You wouldn’t traditionally consider ‘nootropic supplements’ – the focus boosters and cognitive enhancers – to have any place among drugs which can be useful during recovery from addiction, but then you’d be wrong. Increasingly, in the past decade or so, nootropic supplementation has gained speed and money which has allowed much research to be conducted in these previously mysterious and fantastical drugs.

Today, while much ambiguity yet remains, we know that certain supplementation – if taken in the right quantity and dosages according to an individual’s needs – can earnestly hasten the process of recovery. That being said, it’s absolutely necessary to realize that these drugs are called supplements for a reason.

Nootropic supplementation is only useful when coupled with other crucial facets of a healthy life, mainly exercise, sleep and nutrition. If you have this holy trinity in check, then supplementation – nootropic or not – can be beneficial for you. With that (sore but true) point in your head, you can proceed with this read about how and why certain nootropics can be amazing for the process of recovery and which ones they are.

Is It Possible?

As I mentioned above, a lot of research into the field of nootropics is yet inconclusive, largely due to ethical and practical constraints which are involved in monitoring participants for the durations required in order to record changes and potential benefits. In any case, however, samples have shown people suffering from opiate or alcohol addiction to largely benefit in terms of their recovery when nootropics were introduced as the independent variable in the study. Many factors may be contributing to these findings:

Much nootropic supplementation is advertised as cognitive enhancement and a solution for increased focus. Then, nootropics may allow an individual to divert their attention from past habits and focus on creating new ones likely by making oneself realize constantly how such actions on the part of the individual can be beneficial for them.

They are mood and arousal elevators, allowing individuals to feel themselves again and provide them with a renewed energy in their struggle.

This effect may further strengthen their position as antidepressants coupled with other added benefits, hence allowing individuals to have a cost-effective supplementation programme in place within their diet which is also sustainable.

Lastly, nootropic supplementation can decrease the duration of the treatment, especially if all other relevant factors are properly adhered to by a recovering person.

Which Nootropic Supplements Would Be Useful For You?

With all the options out there in the market, you’d have to do some research to determine which nootropic supplementation is best suited to your condition and consequently would reap the most benefits for your overall condition, state of mind and practically, your pocket. Now wouldn’t that be a massive undertaking on your part? Not to worry, we’ve compiled here a list of the top nootropic supplements available in the market right now which specifically cater to people’s need of a proper treatment and supplementation programme for their recovery from various addictions. You don’t need to thank us. After all, we’re just looking out for our community.

Tianeptine Sulfate

Tianeptine Sulfate, a powerful chemical compound, is manufactured synthetically to treat severe depressive disorders. This is the reason for the amazing antidepressant-like effects that it can have for people.

These effects on the human body stem from Tianeptine Sulfate’s potency to increase neurological growth and people’s cognitive ability. This lends it additional neuroprotective abilities which are simply unparalleled compared to other products in the market.

Also known by its brand name – Stablon – it’s often used as a tricyclic drug across the globe to treat for conditions like PTSD, trauma and anxiety. At heavy doses, it can even induce euphoria in its patients, allowing it to often be used for medicinal purposes. I found a trusted source for pure      Tianeptine here

Regardless, as long as the dosage is maintained properly, Tianeptine Sulfate can be a useful supplement for a recovering addict.


In the human body, Phenylpiracetam acts as a stimulant for the sympathetic nervous system, a characteristic trait of the family of drugs to which it belongs: racetam. As you’d have likely guessed, it’s an advanced compound developed from its predecessor: Piracetam.

Not only does it consequently have cognitive-enhancing abilities, it’s also been researched to have links to and potentially improve one’s learning, memory and focus. These factors directly contribute to an individual’s brain death.

Multiple studies have been conducted on the drug revealing its potential for:

  • Improvement in an individual’s memory, attention-switching and problem solving skills.
  • Increased antidepressant hormone generation within the body.
  • Suppression of fear, anxiety and experienced trauma.
  • Reduced effects of continued sleep deprivation of the body.
Many of these effects of the nootropic allow an individual to potentially take up new hobbies, allowing them to replace their old, harmful ones.


