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Do Nootropics Help For Tinnitus?

The market is flooded with nootropics for tinnitus, but not all of these supplements are backed by clinical evidence. The ringing in the ear has been associated with a number of supplements, but only a few have proved to have a casual effect. There are different supplements like Ginkgo biloba, melatonin, zinc, CoQ10 and many of them help for tinnitus.

Tinnitus also referred to as ringing in the ears is misery for the existence of many humans. Nearly 15 percent of the total adult population worldwide is affected by Tinnitus. Tinnitus has two types of pronunciation by British professionals and American health professionals respectively, and both are correct, but the afflictions are the same.

Several things exist that are worth trying at least once if one is suffering from tinnitus. The cause of the occurrence of the tinnitus is varied and in maximum cases is accompanied by hearing loss issues that are age-related. This can also occur due to exposure to high-decibel noise, fluid buildup, ear wax, medications, TMJ, circulatory problems, concussions, and tumor.

A placebo effect often acts as a barrier in the proposed remedies for the ringing in the ear problem. There is a psychological component to this tinnitus disorder. Often the people suffering from tinnitus are anxious or feel depressed. The cause and effect for this misery are not quite clear to people.

Taking self-care for tinnitus is a great option, but it is recommended to visit an ENT specialist to be sure that there is no other dangerous cause. Tests must be conducted to eliminate any negative underlying issues. If every result is perfectly alright one can go for a normal diet and use nootropics which are smart drugs. The thing to consider when one is suffering from tinnitus:

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Tinnitus is said to occur due to loud sound, stress, lack of sleep, anxiety and many more similar reasons. Reducing these activities and addressing the issues will help in reducing the ear distress and minimize the issues caused by tinnitus. One should seek professional assistance if the stress is life-impairing or unrelenting. Tinnitus is a malady on which behavioral therapy and studies do not show much effect either does it reduces the intensity or frequency of the problem rather it assists one to cope up with the symptoms.

Keeping Track Of Dietary Triggers

One can keep notes to figure out tinnitus precipitants which include MSG, sugary products, and excess sodium, and alcohol, beverages containing any percentage of alcohol, caffeine, and aged cheeses. The quantity of the diets per day must also be taken into consideration as diet has a role to play in the matter of tinnitus. Studies proved that a huge amount of people suffering from tinnitus simultaneously suffer from hyperinsulinemia which is a metabolic disorder.

Exercise And Workouts

It is important to stay mobile if a person is affected by tinnitus. Workouts have proved to be quite helpful in many cases. It reduces the likelihood of the occurring of tinnitus. In the case of adults, they should get involved in performing light-intensity workouts for every 60 minutes. This will decrease the chance of getting affected by tinnitus.

The Makeover Of The Medicine Cabinet

Aspirin is absolutely terrific for tinnitus it worsens the condition and is notorious in its acting. Antibiotics can cause damage to the cells of the hair present in the inner ear lining. SSRI medications are prescribed to fight depression that commonly occurs along with tinnitus. It is held responsible for the increase in this condition and activity in the brain.

Go Ginkgo

Studies and analysis have described the effectiveness of Go Ginkgo of the standardized version on tinnitus. The dosage is advised to be kept between 120 mg to 240mg.

Vinpocetine Product

Branded vinpocetine product is one of the most used remedies for tinnitus in many parts of the world. The product Cavinton is a nootropic that shows a similar effect as Ginkgo. It is a cognitive enhancer that acts using its properties of circulation enhancing. The vinpocetine and tinnitus showed positive results only when consumed intravenously. Studies and researches have cleared all doubt, and positive effects are seen in people who take this nootropic as an oral supplement. Verification was done to prove these facts on human and its positive results. I buy my Vinpocetine here.

Using CoQ10

Studies and verifications have revealed that people suffering from tinnitus that normally have a low level of CoQ10 in their blood benefited from the supplements of CoEnzyme. This fact was proved in the year 2007.

Trying Nicotinamideriboside

Nicotinamideriboside has proved to be quite helpful in assisting people who suffer from hearing loss related to noise which at times lead to tinnitus. Experiments were conducted, and trails were done on humans to see the level of relieves it can cause to the ears affected by tinnitus. 250 mg of nicotinamideriboside was given daily and two times a day to conduct this experiment.


