that helps you bring home the bacon. Lasting concentration is key to extend your endurance on the court.

Energy: Be Eager and Resistant Despite the Intensity

Basketball players and other athletes seek out nootropic assistance to boost their energy and performance. Most of them search for supplemental support like caffeine.

That’s why it is such a popular and common ingredient in pre-workout drinks and supplements.

Stim-free nootropics are also quite popular, for athletes who are sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants. They reliably boost energy levels and alertness, enhancing the performance during a training session.

As the energy level increases within the cell, caffeine helps clean energy enhancement. It boosts energy efficiency for hours.

Aside from powering workouts, this nootropic plays a vital role in managing a healthy weight and achieving metabolic performance. This makes cell energy nootropics a good shot for many training programs.

Motivation: Achieve the Drive to Win

A great basketball game won’t happen without the drive to win. Because of this, motivation is an important and core part in the equation.

Natural and safe nootropics promote motivation. They support all the brain chemicals that are responsible for regulating our drive.

Motivation is one of the nootropic enhancements you can enjoy from start to finish. It is perfect for those striving to perfect every aspect of their game.

Stress Resistance: Handle Intensity Until the End

A good basketball routine is stressful. When you always engage in strict training, it can place an extreme amount of stress on your mind and body.

Luckily, nootropics can help you deal with it. More particularly, some of the substances strengthen your resistance to stress. Adaptogens are tested to improve mental performance.

They hinder the brain-fogging effect of stress on your cognition. This strengthening effect also benefits the body. Plus, these nootropic herbs can aid basketball players with their endurance, physical strength, and clear thinking.

Despite the pressure and stress, you can think and perform on a higher level.

Nootropic drugs are able to replenish neurotransmitters. Whenever we engage in complicated situations, our body releases and uses brain chemicals at a fast rate.

This leads to almost superhuman strength and feelings of euphoria. With the use of nootropics, you are sure to restore your stress-depleted neurotransmitters fast and efficient.

Top Nootropics to Choose Today :

There are natural and synthetic substances designed to improve mental and physical performance .

In recent years, nootropics have been rising  in popularity. They are used to boost memory, creativity, motivation, intelligence, and focus.

While they have been an important part of people’s lives in the workforce, they are also ideal for athletes, especially basketball players.

Yes the market is crowded with hundreds of options. For new users, it will be hard to find the right supplements.

But don’t worry, I’ve done the work for you and compiled a short list of the most useful nootropics available at the moment:

  • Modafinil

Modafinil is the most popular wakefulness-promoting nootropic that is used by many athletes, workers, entrepreneurs and students alike. It promotes super fast reflexes ,mental alertness and sharp focus for many hours.

Your attention span will feel almost unlimited while on the drug, without any side effects. It was originally developed to fight narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift sleep disorders.

People who didn’t have trouble staying awake soon found the drug, and realized it completely eliminated their mental fatigue while on it.

One is able to complete an enormous workload per day ( or night ) when taking this nootropic drug, such as working long shifts or studying long hours for an exam.

For athletes, Modafinil boosts mental clarity, focus and reaction time to new heights, with an attention span that is impossible to achieve without it.

If you are looking to buy Modafinil online, but are unsure which online source is real and doesn’t sell you a scam, i recommend you check out     

They sell the most popular generic version of Modafinil called Modalert , for a great price. I suggest you order the free trial pack first, which contains a pack of 10 Modalert  200 mg pills. That’s enough for a week to test and to feel  the effects yourself. You can get a free trial pack of Modalert here. You just pay for postal costs, which isn’t much.

  • Caffeine

Widely consumed and popular around the world, caffeine is easy to find. Coffee, tea, cocoa, guarana, and kola nuts are rich with it.  Commercially, it is added to energy drinks, sodas, and some medications. These can also be combined with other substances to maximize the results.

How does caffeine work? It’s not as complicated as you imagine. It only blocks adenosine receptors in the brain. This makes you feel less tired. No matter how intense a game is, you’d remain mentally and physically active.

Enough caffeine intake increases your attention and alertness while on the court. But wait, there’s more! It shortens your reaction time. Caffeine-rich drugs are effective for those who play fast team sports, like basketball.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of caffeine, but are sensitive to it, like you eperience jitters, blood sugar crashes after a dose of caffeine, then i recommend you check out smart caffeine by Natural Stacks. It combines caffeine and L-Theanine, which effectively blocks the unwanted side effects of caffeine, and prolongs the caffeine kick. You can check it out here.

  • L-Theanine

A naturally occurring amino acid found in tea, L-Theanine is available in the form of supplements. Studies indicate that 200mg L-theanine intake provides a calming effect.

Using 50mg, which is equivalent to two cups of brewed grean tea, can double the alpha-waves in your brain. These are associated with creativity.

You probably think that basketball only needs endurance. But it goes way beyond that. A player needs to be creative when playing to win.  L-theanine will be of great help achieving this goal.

Not only that, L-theanine becomes even more effective when combined with caffeine. This is the reason why they are both used in many performance-enhancing supplements.

Want to stay creative on the court? Eager to be effective while playing? Then L-theanine is the answer to your questions.

  • Bacopa Monnieri

As an ancient herb, Bacopa Monnieri has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to maximize brain function. Studies found that Bacopa Monnieri supplements can improve memory, reduce reaction times, and speed up brain information processing.

Bacopa Monnieri contains bacosides as their main active compound. While it protects the brain from chronic stress, it enhances the signaling in the hippocampus. That’s the area of the brain that is responsible for processing memories. 

However, the effects of the nootropic are not felt right away. Regular intake of 300 to 600mg Bacopa Monnieri should be considered to achieve the best result. Absorbhealth is a great choice for Bacopa Monnieri, check it out here.

  • Rhodiola Rosea

Another natural nootropic is Rhodiola Rosea. As an adaptogenic herb, Rhodiola helps the body handle stress more effectively. Studies indicate that Rhodiola Rosea supplements reduce the feelings of burnout and improve mood as well.

Small doses have been proven to decrease mental and physical fatigue. It promotes well-being in athletes during a stressful game. It’s also perfect for college students during nerve-wracking examinations. I get mine at absorbhealth.

  • Noopept

A synthetic smart drug, Noopept is easily available as a supplement online. Compared to other natural nootropics, its effects are fast. Users can feel it within a few minutes, and the effects last for several hours.

Animal studies indicated that Noopept speeds up how the brain forms and retrieves memories. It does so by stimulating the brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

The compound boosts brain cell development. Human research found that this nootropic drug even helps users recover from brain injuries.

You can check out my review of Noopept here.

Are nootropics safe?

Yes they are. However, there can be side effects if you develop a “ more is better “ mindset and overdo it. Just don’t exceed the recommended daily dosage.

I would start slowly with half the dosage, and work your way up from there. If any adverse reactions to the substance occur, just lower the dosage, or stop taking it altogether. Use common sense and enjoy your enhanced new you!

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