Asthma is a chronic disease causing recurrent attacks during which the air passageways, mainly the trachea and bronchi, swell causing the airways to narrow and reduce the amount of air inhaled or exhaled. This can cause breathing issues, sleeplessness, fatigue, and reduced activity levels and may become worse during physical activity. Symptoms usually differ in severity and frequency from person to person.

If you’ve had to deal with such difficulties before and think that there is simply no solution other than to live with the problems, would you ever be relieved to find out that that simply isn’t true! Science has progressed a lot since its identification of the causes behind Asthma. Several drugs in the market claim to relieve or even prevent a lot of critical conditions that Asthma has the potential to cause. Even though most of them are likely to turn out ineffective, that does not mean that a real product which is worth its salt does not exist. Many nootropics can be a crucial aid in fighting your wretched symptoms. This article explores how.

A Brief About Asthma

The World Health Organisation estimates that around 235 million people suffer from this chronic condition in today’s day and age, likely contributed to by the rising pollution levels in the environment and the stemming climate change. The WHO further notes the disease’s status as being the most commonplace among children. Asthma is also a problem that does not discriminate based on the wealth of the country: more than 4 people out of 5 dying because of Asthma are from middle to low income countries. The Director General of the World Health Organisation, in the 61st World Health Assembly, warned that asthma was on the rise everywhere.

Considering these facts, it’s truer than ever that we need to start implementing solutions within our life that counteract the spread of this horrible plague. One of the simplest things you can do obviously is incorporate a health supplement, or a nootropic if you will, into your daily diet. But how is that going to help, you may ask?

Nootropics That Work!


Tianeptine is a drug which is primarily used to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety in patients. Also known as stablon, it can be a useful aid in treating people suffering from asthma as well. These benefits stem from its various effects on the body which include motivation, arousal, anxiety alleviation, euphoria, cognitive enhancement and rejuvenation.

In a study conducted on 25,000 asthmatic patients with the use of appropriate control groups, introducing tianeptine into the diets of patients decreased the prominence and frequency of their asthma attacks significantly. This seemed to be a consequence of the suppression of serotonin secretion in the blood, which is released alongside catecholamines during an asthmatic attack. It does that by increasing serotonin uptake by platelets and axons in the nervous system. This has an almost immediate relief inducing effect for the users.


Posted on Reddit, user ‘Wizardrous’ comments on how Tianeptine – a nootropic – relived many symptoms of his asthma:

I’ve been taking Tianeptine for the past week for mood support, and ever since I started it I’ve ceased to need my albuterol inhaler; even when I exercise heavily I don’t have asthma attacks. I’ve read about it being an effective treatment for asthma before, but I never realized how amazing it really is. If anyone here has problems with asthma and normal asthma medications cause anxiety for you (albuterol gave me awful anxiety), I’d highly recommend Tianeptine because it not only got rid of my asthma attacks but also helps immensely with my mood!

In the same thread, user ‘Reselection’ posts in agreement:

Tianeptine really just makes me feel as if I do not have asthma… I also notice a more stable and bright mood since taking it for the most part for the last few months.

Side Effects

Although Tinaeptine is safer to most other alternatives present in the market right now, it does have certain side effects that you’d best be wary about. Symptoms of these may include insomnia, constipation, dizziness, low blood pressure, dry mouth and possibly an addiction.


The recommended dosage for the nootropic is take it as a pill at least 2 to 3 times a day in order to witness effective results in the shortest duration possible. Once you’ve incorporated it successfully in your diet, under the watchful supervision of your doctor, you may increase its usage if you feel necessary.

Tianeptine is best not combined with any potential allergies that a user may have. If facing any complications during or after ingestion, do contact your medical practitioner. For the best source of pure Tianeptine click here.

Bacopa Monnieri

Traditionally an Ayurvedic medicine, Bacopa Monnieri is has been historically used to alleviate the problems faced during conditions like memory-loss and anxiety. At some places around the world, it’s also known as “Water Hyssop”. Some of its side benefits further include the treatment of asthma, epilepsy and other related conditions. It has been studied to be concluded as one of the most effective and safest nootropic substances out there.

Potential Side Effects

Bacopa (compressed) is generally regarded as being highly safe for consumption by healthy adults when ingested through the mouth in an appropriate dosage. Some side effects which have been noted by the rare user however include stomach cramps, nausea, fatigue and dry mouth.

Furthermore, the following users would like to take extra precautions during its consumption:

  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women: Enough research has not been conducted to conclude that it’s safe to consume Bacopa Monnieri during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It’d be advised to refrain from it during this period.
  • Slowed heart rate (Bradycardia): People with a slow heartrate may face problems as Bacopa slows it down even further.
  • Gastrointestinal blockage: Bacopa has the potential for causing certain ‘congestion’ in the intestinal tract. This is likely to worsen if the person already suffers from some form of blockage in that part of their body.
  • Thyroid Disorders: People with thyroid conditions or people who take thyroid medications should be wary of consuming Bacopa as it may negatively impact levels of thyroid hormone in their body.


The appropriate dosage of the drug largely depends on factors like the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. However, the natural nature of the product makes it highly unlikely to be detrimental for an appropriate individual’s health. Just in case though, do check with your physicist or a general practitioner before you incorporate it into your diet or if you face complications due to its intake. You can buy it here for best price.


Produced largely by Singulair, Montelukast is a contemporary drug used quite frequently to handle cases of wheezing and shortness of breath caused by asthma and related conditions. It’s often utilized by athletes before exercise in order to prevent breathing problems later, a condition known as bronchospasm. It’s often been noted to significantly decrease the need to use a retainer a number of times in the day for asthma patients. It’s not, however, an immediate reliever and does take a longer duration to have an effect on the body.


The following comments were used to describe a course of Montelukast which the patients had been prescribed to undertake. These have been sourced from WebMD.

I was prescribed Singular for Asthma and in that respect, it was very helpful – my lung capacity was improved as well.
– Lanne9

I had severe allergies to pollen and dust that would trigger swollen eyes, runny nose, and asthma attacks. This medicine, combined with Allegra, has my allergies and asthma controlled completely.
– Chris

THIS TABLET GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK virtually overnight. I’ve had asthma since 4 yr. old, and in last 5yrs developed COPD (emphysema). My asthma has worsened to the extent I was using 1 salbutomol inhaler (200 doses) in just 10 days. After taking my first Montelukast Tablet at bedtime, I woke up following morning without any wheezing. I didn’t need my salbutomol all day. I was even able to go up and downstairs without stopping to get my breath back. This drug is FANTASTIC. I don’t know why I’d never heard of this drug but I’m so grateful the specialist prescribed it to me. I’ve been on it 2 wk. now and everyday I’m finding I can do more and more before getting breathless or wheezy.
– Susan


Usually prescribed and instructed by your doctor, Montelukast is taken via the mouth depending on your medical condition. Chewable tablets are also available and thorough chewing before swallowing is recommended. It’s advised that you take the medication at the same time each day for your body to adapt effectively to its usage and for you to reap the most benefits out of it. For asthma patients, the recommended time is in the evenings while for counteracting allergies, we recommend that Montelukast be taken in the morning.

It’s specifically advised that you do not increase or decrease your prescribed dosage of Montelukast without consulting your doctor first.

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