Studies and researches conducted have proved that long-term usages of cell phones are responsible for ear distress to a great extent. People suffering from tinnitus often feel more irritated and reports of whining and hissing sound when there is fluorescent light around. The cause of such an issue is fluorescent light produces a high-frequency sound wave that is very little audible. Some of them even suffer from sensitivity problems from electromagnetic fields.


The interventions which are advised and prescribed offer relief to people suffering from tinnitus to a great extent. However, these are not any definitive cure and researches are on to discover the best and permanent cure for this problem. Researchers are conducting trials and are studying on the facts associated with tinnitus cures and nootropics that can help to get relief from tinnitus. The best directions that are promised by the nootropic drugs are revealed through deep-brain stimulation, cochlear regeneration with the help of stem cell implantation, external electrical pulses. Among these, there is a common mode of development that is imposed in the form of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Learning Disabilities – The Three Best Nootropics To Improve Brain Power

Nootropics are beneficial for human brains. These are drugs and supplements obtained from natural resources. They are highly effective to the functioning of human brains in healthy people.

Nootropics can enhance memory, creativity, motivation, alertness and other cognitive function of the brain. They also help in reducing age-related problems caused in the brain. There is an array of nootropics that helps in improving brain power. Nootropics have gained much popularity in a short span of time and are finds utility in the present competitive society. The memory-boosting characteristic is the main effect shown by nootropics. Its assistance to improve creativity, focus, motivation, and intelligence are some other important assistance that comes from Nootropics consumption.

Everyone wants to achieve success and cross new heights in today’s world, and the above-mentioned features are a must to gain success in life.

Three Best Nootropics That Enhance Brain Power And Learning Abilities Are As Follows


It is extracted from Piracetam through a synthetic process. It is very much powerful. Sunifiram mainly focuses on improving human memory and is classified as ampakine. The nootropics target AMPA and NMDA receptors. It assists in enhances the power of the brain and in turn the memory. The alertness of individuals who consume this nootropic also improves. It is recommended to consume 4 to 8 mg of Sunifiram three times a day. One can also consult his or her physician to learn more about the dosage of this Nootropics. However, it is necessary to remember that one should not consume more than 24 mg of the nootropics in one day under any circumstances.

Nootropics have been in use since decades in the form of coffee and tea but have the gain popularity for its beneficial characteristics. Science and medicine world has advanced a lot in the last few years. This has led to the development of the field of Nootropics. Nootropics are improving quickly, and things are getting more exciting. Nootropics like Sunifiram are now being used widely for reasons like improving memory, sleep, and even getting rid of social anxiety. The memory-boosting quality of Sunifiram makes it an important supplement that is essential in today’s life. The outcome of the intake of Sunifiram may vary from person to person. In case a particular supplement does not show good results one can change it and opt for a better and different alternative. There are specialists who can help one with such a selection process.

The studies were conducted on people of all age group and not just in elderly people who normally experience the maximum amount of cognitive decline. Only one thing one needs to remember is patience is very important with this nootropics as it works slowly. Thus one needs to give it some time to work and show effective results. Therefore finally multiple numbers of studies have been carried out on the nootropics, and most of them show a consistent result on enhancing learning abilities with people suffering from learning disabilities. Sunifiram is also referred to as DM-235, and it improves cognitive, and memory function for diseases like Alzheimer’s This is an experimental drug that is best for solving learning disability issues.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is extracted from Bacopa Monnieri which belongs to the herb family. Bacopa Monnieri is used in Ayurveda which is very popular in India and in other traditional medicines in other parts of the world. It enhances the functioning of the human brain. It has proved in several cases that it improves memory and thinking skills in human irrespective of their age. Elderly people suffer from such problems in brain functioning. This effect has been seen in people who intake Bacopa monnieri on a regular basis. Anyone who wants to enjoy the real benefits of this nootropics must remember to consume it every day. It is advised to consume 300 mg Bacopa monnieri in a day and not more than that. It will take approximately five to six weeks to get noticeable results. Some studies have shown that Bacopa monnieri at times upsets the stomach or cause diarrhea. Thus it is recommended to consume this nootropics supplement with food. You can buy it from this safe source.

