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Best Pre Workout Without Caffeine

Gym and workouts, all done to get a perfect shaped body and to impose an impression of being hard as Rock. I’ve been trying to get ahold of the routine but as usual, the machinery and laziness kept knocking me down. That was unacceptable to me, I needed a boost and my mind was prepared to do the workout as well but the body was not surprisingly not ready. So I turned to Google and researched about the pre workouts that were in fashion and trust me it worked well.

Caffeine Free Pre Workout Supplements

It solely depends on the gym freak, what he or she wants to intake whether the decision is driven by constituents or the feel. Here is the list of some of the pre workouts that will help you with those abs and boost your confidence as well.


Magnum Nutraceuticals: OPUS

Opus,developed by Magnum Nutraceuticals is a double blow in single pack, being both caffeine and creatine free. Opus is special in its unique instantized formula, being full of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. To those who train without any supplements, with your first intake OPUS will offer sensations that can be a big surprise.

While Opus is completely caffeine free, there is a ‘keep up and running’ rush of focus and clarity roughly five minutes after taking Opus. This is mostly due to the B-vitamins and BCAAs present. The cost per dose is a major pro, coming in at under a dollar per use.


The first Pump-HD produced by BPI years ago, it contained significant amount of stimulants in it. Now, after reformulation, the new PUMP-HD is a non-stim pre-workout boasting vasodilation as the name suggests.

The formula for Pump-HD is a small one, but for those that are majorly speculative about ingredients, a great pump is possible. For regular guys, taking 2 servings of Pump-HD would be worth considering to get a real pump on.

NO Xplode

NO Xplode has undergone continued reformulations since its initial development. Likewise, its caffeine-free version has undergone as well. In short, NO Xplode is caffeine free and a decent pre-workout. It’s got a large formula and a whole lot of hype.

But along with that type, NO Xplode caffeine falls a bit short in two ways: first, the ingredients are in extremely small quantities; second, there is DMAE in this formula which is technically a stimulant. That means it can keep you awake at night as well.

MAN Pump Powder

It has a pretty simple formula containing 3 main ingredients. But they are dosed more appropriately than the previous mentioned pre workouts and deliver on the supplements as promised.

Pump Powder is an awesome pump-inducer to be in your gym bag for when you either want a stimulant free lift at night or when you want something to add on top of your pre-workout that doesn’t deliver enough pump. Something noteworthy is that, for larger guys, 2 scoops may be more appropriate.

Musclepharm VasoSport

Compared to other caffeine free PWO options out there, Vasosport is awesome. The formula contains citrulline malate, agmatine sulfate,nitrosigine and taurine.

As combination, these ingredients offer a strong pump to give you a solid lift and push in the gym. The only downside to this pre-workout is that larger guys might need two scoops.

In short, if you are looking for a micro-formula caffeine free pre workout for pump, VasoSport is going to be a good choice

Top Five Caffeine Free Pre Workout Supplements

Evogen EVP

Evogen EVP is one of the best non-stimulant pre-workout supplements. It has the biggest formula, was taken by a ton of fitness models pre-show, and it worked! Now, there are a lot more options out there, hence why EVP has deranked to #4. In short, EVP is better than most stimulant pre-workouts. To put it straight and simple, EVP pre workout blows my mind. After taking this pre workout, you will forever question the purpose of stimulants existing in pre-workout supplements.

Labrada Super Charge Stim-Free

Labrada Super-Charge is available in both caffeinated and non-caffeinated forms. In my opinion, the non-caffeinated is better since there are five grams of creatine in the mix.

Five grams creatine, 2 grams beta-alanine, 5 grams BCAA’s. I really love this pre-workout, but the pump matrix is not as good as the 3 pre workouts topping off this list below.

Layne Norton Carbon PREP

PREP pre workout, a product be Layne Norton Carbon series is a great example of what a cutting-edge quality non-stimulant pre-workout looks like.

With each serving of Carbon PREP, you get a powerful 6 gram serving of Citrulline Malate, 2.5 grams Betaine Anhydrous, and 3 grams of Creatine Monohydrate.With that being said, this is the best stimulant free pre-workout that doesn’t contain Beta-Alanine.

360 Cut Nitro Drive

360 Cut Nitro Drive is a stimulant free pre-workout that turned out to be quite hardcore after I tried it, and when my friends tried it.

The pump was great, thanks to a combination of 3 grams Citrulline Malate, 2 grams Glycerol Powder, 750 mg agmatine sulfate, and 750 mg nitrosigine.

360 Cut Nitro Drive also contains 1,600 mg beta-alanine and creatine in form of HCL.

While this is a stimulant free pre-workout, the choline complex in it gives it a bit of a kick. It’s enough to improve your focus in the gym, while not interfering with your sleeping habits.

Transparent Labs PreSeries STIM-FREE

360 Cut Nitro Drive is great, but it’s #2 for a reason. Loaded with over 2 times more active ingredients than EVP, STIM-FREE is a monster formula developed for building more lean mass, obliterating fat, and improving workouts like no other stimulant free pre-workout can do.

Whether you’re a guy or girl, trying to build muscle or burn fat – STIM-FREE is the best option for avoiding caffeine in pre workouts.


Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement which is famously known as the “Universal Supplement”. MInd Lab Pro is designed to enrich the brain and protect it for the long term. It ensures the healthy functioning of the brain along with increasing your cognitive level. I have tried Mind Lab Pro and you can read my review of Mind Lab Pro here. It acts as a wonderful pre workout supplement which is free of caffeine.

Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind is one of the premium supplements available in the market which helps the users with good mental activity as well as promotes brain health. It is designed specifically to make the users focus, increases overall energy and mental clarity. I have used it as a pre workout supplement and it helped me to focus on my workout and to keep a positive mood. You can read my complete review of Qualia Mind here.

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Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – What Works And What Doesn’t

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can happen after an individual has been through a traumatic event. A traumatic event is something terrible or terrifying that one sees or experiences. Usually, during this type of incident or experience, the patients think that your life or others’ lives are in danger. They may feel scared or helpless or feel that they have no control over what is happening.

Anyone who has experienced a life-threatening event can go on to develop PTSD. These events can include:

  • Combat situations
  • Terrorist attacks or incidents
  •  Serious accidents, such as a car wreck
  •  Sexual or physical assault
  •  Child sexual or physical abuse such as bullying
  •  Natural disasters, like tornadoes, fires, floods, hurricanes, or earthquakes.

After the event, the patients may feel angry, scared or confused, or. If one has difficulty dealing with these feelings, if they won’t go away or even deteriorate, they may have PTSD.

These symptoms may have a disruptive impact on the patient’s life, have an impact on those around them and make it hard to continue with their daily activities.

Symptoms Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Symptoms and indications of post-traumatic stress disorder usually begin within three months of a traumatic event. In a small minority of situations, PTSD symptoms have been known not to occur until years after the event.

Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms are generally categorised into three major types:-

  • Intrusive memories
  • Avoidance and numbing,
  • Increased anxiety or emotional arousal commonly known as hyperarousal).

Symptoms of Intrusive Memories include one getting flashbacks of the traumatic event for very short periods of time (minutes) to even large stretches of time (days). The patient may also have dreams related to the traumatic event frequently.

Symptoms of avoidance and emotional numbing can include the patient avoiding to talk or even think about the traumatic event or its details. Patients feel emotionally numb and tend to avoid the activities they previously enjoyed. The victims of PTSD also suffer with hopelessness regarding their future. In many cases, patients suffer with memory problems and have trouble concentrating on things. Some sufferers of PTSD find it difficult to maintain close relationships which further contributes to the stress.

Symptoms of anxiety and heightened emotional arousal can be irritability or getting angry easily, people suffering from anxiety and heightened emotional arousal may also feel guilty and shame which can be overwhelming. People suffering from this disorder can also be self destructing by doing activities like drinking excessively. Patients also have trouble in getting asleep at night and many depend on sleeping pills. They can also be easily frightened or startled by common things. Sometimes, patients may also hear or see things which are not actually present.

Moreover, the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which are mentioned above can come and go any time. One can suffer from the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when they are in stress or in some kind of experience which reminds them of the traumatic event which caused the PTSD. Many a times, simple things can trigger memories in people and they can get stressed. For example, you may hear the backfire of a vehicle and think about the combat experiences you have gone through and you may read about a rape in the newspaper and may have to relive the experience of your own assault.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

Post traumatic stress disorder has been found to be treated by means of psychotherapy or medications.


Research has indicated the importance of psychotherapy in the treatment of Post traumatic stress disorder. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a suggested form of psychotherapy by American Psychiatric Association for panic disorder in particular. CBT reveals the significance of both the behavioral and the thought processes to understand and control anxiety or panic attacks. The treatment is especially meant for the insufficient, obstructive, damaging behaviors and unreasonable thought processes which enable the symptoms to continue.

Further research has indicated the effectiveness of panic-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy for the treatment of panic disorder. This has been based on Freud’s psychoanalytic theories.

Here the focus of the treatment is to enable the clients better understand their unconscious conflicts within and their fantasies. This helps the patients to recognize the defense mechanisms which take part in continuing the symptoms.Psychotherapy is normally done by a social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, or an experienced counselor.


The drugs may be prescribed either by a physician or a psychiatrist. The duration for the drug treatment may vary among individuals. For some people, it becomes essential to continue the medication for their entire life, whereas for some it may not be needed.

The drugs generally used for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants. The anti-anxiety drugs are mostly benzodiazepines. They include Ativan, Klonopin or Xanax. Since the patients are likely to get addicted to these drugs, they are prescribed sparingly or in very low amounts.

Antidepressants are prescribed though there is no clinical depression, since antidepressants prevent panic attacks. Antidepressants perform their action by changing the levels of the neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). Those neurotransmitters which are affected are:-

  • Serotonin – modulates mood, anxiety, sleep, sexuality and appetite.
  • Dopamine – manipulates body movements and is believed since a long time to have involved in motivating, rewarding, reinforcing, and other addictive behaviors. There are many psychosis theories suggesting the role of dopamine in psychotic symptoms.
  • Norepinephrine – monitors alertness and sleep and is also supposed to be linked to fight and flight stress response of the body.

The antidepressants used in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms are:-

  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) : Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac – increase the serotonin levels of brain to perform its action.
  • Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) : Effexor and Cymbalta – alter the levels of both norepinephrine and serotonin.
  • Tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) : Anafranil and Elavil – alter norepinephrine and serotonin to a larger extent and dopamine to a smaller extent.
  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) : Nardil and Parnate – similar to TCAs.

The most commonly used ones among the antidepressants are SSRIs. MAOIs are normally the last option since these drugs are likely to interact dangerously with beverages, foods and other drugs and so the patients must stick to a strict diet to avoid any after-effects.

