Every generation witnesses a trend which feels cool that everyone becomes its fan. Well as of today and for the upcoming decades it is going to be Programming. The powerful way to shape thoughts in reality and to change the way people’s approach towards each other in the entire world. Everyone knows who is a billionaire, who holds more information about people than any government and who is a perfectionist.

Why Is Programming Hard To Learn?

The best part about being a programmer is that it is an alluring socioeconomic status for everyone. Silicon Valley is full of such people who are willing to take up challenges and get most out of their knowledge. They come up with the best ideas that blow everyone’s mind including the giant industries. But for being a programmer, one needs to learn to program. This can be a pretty daunting task for people.

It is not a surprise that the number of people undertaking this course as a degree and to live their lives on it is rising exponentially all over the world. Maybe the previous sentence is not very optimistic but that’s the bold point. It is necessary for you to present extraordinary skills on the table. And that’s where this article is going to help you with, to enhance all the skills you aim to master.

You need to stand differently than all those who are going to appear in the interviews for Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and other giant MNCs who are dominant in the market. 

Cognitive Requirements For Programming

Coding seems cool and interesting but it’s not a piece of cake that anyone can eat. You can master one version but not all with any mercy and if you’re looking forward to getting it done then take some help of nootropics. Believe it or not, but many of the skills can be enhanced through the use of nootropics. Programming needs a basic set of Cognitive requirements, which are:-

  • Working memory
  • Focus
  • Attention Span
  • Mental Stamina

All of these aspects can be helped with the use of various nootropic supplements. By the way who doesn’t like to upgrade their memory slots. All of the supplements provided here are designed to provide slightly different benefits. But the fact is that all of them are able to serve well the core interests of geeks looking to supercharge their coding abilities: enhanced energy levels, sharpened focus, and improved working memory.

Best Nootropics For Learning Programming

Here is the list for some of the best Nootropics that can help you in learning programming faster and more accurately. Choose wisely for what suits your need.

Piracetam And Choline

This is a staple nootropic for improving memory and learning skills, which is perfect for a beginner programmer. If you are new to cognitive enhancers as well then the piracetam and choline combination is a great start. Studies suggest piracetam and choline combined can increase memory formation by more than either substance taken alone.

If you choose this option, make sure to stick with citicoline or alpha GPC as they havr the highest choline available. Or you could just eat an average of 2 – 3 eggs per day.
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This can aid in memory formation and learning, but also has a slight stimulating aspect. Another drug within the “racetam” family, anecdotally, many coders seem to like oxiracetam specifically. I personally use this brand.


This one is also a part of the racetam family, which helps with memory formation and learning, but also is a potent stimulant. Phenylpiracetam can be used as needed, but it is possible to gain tolerance to the drug, so it is advisable to take it only 2 – 3 times per week. Check best price


In theory, Noopept is a great memory enhancer currently used as a prescription drug in Russia and other countries. In practice, coders and programmers have got mixed results using Noopept. Try out the best brand

Neuro Vitality +

This supplement not only helps in keeping one alert while at work; it also saves a lot of time because now that you are good at the memory, you are also able to recollect faster and finish the work quickly.

Instant ATT

We all want our codes to be an instant success, be it the games that you develop or the photo effects app that you create. Writing long programs can be an mind bending task, but with today’s advancement in dietary supplements, coders can achieve optimal performance without compromising on their cognitive tasks.

Mind Lab Pro

It has an incredibly well balanced and comprehensive formula. Every aspect of cognitive function is supported, from mood and memory to focus and anxiety reduction. Most importantly, the effects of this stack are not short-lived; they actually increase over time. It has been found that once Mind Lab really gained momentum, it kept consumers at a significantly higher level of cognitive functioning 24/7. All-in-all, a superb nootropic. You can read my in-depth review of mind lab pro here

Mind + Memory Matrix

Most of the good coders are able to remember their past work very well and are able to memorize the intricacies of different programing language. The ability to remember ever syntax that you have written would make the difference between an average and good coder. Mind + Memory Matrix will help you achieve that.

Some Additional Practices That Will Be Helpful For Learning Programming

  • Slight physical activity: Go around a park or where ever you find to be refreshing and clean and take a 25 minutes walk without any distraction.
  • Start programming with as few distractions as possible. You know yourself better than anyone so use nootropics wisely at the best time to get the maximum out of them.
  • At regular intervals, you can do a few programming challenges that can test whether or not your nootropics for programming actually works in enhancing the ability or not.
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