Long-term memory activity can be enhanced by using Bacopa monnieri. It is an Ayurvedic herb that has been used by humans for decades. The leaves of the herb contain bacosides which are a chemical compound. These chemical compounds assist the dendrites to grow and also helps in transferring of information at cell receptors. The Bacopa monnieri supplement is available in the form of capsules, leaf or powder. One can choose any form as the functionalities in all of them are same. One can take 750 mg to 1500 mg per day with a meal for great outcomes. It can also be consumed separately without food. This nootropic will improve thinking skills and memory of a healthy person and also in those with a brain function declination.

This swamp herb is believed to be a traditional medicine hailing from India. This medicine is used for a long time to cure cognitive decline and enhance intelligence. Earlier these claims were not given much value in the Western market, but researchers did find it worth investigating. The scientists and researchers later found that these traditional herbs were quite accurate for brain functionality related problems. They conducted an array of researches and studies on the working and performance of Bacopa monnieri and its supplements on human, and all the outcomes were positive. It has shown great effects on memory especially the human working memory where the mind must store a concept for some time before storing it into short-term memory. The Bacopa Monnieri does this by releasing growth factors. Neurotransmitters, the signaling molecules help the neurons to communicate. These neurons are released and absorbed by dendrites at the end of brain cells.


This has an array of benefits, for example, recalling ability of the brain and improving the functionality of memory. It assists in regulating the cell receptors for acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter — the nootropics mix with the bloodstream with the help of fatty acids or lipids. The Pramiracetam crosses the blood-brain barrier and immediately starts improving the functioning of the brain. Pramiracetam also assists in improving the storage space for new memories by enhancing the flow of neuron impulses. Studies suggest that one should consume Pramiracetam in small doses as lesser quantity dosages offer a better result than consuming in a bulk quantity. Consuming a minimum of 400 mg to a maximum of 1200 mg every day is a good option. To experience best results one should divide the whole quantity consumed in a day into three parts and have them along with meals.

Pramiracetam belongs to the racetam drugs family. This is a nootropic agent that stimulates the central nervous system. It is marketed under the name Pramistar and is done by Menarini. Its main aim is to treat attention deficits and learning disabilities and improving memory, especially in older adults. They are used massively in different European countries like Italy and other countries situated in the eastern part of the continent. It is also often used to treat amnesia and used during brain injuries.

People who have not used these nootropics must initially read about them from different resources and consult experts to know the usage and effectiveness of this particular nootropics. Consuming it in a proper way and perfect dosage improves the working of the supplement, and it performs in a better way.Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that improves memory and learning abilities of a person. Pramiracetam enhances the rate of choline uptake by quite an efficient percentage. Increase in the consumption of choline provides more choline to the body which in turn acts as a source to create more amount of acetylcholine.

A compound named Nitric oxide has proved to play a great role in enhancing memory and learning ability in humans. Pramiracetam increases the production of nitric oxide in the brain. The presence and availability of adrenal hormone assists in the functioning of Pramiracetam and other members of the racetam family. This, in turn, improves the memory in humans. It enhances the ability of object recognition and solves the learning disabilities for a longer time span. This is what makes Pramiracetam more effective than any other medical treatment and medications. I found a trusted reliable and pure source for my pramiracetam, go here to get yours.

Final Word

The nootropics were present in the market and were used in Ayurveda for years but came to the limelight a few years back. They are gaining popularity worldwide, and people are using them to solve their learning disabilities and other brain functioning. Researches done has proved the positive effects and functioning of different nootropics. They are being used by more and more people even in western countries. They show different effects on different person hence one should switch to a different nootropic if one of them does not work. Most of them are slow in giving results thus one should patiently consume it as per the dosage directed and get positive results.

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Which Nootropic Supplements Help With Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism can be well managed and suppressed using prescribed drugs and medicines; however, for some of the extreme and severe hypothyroidism cases, managing can be tough by merely taking medications. These people must then switch over to several nutrients including essential vitamins which they need to consume daily for effective management of the condition to ensure that the hormone from the thyroid gland is adequately secreted.

Role Of Nootropics In Controlling Hypothyroidism

Nootropics are commonly known as smart drugs that are specially manufactured to increase brain activity. Other than improving the functioning of the brain, nootropics drugs have immense other benefits in the human body. One such benefit is controlling hypothyroidism with the help of the active nutrients that it contains. Nootropics drugs are of immense use for the people suffering from hypothyroidism as it contains the essential vitamins and nutrients that help in regulating the thyroid gland and is proven to be effective in most of the case. The drugs work in a varied nature depending on person to person. This includes their health conditions and the drugs that suit them which can show results in one persona and does not mean that it will be of the same effect to the other when they consume it in the same prescribed dosage.

