In the competitive and stressful life of the 21st century, all of us are suffering from some odd quirk or condition which we have to deal with on a regular basis. These problems then seem absolutely unending and nerve-wracking for some, with absolutely no signs of any light at the end of their tunnel. One of the worst such mental disorder is clinical depression, alongside being the most common. It affects more than 300 million people of all ages worldwide and is a major source of disability and disease

At its worst, depression has been recorded to lead to suicide and hence is a problem which should be tackled as soon as it is identified.

There’s absolutely no substitute for your doctor’s clinical diagnosis, but even they’d recommend certain nootropics or drugs on this list that would help you alleviate some dreadful symptoms which haunt you right now, seemingly unendingly. Not to worry, their end is here. By the end of this read, you’d be acquainted with top-of-the-line products which’d greatly enhance your experience of fighting through this period of your life. We’re with you.

Qualia Mind

Typically used for cognitive enhancement, Qualia Mind has been an enormous success for the professionals and students around the globe – essentially the people who’ve to deal with hours of stressful work each day. Developed by Neurohacker Collective, although new, its hype in the market right now is simply unparalleled and for good measure. Not only are its ingredients all natural, making it especially suitable for vegetarians, it’s specifically helpful in improving mental retention, focus, cognitive capacity, creativity and other facets of one’s mental health. If this peeks your interest, you can read more about Qualia Mind here at Real Nootropics. Depression doesn’t stand a chance now!

Side Effects

Several reviews online conclude that Qualia Mind has little to no detrimental effect on an individual’s body. This likely explains that the lack of side effects of the product that follow. The only potential drawback for a lot of people is the expensive nature of the product… however, we mean it when we say that it’s worth every penny.


The formula for Qualia Mind is essentially all natural, hence offering benefits coupled with safety – something which you rarely find in the nootropic market. The recommended dosage by most practitioners and reviewers online is 7 pills a day. The best time is to take them immediately after waking up. You can easily gulp them down with water or have them with breakfast if you feel any discomfort in taking them on an empty stomach.

Do note that your medical practitioner may specify a different dosage for you on the basis of individual factors like age, sensitivity, intensity of requirement, preexisting medical conditions among others. What we’re essentially telling you is that you ought to consult your practitioner if you feel any agitation or discomfort while having the recommended dosage on a regular basis.


Noopept is a long-standing, established product in the market especially catering to the elderly, for their memory deficiencies and other forms of cognitive disability. Its special formula comprising certain ‘nootropic supplements’ which are simply unavailable in other forms of drugs (advertising similar benefits) in the market possess many benefits for the users ranging from memory restoration (with the aid of hypoxia), emotional instability, anxiety, irritability and sleep disorders. It’s a simple product but can target the roots of a lot of insecurities embedded in an individual, improving their overall self-esteem.

Some benefits of this life-changing product, in summary, include:

  • Improved memory capacity
  • Protection of the nervous system and the brain
  • Increased neural growth

Side Effects

Most studies have usually reported no serious side effects or detrimental, unwanted consequences resulting from the consumption of Noopept. However, anecdotally, some individuals have reported headaches, dizziness, irritability and restlessness. This may be consequences of overdosing however and should be taken with a grain of salt. In any case, if continued discomfort is experienced after the consumption of Noopept, you should consult your general practitioner as soon as possible.


The recommended dosage for Noopept is lower than other nootropic products on the market, largely due to its higher potency. This adds to the relatively cost-effective nature of the product for a large consumer base. It’s been held by many practitioners and reviewers that 10 milligrams to 20 milligrams should be taken at least three times a day for Noopept to have any visible effect on one’s cognitive capacity. Moreover, such intake is also likely to be quite safe and effective. Though you can read the full review of it here.

It’s, however, recommended that you do not consume Noopept right before sleeping as the release of its chemicals might interfere with your body’s natural biological clock.


Modafinil is generally regarded as one of the most popular nootropic substances available on the market right now, largely due to its effectiveness in improving one’s focus and awareness capabilities. It’s marketed as a focus enhancer, specifically for the middle-aged people who may feel that their selective attention has suffered specific decline and they’re looking for ways to counteract that.

In the medical field, it has often been utilized to reverse the effects of a lot of disorders, including but not limited to narcolepsy and obstructive sleep disorder. It has been studied extensively and hence has a transparent mechanism: the release of specific neurotransmitters to increase the levels of dopamine in an individual’s brain, increasing alertness, focus and concentration abilities.

A specific advertising and marketing feature that is utilized by the producers of Modafinil is that it has been held to be effective over a wide age group and its benefits include alleviation of fatigue levels, increased reaction time and pristine motivation to fuel one’s ambitions for their goals. These factors, combined, act as a great tool to combat the onslaught that depression rages in one’s brain.


It’s helpful to consult your pharmacist or doctor before beginning a course of Modafinil as it’s likely to be a prescription drug where you live. In any case, the dosage of Modafinil can be very specific to an individual in terms of concentration, timings and intake and hence is usually recommended by the doctor in a specific manner.

