Nootropic supplementation has been time and again researched to find significant benefits for athletes across various sports in terms of their muscular strength, cardiovascular stamina and general overall fitness as well. These comprehensive benefits offered by various nootropics in the market suggest that similar boosts should be experienced by people who plan on consuming nootropics for the potential gains in endurance, whether that’s mental, muscular or cardiovascular. But is that really the case? Not to worry, we’re here to tell you that you aren’t the only one asking that question, and that’s why we had to prepare this small article to discuss exactly how nootropic supplementation can (quite legally enhance your bodies capacity to perform psychologically and physically for longer durations.

Research into nootropic supplementation has only borne new ground in the last decade or so, and hence there’s a lot that we don’t know about what benefits these fantastic, mind-enhancing, body-changing drugs can have for us mere humans.

However, that being said, we do have data from certain sample studies that can be definitively and thoroughly considered in our search for what’s best for our body. All of that has been explored below. We hope you find this comprehensive read helpful.

What’s The Evidence?

After going through the introduction, you might be left wondering exactly how well founded are the claims that nootropic supplement manufacturers and simultaneously, we, are making about these drugs. Well, you don’t have to remain in the dark for any longer. Quite a sufficient amount of studies explored, elaborated and evaluated below are the basis for any of our claims in this article. Rest assured, the last thing we wish is to deliver you any misconceived information. That being said, let’s consider where the data for the benefits that stem from nootropics comes from and what exactly does it say:

Bacopa Monniri is a common nootropic supplement that is presently widely being used. Its success has been due to the conclusive and definitive effects that consumers witness within themselves after consumption. Moreover, a longitudinal study conducted with participants from across the social spectrum (class, gender and ethnicity wise) were questioned and tracked on the basis of the incorporation of Bacopa in their diets. The findings were pretty substantial, detailing how participants who made the drug a regular part of their lives witnessed consistent improvements in mental control, logical processing, reasoning, memory and association power. The best feature about this study is that many of these benefits have been scientifically proven to come from ingredients which are fairly common regardless of the nootropic supplementation that you purchase. This then indicates that you’re likely to similarly benefit from most drugs in the market, as long as you’re careful and thorough about your choice and implementation.

Alpha-GPC is another nootropic supplementation that entered the market fairly recently but due to the hype and sales it generated, quickly became the target of researchers. They expected potential where there was such hype, and they were proven true by the end of their comprehensive analysis of the drug. A double-blind study conducted with a 4 experimental groups – comprising different dosages within a day of Alpha – and a control group was conducted over a span of 3 months. What the scientists concluded was simply astounding. Even though the benefits witnessed were largely similar to the ones mentioned above in the case of Bacopa, their intensity and rate of spread was simply groundbreaking. The people in the study didn’t just get smarter, there IQ points rose by around 10 in just 3 months! It just goes to show how different recipes, regardless of how tapped the market is, can set your product apart as long as you’re innovative and genuine.

This one has had quite a curious history. CDP-Choline was initially tested on animals, mainly rats and Guinea pigs. One of its initial studies were even cheekily named the 7 rat study as most of the scientists in the university where it was being researched simply disapproved of the research. They believed that it was a waste of time, money and the university’s resources to study something simply so extravagant in its claims that it was only common sense that they were untrue. Boy were they wrong! The initial studies on those animals turned out to be an absolute success when the claims that were originally thought to be far-fetched turned out to be true. Consequently, improved studies were conducted on samples of human populace with similarly astounding success. It was discovered in the studies that the improvement in cognitive functioning, capacity to handle stress and even physical fatigue plummeted in participants even after hours of strenuous work. Truly something quite useful for people working long hours in the day, athletes and in today’s day and age (unfortunately) students as well.

Guarana is another drug that, in the nootropic circles and by an increasing number of medicinal practitioners, is recommended for improvements in muscular and mental fatigue, consequently improving one’s endurance. Samples of university students were taken and results were collected during peak stress teams: examinations. It was concluded that the experimental group enjoyed benefits that showed a significantly higher test score compared to the control group. The difference in the mean tests was approximately 4 marks!

Best Nootropics For Endurance Enhancement

That’s all well and good, I hear you say, but that does not help me decide which nootropic supplement I should implement in my daily regime and diet which would suit me best and cater to my needs. Well, considering the factors mentioned in that statement alone, that’s a very personal choice for you to make and we definitely recommend thorough research (experimental or theoretical) to decide upon which nootropic might be the best for you. Regardless, there are some that are simply the top of the line in the market, and that’s because of their extreme potency and usability. Hence, if you simply can’t make a choice based on your personal research, pick one of the mentioned below and you couldn’t go wrong.

S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe)

Largely credited for its mood enhancing and antidepressant-like effects, SAMe is one of the top notch products that’s available in the nootropic supplementation market right now. Although the chemical itself is produced by the liver naturally and such production can be enhanced through regular exercise and a healthy diet, alternative supplementation has been found to be helpful, especially for people expecting quicker changes within their life and to achieve their desired objectives in a shorter time span.

A study conducted on its effects on people suffering from depression and symptoms of hyperstress disorders showed that after a 12 week period of proper and regular consumption of SAMe, feelings of depression and fatigue plummeted within experimental groups by almost 30% compared to the control group who were simply given a placebo treatment. Moreover, the composition of the groups was determined in a double-blind manner.

Other research conducted to further the knowledge held about this drug concluded that the lack of any harmful side-effects was potentially an additional factor in its effectiveness, reducing the tension that would otherwise accompany the consumption of such a nootropic supplementation.

In conclusion SAMe has potent effects for people suffering from depression and mental fatigue and can be quite effective in tackling the situation for people at an increased pace. However, it’s a relatively expensive option for most people and doesn’t really cater to people looking for a physical boost rather than a physical one.There is a supplement company however where it is reasonably priced, check it out here.

Modafinil Or Adrafinil

This is the nootropic that fits the best for you if you clicked on this article looking for a drug that specifically and only catered to the times when you needed that extra push to complete your homework, finish that presentation required the day after and get through an extremely exhausting meeting after a tiring day. Simply put, Modafinil, a naturally produced supplement in the body, is supplemented by Adrafinil – a commercially available alternative – which has the effects of increasing various facets of cognition, motivation, alertness and memory retention.

These factors make it quite a substantial prescription against conditions like narcolepsy. However, that does not mean that you can’t use to for the times when you need the added edge. Its characterization as a medicinal stimulant is a testament to its abilities to boost your bodies’ physical and mental capabilities.

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Furthermore, it has been effectively concluded that the benefits it packs for people are without the risk of a side effect or even addiction. Talk about that!


Now here’s something for the introverted people for whom, simply being a social situation is exhausting – mentally and physically. This is one of the few nootropic supplements that been extensively studied and proven to be effective in its treatment of such fatigue-prone situations. This has earned it its medicinal categorization as an adaptogen.

Its benefits range from targeting chronic stress and similar disorders of the mind to anxiety reduction, allowing people to be more outgoing and interactive in their engagements. The best of all, its Ayurvedic status deems it absolutely safe for consumption – with 0 side effects – at normal doses. Check availability and price here.

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