The Nootropics drugs mainly cross the barrier between the brain and blood and energize the body to perform well in all aspects. The body functioning is enhanced and lifted to a supreme level of energy to deliver the most effective improvements in daily life. Individuals suffering from hypothyroidism must consume “Creatine “and the nootropics drugs that contain Vitamin B.

T3 and T4 are two hormones created by the thyroid gland. The pituitary gland causes the formation of T3 and T4 when it releases TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone). When the thyroid hormones in the body are low, this TSH is formed. In a healthy human, these hormone levels are neither low nor high it is maintained within a specific range. In the case of hypothyroidism the human body will have a low level of the T3 and T4 hormones. The equilibrium is not maintained as there is a deficiency in the production of T3 and T4. Several nootropic supplements can naturally restore the common thyroid functionality.

Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism

  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • The decline in memory function
  • Reduced metabolism and quick weight gains
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Sensitive to cold
  • Reduction in the heart rate
  • Itchiness and dried skin
  • Depression and stress
  • Reduction in concentration and focus
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Constipation

One should consult with a physician before coming to any conclusion about the disease.

Creatine- An Essential Nootropic To Provide Relief Against Hypothyroidism

The most common and well-known substance known among the nootropics drugs for gym activities is Creatine. The supplement is prepared using a naturally occurring substance or molecule which is created within the liver and consumed with a daily balanced diet. Creatine contains a high amount of animal protein. Creatine creates cellular ATP that in return releases and supplies energy to one’s body. The primary storage of creatine is in skeletal muscles in humans which count up to 90% in total. This is the main reason why Creatine has gained its popularity among  people suffering from hypothyroidism. It helps in increasing their athletic performance levels and gives their performance a boost to the maximum extent.

Creatine also enhances the functioning of the brain and other body activities that regulate the thyroid gland functioning through active secretion of the required hormones. With the presence of creatine, there is a significant increase in the levels of ATP production that serves the human body with a more significant amount of energy for better performance. This also helps in regulating the thyroid gland when the body functioning improves which in return serves to be beneficial for resolving issues like hypothyroidism. The ATP produced acts as one of the best neuro-protective substances that stabilize the coordination between the mind and the body. The cell membranes of the body receive protection from the damages caused due to internal oxidation and allow the body to withstand a prolonged period of stress.

Uses Of Nootropics Drugs To Control Hypothyroidism

The dosage of the nootropic supplements must be kept constant as prescribed between two to five grams each day either in the morning or during the mid-day. The side effects of nootropics drugs are counted to nil as it has been clinically proven to benefit the human body rather than showing adverse side effects. Some minor claims came up but were proven to be negligible in the form of dehydration, muscle cramps, and gastrointestinal disturbances. The ingredients used in the nootropics contain essential nutrients and vitamins that effectively fight all the body’s disorders related to the thyroid. The reduction of  hypothyroidism can be adequately seen through its auto-immunity procedures that benefit the human body immensely by reducing inflammation and causing improvements to the thyroid dysfunction.

The supplementing of the nutrients and the vitamins must be done with the nootropics drugs under the supervision of a trained medical practitioner. One must be well aware of all the levels that their body requires of the vitamins and nutrients, and this can be conclusively determined through simple blood tests. In case some nutrient deficiency is found in the blood ; one can be prescribed with the appropriate type of nootropics drugs that can suit to fulfill the deficiency to the best possible extent for better functioning and to regulate the hormonal activities of the body in the best possible manner.

The facts and the figures must be in place and well-understood before consuming any dosage of  nootropics . For better effectiveness, consult a trained medical practitioner, so that the visible improvements are recorded and can be portrayed to the patient.

In case of any adverse reaction, your doctor can immediately check and adjust the treatment by altering the prescribed drugs.