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How To Control Your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder With OTC Supplements

OCD which stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a psychological disorder which can affect the mental well being of people of all ages from kids to elders. It causes people to get caught in a web of obsessions and compulsions as the name suggests.

In this case, the obsessions can be various unwanted things like thoughts, images or desires which are intrusive and can set off majorly disturbing feelings in the patient.

Compulsions, in this case are the behaviours which are engaged by the person in order to make the obsessions go away and to decrease their distress caused by the obsessions.

Everyone, in some point of their life suffers from obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours of some kind. This, however does not mean that everyone has some form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder suffers from such an intense cycle of obsessions and compulsions that their time gets consumed and their OCD gets in the way of the day to day tasks that the person does.

Treatment Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

The task of treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a challenging one. Some of the standard treatments include Exposure Therapy where the patients are exposed to the source of their anxiety (obsessions in this context) to overcome their distress and Prescription Medications like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs.

These standard treatments can offer patients a significant relief from their Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but not all patients can be treated by them. In the case that standard treatments of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are ineffective for a patient in treating their OCD due to some kinds of side effects or other reasons then they should look for alternative treatments that are well-proven.

There are a number of Over the Counter supplements also known as OTCs which are nutritional supplements used to treat a variety of disorders. These ‘nutraceuticals’ (as people refer them) have been used in many cases to control Obsessive Compulsive Disorders in people. In this article, we are going to look at a few OTC supplements used to control obsessive compulsive disorders in people and will provide some general advice by reviewing the evidence and researches that support their usage in controlling OCD in people.

N-Acetylcysteine (N-AC)

Acetylcysteine or N-acetylcysteine (N-AC) comes from the amino acid named cysteine. N-AC is an antioxidant which is generally used against Tylenol Poisoning or Acetaminophen Poisoning along with the treatment of some lung disorders. The general brand of this drug used in most clinics is Mucomyst. Inside the patient’s brain, N-acetylcysteine acts as a chemical which has effects on the neurotransmitter called glutamate which is an excitatory neurotransmitter as well as N-AC acts as an antioxidant which is used to remove potentially dangerous oxidizing agents in the human body. Check best price here.

Since, Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter, an imbalance of Glutamate can cause OCD in patients. Hence there has been quite an interest in using N-acetylcysteine as an OCD treatment. However, the evidence supporting the OCD treating properties of N-AC is fairly thin. But a recent study conducted in Iran suggests that N-AC can be used as a treatment for OCD. But more research in the field is needed as the methodological issues decrease the usefulness of the study.


Glycine is an amino acid which is found naturally in dietary protein. Glycine is an essential component of all the cells in the human body. In the brain, Glycine can also affect the action of Glutamate but in a different way than N-AC which we discussed earlier. In a recent case study of long term ministrations which were placebo controlled proved that Glycine may benefit the patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. However, the dosage of Glycine administered to patients in this study was sixty grams per day which is a large dosage which causes difficulty to intake in patients. Also, Glycine can cause nausea in patients due to its chalky taste. These factors limit its use to treat OCD in patients.

Apart from the aforementioned study, there have been studies aimed at N-methylglycine which is also called sarcosine. Sarcosine is a compound which is derived from Glycine and it functions by blocking the cellular reuptake of Glycine in the body.

It functions in the same way as Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) work which is one of the most common antidepressants which block the cellular reuptake of Serotonin. In a research study which was uncontrolled, patients suffering from OCD were given Sarcosine in doses of two grams per day which resulted in modest but statistically significant effects in treating OCD in patients. Nowadays, various pharmaceutical companies are synthesizing new supplements with similar mechanism of actions as Sarcosine. One such supplement is Bitopertin which is currently in the stage of clinical trials and will hopefully be soon sold as an OTC supplement.


Kava is a green and verdant member from the pepper family that is local towards the South Pacific, where it has been utilized to treat tension and sleeping disorders. Various careful examinations have explored the utilization of kava in common anxiety disorders in patients and comparable conditions, and there is huge proof for benefit. The systems of impact are not totally clear in Kava; particular alkaloids in the kava plant may collaborate with neuronal calcium channels, receptors for the synapse GABA, and the reuptake transporter for the synapse noradrenaline, which are all recipients for a significant number of the current psychological medicines.

There have been no investigations analyzing the advantages of kava in treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder yet. Its capacity to direct nervousness in different conditions recommends that it might be useful sometimes. In any case, the side effects of consuming Kava are of concern. There have been different reports of conceivably serious liver harmfulness in kava clients. It can likewise cause development variations, skin staining, and sleepiness in individuals consuming Kava.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a destructive psychological disorder which is of great concern. However, the symptoms of OCD can be generally treated using Over The Counter Supplements or OTC Supplements like N-acetylcysteine (N-AC), Glycine, Sarcosine, Kava, etc. But one has to be aware of the side effects of the respective OTC Supplements. Always consult your doctor before starting any medication for curing your OCD.

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Brain Enhancement For Verbal Fluency And Speech

Verbal fluency is a problem that countless people are struggling with. It is quite difficult when the only expression of your action elude at an inappropriate time. You may find it very difficult to express through the obliterated verbal fluency.

These can get aggravated to show some of the most widely studied psychological abnormalities that worsen over time. There are wide scopes of fix for the problem with the aid of nootropics. It facilitates the sufferer to quickly heal from the disadvantageous circumstances of verbal irregularities.