Acting as a depressant for the central nervous system (CNS), Phenibut can be a disinhibiting drug, useful for patients suffering from withdrawal conditions in the short-run but is unlikely to be an active support towards your recovery.

Regardless, sometimes you may just require a drug that has a ‘painkiller-like’ effect on your body and Phenibut does exactly that. It causes elevation of anxiety, development of confidence or clarity, enhanced mood and self-esteem, and induced relaxation within the user. These can be vital factors in the process of a speedy recovery. Not to mention, such suppression of withdrawal symptoms might finally allow you to get a good night’s rest. If you want to purchase some, check out this source, very good.


Used for supplementation of modafinil within the body, Adrafinil is a manufactured, synthetic alternative which replicates the functions of modafinil within the human body.

Some of the functions that modafinil and consequently Adrafinil regulates within the body include:

  • The biological clock and times of sleeping and waking.
  • Management of shift work sleep disorder.
  • Suppression of symptoms of depression in risk patients.
  • Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome or excessive tiredness.
  • Drug-induced restlessness or sleepiness

Many combatants of various countries, including the national armed forces, often utilize Adrafinil as a replacement for Amphetamine due to the added potency it can have for regulation of sleep deprivation compared to its traditional counterpart.

Consequently, such benefits can be extremely useful for a recovering addict, especially allowing them to feel more in control of their life and hence develop a heightened self-esteem, something a lot of struggling addicts find quite difficult in early stages of their recovery. I personally use this Adrafinil


Also used in protein powders as a non-dietary amino acid, L-Theanine is primarily developed from plant or fungal extracts. Moreover, it’s even found in health drinks like black tea, white tea or green tea and even certain types of mushrooms.

Owing to its natural origin, it can have truly useful effects on the body, ranging from a reduction in mental stress to boosted mood and decreased dependence on opiates or other forms of addictive substances.

These benefits are likely to directly entice any recovering person who’s currently struggling with withdrawal symptoms. Get yours here


Obviously we understand that you can’t humanly remember all of that information. Hence, for reference by our readers later, this entire article is summarized in the top tips listed below to address this harmful issue in your life.

Never believe someone who says that the entirety of their recovery was possible due to a singular ‘magic drug’. That’s logically and scientifically never the case. Recovery is a strenuous process which would require efforts by you on many frontiers: social interaction, therapy, proper sleep and exercise are some of them. Nootropics, as is the name, are naturally supplements to your journey.

That being said, a very low dosage of Lithium – at around 150 milligrams or less – everyday has been researched to possibly increase the secretion of Nerve Growth Factor, improving cognitive retention and suppressing symptoms of withdrawal.

1200 milligrams of N-Acetyl Cysteine twice a day may help you suppress past habits and symptoms of withdrawal, allowing to adapt to your (hopefully) changed life in an easier manner with less severe consequences for your health.

A proper diet is an integral part of your journey. Though configured for you – guided by your practitioner – it is likely to incorporate some simple carbohydrates, good quantity of roughage or fiber, nuts (low-density lipids and proteins), legumes, plant and/or animal protein, omega 9 and omega 3 fats (Present in Mediterranean foods like Humus and also Peanut Butter).

SAMe (or Ademetionine or Adenosylmethionine), while naturally produced by the body, if supplemented, has been researched to have effects akin to those of antidepressants while also targeting other related issues like anxiety and withdrawal pain in various parts of the body.

Certain MAO-B medications like Azilect can be useful, if your doctor deems them safe and potentially effective for you.

Adequate sleep and exercise, as mentioned before, is crucial but coupled with the proper exposure of oneself to sunlight for the body to generate Vitamin D is absolutely advantageous during this time. Alternatively, supplements and nootropics containing Vitamin D can be useful as well.

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