Effectiveness Of The Active Ingredients In The Nootropics Drugs To Control Hypothyroidism

There are a lot of specific nutrients that are used in the preparation of the nootropics drugs. These ingredients prove to be very beneficial towards the thyroid disorder, especially hypothyroidism. Some of the ingredients in the nootropics drugs that actively help in regulating hypothyroidism and its related symptoms are the following:


The adequate amount of secretion for the thyroid hormone in the body needs iodine for functioning. Nootropics drugs are one of the best sources for iodine supply in the human body. These can be consumed along with your regular diet every day. The iodine amount must be supplemented to a limited amount to control the hypothyroidism effectively in the human body.

Vitamin B:

There is a lot of interaction of Vitamin B with the thyroid functioning in the human body. Vitamin B adequately helps in the regulation of the thyroxin hormone secretion in the human body. The best way to get an adequate source of Vitamin B in the diet is by taking n prescribed dosages of nootropics drugs and another related food source that mainly supplies Vitamin B complex for better functioning.


The metabolism of the human body is adequately supported with the help of zinc that supports thyroid synthesis too. Selenium can be consumed, and the diet can receive adequate amounts of selenium when an individual is under the prescribed dosage of nootropics drugs.

Vitamin D:

People suffering from hypothyroidism usually have a lot of deficiency of vitamin D in their body. To recover the amount of Vitamin D, one can actively consume vitamin d supplements, so that there are stability and balance maintained in their diet to support the perfect functioning.


The human body needs zinc to convert the thyroid hormone T4 to T3. Zinc is beneficial in increasing the levels of thyroid functioning and other levels of the hormones that control the thyroid gland. Consumption of a zinc supplement is effective in resolving the zinc deficiency in the body, and simultaneously supports the dietary system in an individual suffering from hypothyroidism.


The production and conversion of the thyroid hormone is done with the help of a nutrient called tyrosine. Protein intake can increase the level of tyrosine and amino acids in the human body, so there is an adequate amount present at all times.

Alternative Ways to Treat Hypothyroidism

If you want to know more about alternative ways and in-depth knowledge about hypothyroidism cures that are not on your doctor’s radar, i found an excellent ebook about it that really seems to work.  User reviews about it are very positve, and people suffering from the condition reported great results . It is called The Hypothyroidism Revolution , you can check out the ebook course here.

Final Word

One can use nootropics drugs, consume prescribed medicines or use natural remedies to treat hypothyroidism. The prescribed medicines very often cannot resolve the actual cause of hypothyroidism. Even surgery often fails to address the problem and restore the normal levels of hormones in the body. Studies suggest that natural cures and nootropics drugs at times perform better and are safer as compared to other types of medications. They work faster and in a much more effective way.

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Do Nootropic Drugs Help With IBS Symptoms?

Almost all individuals throughout the world have faced severe stomach aches at some point in their lives. Most people usually go to the bathroom to find a solution to the cause of the ill stomach. However, People suffering from Irritable Bowels Syndrome (IBS) usually face chronic pain along with discomfort that needs medical treatment.

Irritable Bowels Syndrome (IBS) Symptoms

The most common symptom of IBS is stomach cramps and discomfort, however, in severe conditions; the symptoms might range up to several factors including the following:

  • Gas formation.
  • Bloating of the stomach.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Constipation.
  • Several diarrhea and alternating constipation bouts.
  • Discomfort due to bowel movement and difficulty in passing stool completely.
  • Presence of white or clear mucus with the stool.

How To Determine IBS?

To understand if the bowel issues are IBS or not, an individual needs to visit a doctor or a trained medical practitioner when they feel the back discomfort on a regular basis:

  • Continuous bowel movement and stomach aches to cause discomfort over the regular span of time.
  • Change in the period of stool production and need of going to the bathroom frequently.
  • In case the appearance of the stool is different and suspicious.

According to the standards for the determination of irritable bowels syndrome (IBS), it can be determined if an individual faces the above conditions once or twice in a week. The treatment must be immediately started to avoid further complications. All the necessary treatments are done by the doctors on proper observation of the symptoms that an individual faces. It becomes tough for patients to remember the period while these symptoms were revealed but they immediately need to get it treated once it is detected without waiting for any longer.

The symptoms can be well understood by doctors to check if the symptoms indeed reveal it as IBS or any other form of illness. This needs to be confirmed on a primary basis through thorough diagnosis before the treatment is started. IBS does not include the symptoms like weight loss, continuous pain, fever, and blood with stool. One must immediately check and consult a doctor if these symptoms appear.