In the era where a single pill can curb all the traumatizing ailments nootropics stands apart with their elusive natural ways to address the disease. It accessorizes the subject to climb on the ladder of success. Thus, it enables the subject to get a profound rate of success in near future.

Facts About Verbal Fluency

Verbal fluency is the ease by which a person can throw words. Inappropriate verbal fluency can stretch over periods to cause cognitive drawbacks that psychologically deteriorate the quality of life. It gradually leads to the emergence of depressive symptoms that leads to low IQ level over time.

They are supplemented with the semantic fluency also the phonological fluency that declines the peace of mind. They are soon isolated from the people causing early depression and deterioration of the cognitive functioning of the brain.

Diseases That Cause Inappropriate Verbal Fluency

Verbal fluency abnormalities are caused due to the attention deficit and hypersensitivity disorders, degeneration of the neuron, impairment of the cognitive function. Seldom is it a prior sign of the diseases like the Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson disease. Verbal fluency includes the ease of retrieving the language, swift mental lexicon, control the muscle coordination and so on that can result in the disabilities of speech.

Symptoms Of Verbal Fluency

There are a number of symptoms of verbal fluencies and some of these include haling, awkward reading, expressionless talking or reading, stumbling, continuous concentration problems, sufferers from comprehension and so on. The person finds it difficult to hold the public meeting and may feel embarrassed to speak out in public. This may make him/her resist appearing in public gradually depleting the social skills.

Effect Of Nootropics On The Brain To Develop Verbal Fluency

The brain is responsible for the speech and coordination with the body that can alleviate the symptoms of the incorrect verbal fluency. Since our body’s every vital function is carried by the brain, it is important to have their activities regulated. The nootropics are considered to be smart pills that intricately associate with the active functioning of the brain.

They work on the neurotransmitters of the neuron takes part in the regulation of the nerve impulses. They work with other chemicals in the brain those include the glutamate, dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin receptors of the brain.

Benefits Of Using Nootropics For Verbal Fluency

Nootropics inculcate the best persuasive and impressive results that uplift the social skills. It crosses the threshold by sorting to aggravate the IQ level from the very early age. When mouth processes to deliver the information without consulting the brain nootropics works like a miracle to fetch you those fluent words that you always desire to have. It churns the mental action coordination in a far more attractive way. It slows down the impulsiveness and builds the cognitive fluency. It heals the social anxiety and restricts the flight and fight response o0f the brain.

Nootropics are having some of the basic chemical stimulants that make it easier to derive control over all the imbalances by triggering as a ligand to controls the neural system. The nootropics can act to diminish your public speaking sensitivity and also earn you the confidence to make you a proficient orator. It internally heals the ridiculer accent and effects to prevent them.

List Of Nootropics For Verbal Fluency

There is a number of best-rated nootropics that can uproot the cause of verbal fluency and remediate the disease in the most naturally accepted ways. We are going to highlight some of the nootropics that have been held to be effective;

  • Piracetam is one classical remedy that is a GABA derivative. It cyclically acts the neurotransmitter that is worth stimulant that boosts the neural connections and the circulation in the body.It works to improve the memory, verbal fluency, and social participatory skills. The drug is not accompanied by any kind of toxin that will cause side symptoms.
  • Phenylpiracetam helps to increase the cognitive abilities. It is potent to increase the verbal fluency that positively affects the physical and mental performance. It increases the folk’s verbal abilities and addresses the impulsiveness by the individual.
  • Oxytocin is a safe use drug that imitates the hormone machinery of function. This thereby has its effects to be raving upon by the users. It builds up the social interaction skills.
  • Another yet important nootropics are the L-Threonine that fights back the incidence of frequent anxiety. It elevates the memory power by regulating the serotonin promoting easy cognitive function and alertness.
  • Modafinil is an engaging nootropic that projects up the verbal fluencies just like the rocket is propelled in the sky. It yields you to develop easy control over the muscle and coordinate throw of the words.

Ways To Quickly Steer Up Verbal Fluency

As mentioned earlier, it is true that nootropics have a far-reaching and all rounded approach to lessen the troubles regarding the verbal fluencies. But the action of nootropics can be optimized to the fullest if accompanied with some other useful daily chore activities.

Starting your course in nootropics is not only the necessity but there are proactive approaches like talking with people, engaging with the surrounding people, and refrain from being isolated. Even if the urge of the situation has forced you to stay isolated nootropics can keep you agile throughout in the verbal fluency and speaking process.

At an early age, the children should be engaged in reading aloud exercises, pair reading, sight word activities, echo and coral reading to get benefited from the internal effects of nootropics.

Sleeve up with the nootropics and get a confident walk-in to different spheres and stage the show with your verbal and speech fluency.

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The Benefits Of B Vitamins On Cognitive Function

Vitamin B is a soluble vitamin taking part in the cellular machinery. It is composed of eight different groups of vitamins involved in different anabolic and catabolic processes. One of the vital entailing effects of vitamin B is predominantly found in the brain cells.

As we all know the brain is a vital organ which occupies 2% of the overall body weight accounting to have 20% of the energy expenditure.

The ubiquitous function of Vitamin B has a profound effect on the cognitive function of the brain. In this article, we are going to investigate the plethora of function exhibited by vitamin B.

