Quitting smoking is not at all an easy task and you need a lot of mental preparations to actually quit the old habit. However quitting smoking abruptly can have severe withdrawal symptoms and you may need to visit the hospital. Nootropics have brought various solutions to quit smoking effectively.

What Are The Causes Of Withdrawal Symptoms?

A surge in the adrenaline causes withdrawal symptoms when a chain and active smoker tries to quit smoking abruptly. Any kind of addictions works just like a spring on our brain. These addictions suppress the brain’s noradrenaline production and whenever the addiction is stopped it’s like releasing the weight from your brain and your brain rebounds back creating an adrenaline surge. It is to be remembered that quitting any age old habit is a gradual process and needs patience and a strong determination. Suddenly stopping can even lead to strokes, heart attacks and seizures.

Nootropics And Quitting Smoking

People often make resolutions each year to quitting habits like smoking. But as it is said “Promises are meant to break”, sadly enough only few succeed to keep this valiant promise. The smart Noortropic medicines will help you kick off the bad habits because of which you are literally suffering from daily complaints of illness.

Nootropic supplements actually lessen the withdrawal symptoms which are actually the problem in people trying to quit smoking. If this problem is effectively solved then quitting smoking may not be such a hard-hitting work.

Best Nootropics For Quitting Smoking

Rhodiola Rosea

These Nootropics act as a lifesaver for smokers by alleviating depression and anxiety caused due to Nicotine cessation. Not only it reduces the withdrawal symptoms but also it counter affects the weight gain that is associated with quitting Nicotine. Nootropic reduces the levels of Cortisol which is a stress hormone known to increase belly fat. It activates the enzyme Adipose lipase to burn out those extra calories from the body. Recommended daily intake is 200 to 600 mg. I use this one for best price and purity.


Start taking a small dose of Phenibut from the day you are determined to quit smoking. This wonder drug reduces the anxiety and stress crutch for not getting your addictions. It also induces a good night sleep by reducing the withdrawal symptoms to a great extent. But do not make a habit of taking Phenibut instead of cigarette. Remember it is not a substitute of cigarette but it is only a supplement to help you quit smoking. So don’t make this a habit, take it only under emergencies when the cravings go out of control. The purest one i found can be purchased here.


You will find a noticeable boost in your will power after taking this drug for a few days. When your will power is sapped and your cravings dominate your focus, dosing some of this nootropic will make a lot of noticeable difference in your behavior. You will be thoroughly satisfied after having defied the rebel cravings that you had. It is a synthetic molecule that is not available in any food products or nature. The daily recommended intake is 500 to 1000 mg. It is available from a few sellers online, i recommend to buy the one from absorbyourhealth .


It is similar to Oxiracetam. It is a cheap, safe and effective drug that stimulates the will power in as early as 45 minutes after the first dose of it. Piracetam has a synergizing effect when taken in combination with Oxiracetam or Rhodiola rosea in the ratio 4:1. Piracetam has the power to restore the healthy arousal process and can give you immense pleasure in this. The daily intake should not be more than 2 to 4 gm. However if you intend to take the dosage in the ratio 4:1, then it is recommended to take 4 gms of Piracetam along with 1 gm of Oxiracetam or 2 gms of Piracetam along with 200 mg of Oxiracetam.


This drug gives you the clear headed energy that is required for clearing the mental fog experienced due to Nicotine cessation. Modafinil helps to stay motivated and focused the whole day with increased amount of alertness that normally goes away once a person quits smoking. Modafinil corrects insomnia and gives you a good daytime sleep without any anxieties.

If you are looking to purchase Modafinil online, but are unsure which online source is real and doesn’t sell you a scam, i recommend you check out Modafinilxl.com     

They sell a very popular generic version of Modafinil called Modalert , for a great price. I suggest you order the free trial pack, which contains a pack of 10 Modalert  200 mg pills. That’s enough for a week to test and to feel  the effects yourself. You can get a free trial pack of Modalert here.

Alpha Brain

It is one of the popular Nootropic stacks available with several ingredients which are combined in a single capsule. The combination of powerful ingredients makes the product much more useful and effective than a single ingredient Nootropic. Besides enhancing concentration, it also reduces anxiety much the same way as Modafinil does. It mends the mood which is an invaluable reward once smoking is quitted, the feeling that you can live without smoking is very important to inculcate in your brain and Alpha Brain does this magic with ease.


It is the main ingredient of Alpha Brain. Besides mending the mood and concentration, it effectively breaks the brain and blood barrier and paving the way for other essential nutrients to enter the brain. It can be taken with Nootropic stack as well as can be taken alone for best results. It is cheaper then Alpha Brain and thus is preferred by many users. Check best price


The exact mechanism in which this Nootropic drug works is yet to be explained by science but the subtle frequent psycho stimulatory effect that it offers to people wanting to quit smoking is really commendable. If you want to try it, go here

How Effective Are Nootropics In Reducing Withdrawal Symptoms?

Nootropics are wonder drugs that boost up the brain power. As said earlier quitting any age old habit needs a lot of determination and a very strong brain. Nootropic does this wonder by enhancing the focus and concentration of the smokers. It enhances the overall cognitive function on one hand and on the other it reduces the feeling of anxiety and stress; the two most lethal factors that induces the cravings for smoking.


A sharp brain and physical fitness is what life demands and to achieve these, quitting addictions is important. Smoking has its own hazardous effects as well as it is the powerhouse of other lethal ailments. Nootropics have been successfully helping people out of this magnetic prowess of addiction for years.

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