Treatment Of Irritable Bowels Syndrome (IBS) With Nootropics Drugs

IBS is curable, and people with IBS can get help from various sources. Nootropics have a significant influence in resolving irritable bowels disease and efficiently relieves an individual from its symptoms on a temporary and short-term basis. The treatments might vary from person to person depending on the intensity of the illness and the type of medication required. The same treatment might work well and resolve IBS in an individual but can also not show any effect on a different person. One needs to determine the right treatment for their illness, and in case they do not find a solution to the issue, they must immediately consult a doctor who can diagnose and start the treatment for the cure.

Irritable Bowels Syndrome can be caused due to several reasons. The main source of IBS is junk food, gas in stomach, medicines, and most importantly emotional stress.

One needs to clearly understand and recognize the right ways to trigger the issues that they face. Nootropic drugs can be effective in resolving the illness by providing a temporary relief through its active ingredients; however, for the severe conditions, one must immediately refer to a doctor for medicated treatment. Sometimes simply adapting to new lifestyle changes can prove to be the best treatment and remedy for IBS. This is mainly prescribed mainly to patients along with minor medication when they suffer from IBS due to emotional stress.

Effective Medications For The Treatment Of Irritable Bowels Syndrome (IBS)

There are a lot of drugs that can effectively be used for the treatment of IBS. Nootropics drugs are the active resolvers of the symptoms on a temporary basis by providing relief and providing strength to the digestive system with its active components. The Nootropics drugs, if not directly, indirectly serves to cure IBs to a great extent. The ingredients present in the drugs not only are active for the mind boosting but also strengthens the digestion power and digestive tract on every individual consumer throughout the world. People tending to suffer from IBS can be benefitted immensely by consuming the prescribed dosage of the Nootropics drugs to avoid future complications of IBS.

Apart from Nootropics, several other remedies are also used for the treatment of IBS, and they are as follows:

  • Consuming the bulking agents when the stool is watery helps in slowing the food movement through the digestive tract and thus helps in resolving the stool issues and related symptoms.
  • Several antibiotics can actively help in eliminating the presence of unwanted bacteria from the intestines. These can control the symptoms and provide relief when the medication is taken over a profound amount of time. There are chances of the symptoms to reoccur, and this can be similarly treated once it comes back.
  • For symptoms including bloating and pain in the abdominal area, some medicines can effectively control stomach cramps; however, these are not recommended by experts as these can provide relief but imposes severe side effects like drowsiness and constipation.
  • People can also be relieved from IBS by treating it with antidepressants.
  • Yeasts and live bacteria in the form of probiotics are beneficial for the digestive health of humans. Doctors often suggest these to the patients suffering from Irritable Bowles Syndrome (IBS).
  • Constipation causing sifter stool can also be effectively treated by consuming food materials that contain fibers — these work as effective supplements which proves to be beneficial to the curing of illness caused to the digestive tract.
  • Individuals suffering from diarrhea are often suggested medicines that slow down the food movement through the bowel and the gut. This helps in making the stool to become less watery.

Working Of Nootropic Drugs In Resolving IBS

The digestive tract is one of the most complex functioning units of the body that includes several organs together playing their roles. Upset to nay of the organs can cause the whole system to halt and cause unwanted symptoms that people might suffer. The digestive tract works in taking the food, breaking it down into small molecules, extracting the nutrients, and supplying the whole body with the essential products through blood. The waste matter is eliminated in the form of stool and urine. This creates a unique balance throughout the body and stabilizes all the other ongoing processes.

Nootropic interaction with the functionality can help in the effective functioning and stabilizing the same with greater activeness. The ingredients in the Nootropic drugs play the vital role in providing inner strength to the digestive tract and which reduces the chances of complications in the form of IBS (Irritable Bowles Syndrome). The digestion capabilities of the body stabilize along with the brain activity strengthening of the body to a much healthier and stabilized limit. This has resulted in an active interest for the benefit of growth for human bodies with the consumption of the active ingredients through Nootropic drugs which causes an improvement to the overall wellbeing and growth in humans.

The inhibiting enzymes present in the body is activated through the consumption of Nootropic drugs, and the body inhibits the digestive capabilities along with greater brain functioning. The drug leads the production pathways to several cures that include short span relief and prevention of IBS related complications in the human body.