Role Of Vitamin B1 Or Thiamine In Brain Health

It is vital coenzyme taking part in the pentose phosphate pathway that is crucial to synthesize steroids, fatty acids, aromatic compounds of amino acids and nucleic acids. Vitamin B is majorly acting as a core enzyme to carry out the enzymatic processes. These are bioactive precursors for a wide number of neurotransmitters that supply the brain. Thiamine is thus found to support the structural built up of the membranes of neuroglia and neurons comprising the brain.

Vitamin B1 sources include nuts, oats, oranges, egg, legumes, yeast peas and so on.

Use Of Vitamin B3 Or Niacin In Cognitive Function

Cellular functioning of the brain is inclined to niacin as it is a major component to produce NAD and NADPH responsible to derive energy to the body metabolism. Besides, they also shield our body from the superoxide radicals. The reduction in the intake of niacin proves to be a major deprivation of the receptors like the NIACRI receptor that causes schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease. Some of the recognized food sources for vitamin B3 are peanuts, brown rice, fish, mushrooms, avocados, chicken and so on.

Role Of Vitamin B5 Or The Pantothenic Acid In Brain Development

It is responsible to synthesize the coenzyme A that is important in various mechanisms involving the oxidative metabolism. It restricts the structure of the brain to get depleted as it is involved in the synthesis of phospholipids, amino acids, fatty acids, and cholesterol. Thus they are responsible for a variety of steroid hormone and neurotransmitters.

Vitamin B5 is present in significant amount in yogurt, egg yolk, legumes, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and shellfish and so on.

The Function Of Vitamin V6 or Pyridoxine In Cognitive Response

Vitamin B6 is mainly present in seafood, poultry meats, legumes, soy, and nuts and is a crucial cofactor responsible to regulate folate cycle. It is a rate-limiting factor for the regulation of the neurotransmitter like the serotonin, dopamine, GABA and so on. Such downregulation may lead to neural transmission inhibition causing you to spend restless nights. It is a major player in the uptake of glucose by the brain that may lead to pathological disease like cognitive declining or dementia.

Role Of Vitamin B7 Or Biotin In Brain Development

A healthy brain is supplied with glucose to be kept functioning. Biotin keeps pace with the gluconeogenesis, glucose uptake by the hepatocyte and regulating the pancreatic beta cell to produce insulin. Low circulation of biotin has a correlating effect in causing diabetes type II.

Vitamin B7 sources include fortified cereals, corn, eggs, royal jelly, soy and so on.

Use Of Vitamin B9 Or Folate In Regulating Brain Function

Folate function with correspondence to vitamin B12 that cause trapping of folate as methyltetrahydrofolate. The result of the folate deficiency causes a down-regulation of pyrimidine and purine biosynthesis that is the basic building block of the DNA causing methylation of the tissues in the brain. Thus, the stability of the brain is impaired leading to atrophy of the brain. It also can compromise with the integrity of brain and stability of the action potential of the neurons is lost. This is even more severe as it may cause development disorder in the fetus.

The eminent source of folate can be obtained from lentils, spinach, broccoli, mangoes, oranges, sweet corn and so on.

The Function Of Vitamin B12 Or The Cobalamin In Neural Control

It is interlinked to function with the folate to carry out the methionine cycle.It is a necessary cofactor that is responsible to covert the amino acid into neurotransmitters like dopamine, melatonin, serotonin, and so on. It causes some major neurological decline before the occurrence of hematological alteration. Some of the sources of Vitamin B12 include meat, fish, milk and milk products.

Thus, it is evident that vitamin B has a very pronounced impact on the psychiatric and neurological abnormality of the brain and is significant in the early development of the brain.

It has been found that cellular uptake of the vitamin B is regulated by the brain to a wide extent. This is because the concentration if the folate, pantothenic acid and biotin derivatives found in brain accounts to be greater than the blood. This makes it evident that vitamin B is necessary for keeping the brain healthy. The homocysteine hypothesis holds the fact that vitamin B has a long lasting impact on the brain function.


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Top Ten Brain Enhancement Tips For The Elderly

As we age, our brains grow ‘old’ as well. We start experiencing difficulties when we try to perform specific mental functions. As our minds slow down, a lot of things start to go wrong because the brain is responsible for a lot of functions in the body. Even so, there are excellent ways for us, and particularly the older adults in the society, to ensure that the brain stays active as time goes by.

Top Ten Ways That Work

Use Of Nootropics

Nootropics are supplements that have been specially designed to help boost the performance of the brain in various ways. These supplements are manufactured using the best formulas, and they use the best ingredients that are safe for human consumption.

Memory boosters for the old folks help with keeping the mind sharp at all times and minimizes the aging process.

These nootropics will vary in their functionality depending on the ingredients to bring forth the results you desire. Their dosage also differs from one supplement to the other. Even so, the results are always pleasant.

Enough Sleep

Deep sleep is an excellent remedy for an aging mind. As you relax and rest the mind while sleeping, you can slow down the aging process. Other than that, when you get enough sleep, the brain’s functionality is improved. It will be sharper and more capable of retaining information for extended periods. Therefore, you will not experience moments where you have ‘memory loss.’ You will be able to process information excellently as well.

Physical Exercises

Engaging in physical practices is imperative in preserving the mind. Physical activities are excellent as they help to stimulate the body as well as the mind. When you work out, the mind is involved. Because of its involvement, it becomes awake and alert. That is the reason why a person who works out before going to work tend to be more alert without needing a stimulant. Other than that, studies show that people who exercise have bigger sizes of the hippocampus. This is the part of the brain in charge of verbal memory and learning. The exercises recommended are those that make you sweat and increase the heart’s activity of pumping blood.