Usually though, it’s advised that its intake be divided into a morning dosage and a noon dosage to avoid any adverse effects that over-dose may entail. It’s also suggested that you if you’re utilizing Modafinil for some sort of sleep disorder, you consume it once a day around an hour prior to the time at which you wish to fall asleep.

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They sell a very popular generic version of Modafinil called Modalert , for a great price. I suggest you order the free trial pack, which contains a pack of 10 Modalert  200 mg pills. That’s enough for a week to test and to feel  the effects yourself. You can get a free trial pack of Modalert here.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane as a nootropic substance has been recognized to protect nerve cells and supplement their growth in the human body. Even in ancient society, its usage has been documented to treat and alleviate symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases: largely in terms of nerve damage and brain attrition.

NGF or nerve growth factor is a quintessential hormone required for the growth of nerve cells. Lion’s Mane does what you’d expect it to do in this instance: increases the quantity of nerve growth factor that is secreted in one’s blood, consequently improving brain functioning, reversing nerve and brain damage and improving reaction times.

A double-blind study conducted in Japan included a large sample of men and women, of which, over 50 were diagnosed with mild cognitive damage or inhibition and saw a greatly improved mental faculty by the end of the study, primarily due to the incorporation of Lion’s Mane in their respective diets.

Summarizing the benefits that Lion’s Mane can have for its users, it’s likely to:

  • Increase cognitive capacity
  • Stimulate Nerve Growth Factor secretion and reverse nerve damage
  • Improve memory capacity and retention
  • Reduce depression, anxiety and stress


It’s recommended by most practitioners that if Lion’s Mane is to be incorporated into an individual’s diet, then one should start by consuming 2 capsules (of 1 g each) every day and see the effects which are likely to be readily visible in a short span of time. Over time, with the consultation of an appropriate medical practitioner, its intake can be increased to further the cognitive benefits that accompany the consumption of the nootropic substance.

Bacopa Monnieri

Also known as Brahimi in various parts of the world, Bacopa Monnieri is an Ayurvedic herb utilized for its medicinal purposes in India since the prehistoric times. Traditionally, many Ayurvedic texts have listed its benefits to include relief from asthma attacks, memory enhancement, reduction in the intensity of epilepsy, improving one’s overall mood and even increasing the attention span and concentration abilities of people over the age of 65 years.

A 2011 study conducted to assess the overall health benefits and the potential that can be extracted from this magic herb. It was recorded within the confines of the study that in regular participants and patients, intake of Bacopa Monnieri tended to increase the levels of serotonin secreted while decreasing dopamine. This tended to have the positive effects listed above. Moreover, the study concluded that consumption of Bacop Monnieri increased the speed of impulse generation and transmission across neurons, improving an individual’s capacity for learning, their reaction times and several other accompanying neurological advantages.

Side Effects

While generally regarded as safe for consumption and incorporation into one’s diet by practitioners all around the globe, some studies have reported precautionary measures which should be taken before and during the consumption of Bacopa Monnieri.

Primarily, breastfeeding and pregnant women and people suffering bradycardia, gastrointestinal troubles, ulcers and thyroid disorders are advised against its consumption. If you have medical history of any of these conditions and believe that any symptoms of said condition are no longer active, you may wish to consult your practitioner regarding consumption of Bacopa Monnieri within your diet.


The dosage of Bacopa Monnieri, as appropriate, is largely determined by an individual’s specific characters which can include their age, health, previous medical history among others. Though it should be noted that the natural nature of the ingredients utilized to make Bacopa Monnieri should deem it to be rather safe. Regardless, we recommend you consult a trained physician before consumption. For a great price you can buy it here

Rhodiola Rosea

While previous entries on this fascinating list have been active supports of cognitive growth and improvement, Rhodiola Rosea is much more of a passive, conservative force. Native to high altitude slopes of Europe and Asia, Rhodiola Rosea is used as a traditional medicinal herb in many parts of Asia, including China, Russia and Scandinavia.

Much research conducted into this nootropic substance has come up with various findings about the absolute pillar of support it can be for people dealing with cognitive decline in the later stages of their life. Moreover, it has been found to be a great stress-reliever, regardless of the nature of work that a person undertakes.

Some benefits of this nootropic drug involve:

  • Fatigue reduction
  • Stress reduction
  • Energy restoration
  • Mood elevation
  • Mental alertness
  • Decrease in depression
  • Improved cognition

A double-blind study involving students of various grades showed that those who consumed Rhodiola Rosea on a regular basis for much likely to improve their scores by 8.4% on average, compared to those who did not make Rhodiola Rosea a part of their everyday diet. These stark results are a clear indication of the benefits that alleviation of mental fatigue and cognitive retention, through Rhodiola Rosea, can mean for people.


Rhodiola Rosea is best taken in the morning, prior to breakfast. Two of its (rather cost-effective) packages involve the ‘New Chapter Rhodiola Force’ and ‘Pure Encapsulations Rhodiola Rosea’, which can easily fit into your diet and budget. For best prices on Rhodiola Rosea check here

Moreover, it’s recommended that you begin with a dosage of 100 to 400 milligrams daily to allow your body enough time to adapt to the amazing potency of the nootropic. You’d be privy to the results in no time!

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