Safety Of The Nootropic Drugs

The variety of nootropics drugs is enormous. Individuals must find the best match according to their medical needs that fits the level of classification in the right manner. Nootropics are globally accepted and consumed for their ability to provide the body with better functioning capabilities. The drugs are entirely free of toxic substances and can be consumed on a long-term basis. These can effectively increase the body functioning for the vital parts like the brain and the digestive tract. The IBS symptoms can be cured entirely and prevented when an individual consumes the drugs over a long span of time.

The drugs also offer a stabilized pathway for the cumulative and slow improvement of the digestive performance rather than causing any immediate and acute changes to the system. IBS and related disorder are eliminated from its roots when one takes the nootropics drugs in prescribes dosage and time.

Final Word

The working of the nootropic drugs in the human body is varied, and its performance ability differs with the type of drugs consumed and the body’s performance of an individual. The availability of the nootropics compounds throughout the global marketplace is varied and is becoming more and more popular throughout the world with its higher efficiency and quality of delivery as per individual needs. The compounds are beneficial as per the research conducted by the scientists in the laboratories and are proven to serve the consumer with high-quality resolving power when consumed in the prescribed dosage.

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Can Nootropics Help With Writer’s Block?

The writers throughout the world face several cognitive challenges regardless of their career as a full-time writer or a freelance writer. The writer’s blog is a cognitive challenge that all writers face at some point in their jobs where they lose the capability of thinking and writing at the same time. This happens mainly due to loss of concentration while doing their jobs. The creativity for the whole writing along with the level of productivity significantly decreases due to writer’s block and procrastination. Other than these challenges, the stress of doing the work in time and meeting the deadlines to stay up and sharp with efficiency is what marks the skill levels of the writers and their future work.

Writer’s block can leave every writer in despair through mental burnouts by making them lose concentration, focus, and their ability of multitasking.

How Do Nootropics Drugs Resolve Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block can be easily handled, and the memory can be sharpened through brain boosting that is provided by nootropics. For years, nootropics drugs are ruling the marketplace where millions of writers throughout the world have immensely benefitted through the products for effective brain functioning and increased capability towards performance. The nootropics drugs provide the mind with a nourishing advantage that helps in the promotion of the peak creativity, mastery, and in return productivity to all the words written by a writer.

The Primary Weapons Used By Writers Towards Writing

Certainly, for the toolbox for a writer, the writers need several things that help in enhancing and formulating creativity throughout the day through their writing skills. The best writers all over the world usually do multitasking while at work. Several areas of the brain are lighted up during writing as one goes through the requirement list and construct the pattern of writing through plan formulation. The main tools that a writer uses while doing their jobs are as follows:

  • Creativity.
  • Endurance.
  • Will Power.
  • Emotions.
  • Foresight.
  • Proper Planning.
  • Decision-making abilities.
  • Concentration.
  • Focus.
  • Memory.

A writer utilizes the brain activities throughout the time when they are doing their jobs. All parts of the brain are utilized to the fullest when they plot storylines, create characters, write novels, do scientific and clinical researches, encrypt historical data, while writing a journal, writing blogs, or any other material which they formulate and write.

The proper functioning of the brain is of utmost importance to all writers all over the world; especially when they are working. The health of the brain is of utmost importance and for this; the neural communication must have an active push which benefits the writers when the appropriate cognitive areas work specifically as required.

The Best Nootropics For Preventing Writer’s Block

PS (Phosphatidylserine)

Multi-tasking by keeping track of multiple characters and storylines at a time is the primary requirement for most the writers. While other writers can actively formulate journals and work on personal memoirs; these are the writers who require critical usage of their memories. PS (Phosphatidylserine) actively helps these writers to help them perform smoothly and operate as required.

Phosphatidylserine helps in the improvement of several cognitive functioning at includes memory recalling which helps in several styles of writing. According to the studies of 2010, the writers consuming Phosphatidylserine showed improved memory scores and functioning. There were several studies made that revealed that Phosphatidylserine was effective in dealing with anxiety levels and feelings which promoted the state of mind to its peak and provided immense productivity to writing. If you want to try it, you can purchase some on this website.