A Perfect Diet

What one eats will help in improving the mental capabilities of a person as well as their physical health. As you eat a balanced diet, ensure that you also have a high intake of the foods that boost the brains performance. Such foods include nuts, fatty fish, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, soya beans, and more. They will significantly improve the brains performance. As the performance goes high, your productivity, as well as the quality of life you live, will improve.

Be More Social And Interact Often

Social interactions are significant for the elderly. It provides an avenue to meet new people, forge new relationships, experience new things, and so much more. All the different possibilities that come with social interactions help the mind to stay sharp. Establishing new friendships and having new experiences helps one to feel involved and excited about life. This excitement will keep the person active. When one is closed off and does not interact with others freely, the age factor sets in quickly and they let themselves go. When you have nothing exciting happening in your life to trigger the brain, the chances are that your brain will go to sleep.

Develop a Habit or a Hobby

A habit or a hobby is essential in keeping the brain engaged and active during free times. When you age, you get a lot of free time on your hands. Rather than staring into space as you pass the time, why not read a book or write a story? Why not tend to the flowers or listen to music? These activities will help the mind stay in shape as time goes by. It will help develop the ability to focus and concentrate as well. Habits or hobbies will keep us engaged with life and keep one from watching as life passes them by. They help us stay in touch with reality.

Stress Management

Stress and aging is not a good combination. Stress takes a toll on a person both physically and mentally. Typically, as one gets old, a lot of things change, and this can lead to higher stress levels. Your children may move, people close to you may pass on, the world may change, and so much more. In all these things, find a way of dealing with these situations. If not, they will take a toll on your brain and cause adverse effects. Different health conditions will come up, and they will further cause your brain to deteriorate

Engage in Mental Exercises

There are numerous mental exercises that you can use to tease and train your mind. For instance, there are some mental games that you can play. A lot of newspapers do not lack games that tease the brain such as puzzles of code word games. You can take the time to play them every day. Other than that, in this digital era, there are so many game applications that you can download onto your smart device and play them.

The number of brain games available on Google PlayStore and Apple store is unlimited. There is something for everyone.

Manage Health Conditions That You May Have

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When a lot of people age, conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems, and others can crop up. Whenever they occur, ensure that you manage them. Take the prescribed medications properly. When your body is well, the brain will be well. Vice versa is also true. Also, if certain medicines are messing with your mind, talk to your doctor so that they can review the medications. They may be the source of your mental problems, and when they are changed, you will get back to normal. Pay attention and be diligent in taking care of yourself when you have these conditions. Proper care will determine the health of your mind.

Learn Something New

Learning new things is one way that a lot of older people use to ensure that their minds say active and in perfect shape. Learning something new is a challenge that will get a person excited and driven. It can bring in a new wave of excitement about life that a person needs as they grow old. It may be as simple as learning a new vocabulary every day. As you learn the vocabulary, use it correctly throughout the day so that you do not forget. You can decide to sit down at the end of the week to review the vocabularies you have learned. This can be the challenge that you put for yourself to help the mind to stay active and curious. You can also learn how to play different instruments, different recipes, and so on.


Mental health is critical as one grows old. It helps you to age gracefully because the state of your mind will affect the state of your body. These ten tips will dramatically improve one’s experience as they age and keep the brain active and enhance its functionality. The elderly can now escape the fear of their brain ‘wasting’ away.

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Deep Sleep – The Forgotten Brain Enhancement Factor

In this era, everyone is out to make their lives better each day. People are working hard, sleeping late, waking up early, and using supplements to enhance their brain activity. What many people forget is that there is something that is much better and essential than everything else they are doing; deep sleep

Sleep is crucial for development and healthier brain functions, but many people take it to be a ‘time-waster.’ During sleeping hours, the body gets the chance to replenish naturally and prepare for the next day. However, people are finding ways to deviate from what is natural.

What Is Deep Sleep?

When one gets a sound sleep, there are two stages of sleep. One is called the rapid eye movement (REM) stage and the non-REM stage. The non-REM phase has different stages, but the last one is what we call deep sleep.

Deep sleep is that time when the brain wave frequency is at it’s lowest point and the most challenging time to wake up. At this time a person is entirely unconscious of it’s environment. When you sleep, you need around four or five complete sleep cycles. Therefore, it means that you need to sleep at least six to nine hours. Without enough deep sleep, you will encounter various health problems in the long run.

How To Ensure That You Get Deep Sleep

Stick To Your Schedule

There is nothing more important than a great sleep schedule. It creates a routine your body adjusts to, and it becomes easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up when the time comes. If you sleep for seven hours, ensure the sleeping time and waking up time is consistent every time.

Establish a Routine For Transitioning

Your days can be busy, and you will still need to do a few things before you go to bed. Different people have different transitioning routines. For some, it is brushing their teeth, for others it is washing their face or listening to some relaxing music. Following such habits helps the mind to calm down,  and know it is time to go to bed.

Ensure That Your Beddings Are Comfortable

Comfort is crucial when you want to get a perfect night’s sleep. If you are not comfortable, you will keep tossing and turning in bed. You will be incapable of falling asleep because of the discomfort. The reason may be your mattress, your pillow, the temperature in the room, and so on. Therefore, ensure that your body is comfortable so that you can fall asleep and stay asleep.

I’ve been looking in to this extensively and compared quite a few mattresses. Since i’m environementally conscious and am aware of petrochemicals and other toxins in normal cheap mattresses, i began looking for the best on the internet, and eventually found one that satisfies my needs. Even though it is higher priced than many others on the market, i think the Green Mattress from Avocado is well worth it. The matresses are handmade in the USA from 100% organic natural latex, wool and organic cotton. They ship for free in the US, come with a 100 night sleep trial, and are backed with a 10 year warranty. They even offer a financing plan for convenient smaller payments. Highly recommended by me, i don’t want to sleep on any other mattress now. You can check the Avocado Matress out HERE.

Eat a Banana or Drink a Glass of Milk

Drinking a glass of milk is a trick that is ancient but still works wonders. If you have outgrown the ritual of drinking milk before bedtime, grab a banana. Bananas and milk have a substance called tryptophan. This ingredient helps with increasing serotonin levels, which in turn promote healthy sleep and enhances your mood. Bananas also have melatonin that serves the same purpose of helping you get better rest.

Turn Down Bright Lights an Hour Before You Go to Bed

Powerful lights have a way of activating the mind. They cause us to stay awake for more extended periods without falling asleep. Also, after putting out the lights, do not power devices such as your phone, computer, tablet and the like. They will cause your brain to be very alert.

Do Not Work Out Before Bedtime

One of the benefits of working out as you prepare for your day is that it helps with fat breakdown to produce energy. This energy is what we use to carry us throughout the day. When you work out there will always be a release of energy. When you have all this energy in you and an activated mind, the chances of falling asleep quickly and effortlessly are quite slim. In turn, you will not get adequate deep sleep.

Avoid Stress

Stress is the number one enemy of sound sleep. It keeps your mind active because you are always thinking. When you do not have a general feeling of wellness, sleeping becomes impossible. Even when you fall asleep, you will not experience deep sleep. Therefore, do everything to avoid stressful situations or find ways to cope with such conditions. This way, you will have an easier time falling asleep.

Advantages Of Deep Sleep To Your Brain

Promotes a Feeling of Wellness

Your mental health will be significantly affected by lack of enough sleep. Without sufficient deep sleep, you will experience a heightened feeling of stress and anxiety. In turn, one ends up being unproductive during the day.

Sharpens The Memory

With deep sound sleep, you will be able to fight the aging factor as you relax. Studies also suggest that a sound sleep enables the brain to stay alert and sharp. It also enhances your ability to remember information. Therefore, as you age and start to find it difficult to retain information, relax your mind. Science shows that there are changes that happen to the brain when one sleeps. These changes help to cause memories to last longer. Typically, brain cells are strengthened, and the transfer of information becomes better.

Enhances Your Mood

A well-rested person is in a better mood than the one that did not have enough rest. A study conducted in September 2015 on a small group of individuals showed that without enough sleep, less stressful situations felt too intense for a person. Other than that, without enough sleep, it became a lot harder to control one’s emotions.

Helps With Decision-Making Processes

When the brain is tired, it can hardly put things in perspective so that you can make better and informed decisions. Because of the mental and physical exhaustion, your brain can miss essential factors that can guide you. But a rested mind is an asset to a person.

It Helps With The Learning Process

Have you ever tried to solve a problem but could not do it. After you had a good night rest, you woke up with the answer in you? Science shows that when a person sleeps, the brain is capable of coming up with new information and answers. The reason is that the brain can gather pieces of information while you sleep to create something new or lead you to a solution. A perfect example is with what happens with artists. After a sound rest, most wake up with an excellent idea for their next piece of art.

Other Health Benefits

Growth And Development

It is during deep sleep that the body experiences growth and development. The growth hormone is released when one is in a deep sleep. That is why a lot of bodybuilders used to take GHB for better rest. The growth hormone is also crucial for tissue repair. That is why we know that sleep is vital for the body to repair itself and replenish.

Helps With Weight Loss

This advantage is one that a lot of people do not explore. Studies were conducted on people who wanted to shed excess weight. Those that had enough rest shed more fats. On the other hand, those that did not, lost more of their muscle mass instead of fats. Even though both groups dropped the excess weight, shedding off fats is better than shedding off muscle mass. Also, when you do not get enough rest, the studies showed that one felt more hungry.

Improves Our Quality of Life

When you are well rested, your body recovers from the day’s exhaustion. It powers up for the next day so that you can wake up feeling energized and ready. When you wake up feeling good, you will be productive the whole day. There will be no drowsiness build-up as the day goes on because you got enough deep sleep. However, with little sleep, you will wake up feeling sluggish and with low energy levels. During  the day, there will be sleep build-up. That is when you end up crashing and falling asleep in your office. Ultimately, you become less productive. If you are less productive, your life quality goes down.

Helps Foster Healthy Relationships

When your mentally and emotionally healthy, you will be able to attract healthy relationships and sustain them. We have seen the essence of deep sleep and how it helps with your mood. When your mood is excellent, your attitude towards life and people will be positive. This is what will attract them. If your mood is terrible, no one will want to be around you.


Deep sleep is imperative for your well being both mentally and physically. Instead of finding other means of enhancing your brain function, get enough deep sleep. It will contribute to your general health without any risks or side effects. Do not sleep too much or for very few hours because both extremes  are unhealthy. At least six hours or at most eight hours will be perfect. You will see changes in you that you will love.

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Review of Mental Performance Stack

Having suffered from minute dementia and hampered cognitive ability right in my mid-30s, I assure you that I understand your purpose of looking for something like Mental Performance Stack. After all, who wouldn’t wish to remove the social stigma associated with what society tends to call “slower people.” I always hated the tag. That’s why, this article is likely to be the start of your journey on getting rid of it.

About Mental Performance Stack

Mental Performance Stack is a tool meant to enhance an individual’s cognitive and mental abilities, especially faculties dealing with memory retention and problem-solving. Many consumers (including me) have found the benefits quite evident, which are apparently because of increased blood and oxygen circulation to the brain. Hence, as the Mental Stack Performance reviews would call it… It’s all natural! This is probably the reason for its massive success across the globe.

Does Mental Performance Stack Actually Work?

I probably wouldn’t be writing this article half as well if it didn’t. Several surveys of the market of Mental Performance Stack have indicated an almost 87% satisfaction rate. This is indeed a rarity for medical drugs, simply because of the diversity of our bodies. Several Mental Performance Stack reviews have concluded that this medical marvel is supposedly due to the tiring process of clinical trials and tests that Mental Performance Stack is put through before having hit the shelves.

In any case, it seems that there’s at least one nootropic (neurotropic supplement) on the market that is guaranteed to work.

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My Personal Experience With Mental Performance Stack

This isn’t just another review for me as a writer. Mental Performance Stack has indeed affected my life quite drastically and improved it for the better.

We’ve often encountered older people with lowered cognitive abilities including potential Alzheimer’s, and hence it isn’t new or unwarranted for someone to talk and know about it. But that’s different when you’re the one going down that unfortunate and stigmatic path. My early onset of dementia was dearly devastating and if it hadn’t been for one of those random Mental Performance Stack reviews online… My life would’ve probably been a lot more different than I’d like to think about.

So when I say that Mental Performance Stack works, you ought to believe me.

Benefits of Mental Performance Stack

Among the many potential benefits of Mental Performance Stack, some are listed below:

  • Mental Performance Stack isn’t a temporary solution to your cognitive disabilities. Alongside the improvement in oxygen circulation, it further increases neurological stimulation. Many Mental Performance Stack reviews indicate that this increased functionality improves cognitive health and endurance.
  • It has a portal dedicated to online delivery which prevents the hassle of going to your local pharmacy or other nootropic store of preference. This ensures that people around the word can get access to Mental Performance Stacks.
  • Mental Performance Stack is delivered in a very portable bottle, allowing any hard-working individual to carry it with themselves throughout the day for the time when they feel the need for it.
  • The manufacturer has ensured utmost transparency in the production process of Mental Performance Stacks. Reports of clinical trials are easily available online and a list of its natural and completely safe ingredients is printed on the bottle itself. This is to ensure that every person using Mental Performance Stacks is taking a conscientious decision to improve their lives.

Potential Drawbacks of Mental Performance Stack

Many mental performance stack reviews have concluded that consumption of this nootropic supplement, is in essence, completely safe in the right dosages. However, some testimonies have indicated at possible stimulant-amplifying effects including sleeplessness and excessive productivity. This can be easily prevented via limiting its use in the evening.

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Mental Performance Stack reviews also indicate that it shouldn’t be consumed by lactating or expectant mothers and children under the age of 16 due to their developing bodies and hormonal tendencies.

How Does Mental Performance Stack Work?

Mental Performance Stack, as previously mentioned, improves oxygen/blood circulation to the vital areas of the brain and consequently improves neurological stimulation and hence the longevity of neurons in nerves, brain and the spinal cord.

The thorough production process utilizing the essential ingredients listed below further aids in the increase of dopamine in our bodies; benefitting memory, improving alertness and extending attention/concentration timespans, as indicated by various Mental Performance Stack reviews.

Why is Mental Performance Stack So Popular?

This might echo the various other reviews available online, but I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t true. The simple reason for its huge success across the globe (including the first round of sales being completely bought from the store in just under a month) is the fact that Mental Performance Stack works. Plain and simple… because of all the reasons established in the rest of the article.

What Are The Ingredients of Mental Performance Stack?

Various Mental Performance Stack reviews have listed its ingredients time and again, ensuring the consistency in quality across all its bottles. This – almost ensured – success is delivered by the following combination:

  • Theacrine: An essential for our body to concentrate on mentally taxing tasks. Many Mental Performance Stack reviews have concluded that this is the base ingredient for the rest of the amazing recipe.
  • Cordyceps: Is required to improve the longevity and endurance of brain cells.
  • AlphaSize Alpha GPC: Improves neurotransmission across nerves throughout the body.
  • BioPerine: Tends to improve the cognitive abilities of an individual, hiking their scores in clinical trials regarding problem-solving abilities.

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Recommended Dosage For Mental Performance Stack

Many Mental Performance Stack reviews have concluded that it yields the best results if taken 30 minutes before a mentally strenuous task. No more than 3 capsules should be consumed in a day.

Mental Performance Stack like Ciltep, Dopamine etc is something I consider a gift from a savior, without which I would’ve been unlikely to lead a normal life, possibly facing ridicule throughout. It should do the same for you if you ever feel that your cognitive abilities could do with that extra boost. I assure you that that better life you’ve always dreamed about? About that need to feel smart enough for a girl or maybe to pass a class in college or impress your boss? All that is now easily within your fingertips. Mental Performance Stack assures that.

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