Rhodiola Rosea

RhodiolaRosea effectively helps in increasing the motivation levels in writers to meet the fast-approaching deadlines that they are supposed to meet. RhodiolaRosea, also known as “nature’s energy booster” is a naturally occurring herb and is renowned for its capabilities to lower the stress levels and provide a boost to the cognitive functioning by effectively reducing the cognitive fatigue in writers.

This acts as a brain energizer as per the studies of 2000 which revealed its capabilities to lower mental fatigue and provide an improved mental performance not only in writers but also for all its consumers. RhodiolaRosea also increases mental performance, concentration levels, and short-term memory which serve to be of immense help for writers. There are multiple cognitive benefits that consumers receive through this product; especially the ones trying to catch up with the deadlines while working. For your personal supply check price here.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

The N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is itself a multi-tasked drug that effectively helps in providing a boost to meet deadlines with a combination of cognitive juggle power. This acts as the most brilliant recipe for the elimination of brain fogging and improves the sluggish mental performance. This drug is an enhanced form of Tyrosine that is proven to improve mental performance during an individual’s brain is under stress and multi-tasking at the same time.

The drug helps in supporting the neurotransmitters that burn faster during stress and multitasking. The bounce back capability of a writer is of immense value while they are working on the demanded workloads, and this is the best supplement that enhances the functioning and making it smoother.

Bacopa Monnieri

BacopaMonnieri provides multiple benefits to the writers in different ways. According to research performed, the drug helps in supporting memory functioning, improving cognitive abilities under stress, and balances the mod patterns. The drug helps in increasing the blood levels in the brain which brings in more cerebral oxygen to ensure optimized brain functioning smoothly. Along with enhanced cerebral blood flow, there is an enhancement served to the mood, memory, and clarity in the mental state for every consumer.

The herb effectively works as an adaptogen. This helps in dealing with stress levels and evidence-backed memory support for the writers. BacopaMonnieri is one of the most likely forms of nootropics that is widely familiar among students from all over the world as it provides a boost to the brain functioning during exams writings. If you want to try it, i found this source to be reliable.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

There is enough evidence revealed through studies that a positive mood could bring a lot of creativity to work. Creativity is mainly a result obtained through emotions and positive thinking which helps the people to perform at a better level at the time of introducing creativity. The Lion’s Mane Mushroom helps in the promotion of nerve growth that helps in the enhancement of the autonomic nervous system. The concentration and mood elevation factors are highly affected due to low NGF (Nerve Growth Factor), the Lion’s Mane Mushroom on regular usage brightens the mood and reduces anxiety feelings.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is essential for the maintenance of the brain energy, sharp thinking, positive attitude, and a balanced and healthy memory. The levels of B Vitamins in the human body can be distorted through the consumption of alcohol, aspirin, antibiotics, ibuprofen, and refined sugars. The effective blend of B Vitamins from nootropics provides the necessity towards brain functioning through energy serving and proper blood circulation. The main supplied B Vitamins are Vitamin B9 for sharper mental performance, B12 for blood circulation and energy, and Vitamin B6 for stabilizing emotions and providing a communication balance.


L-Theanine is one of the essential nootropics that writers must consume for better mental performance. This drug can help a writer to excel in the writing abilities as it provides a boost to several cognitive areas of the brain. The Alpha brainwaves are effectively promoted by consuming L-Theanine which provides the brain with relaxation and creativity. According to the studies, it has been revealed that people who operate on the alpha state of the brain, usually undergo reduced stress levels, gains personalized creativity, uplifted self-awareness, balanced mental state, improved work performance, and emotional poise. You can get L-Theanine at this place.

Overall Benefits Of The Nootropics Drugs For Eliminating Writer’s Block

All the mentioned nootropics have been clinically tested, and their benefits are backed up with proven and evidenced benefits. They help in stabilizing mental performance which allows an individual to performs and simplify their multi-tasking capabilities even when they are under stress. This creates a beautiful environment in their minds while working and meeting deadlines. The nootropics impose a sensation of wakeful relaxation in the minds of the consumers that benefit them with an enhanced level of mental performance and cognitive capabilities. Writers can effectively overcome the writer’s blocks and juggle thousands of words in their minds to give their work the most stabilize and at the same time a creative thrust.

Final Word

The writing abilities of a writer are substantially dependent on their brain functioning, both for the left and the right part in coordination. The creativity and logical formulation gain their work the appreciation which they wait to hear. This is efficiently done through nootropics drugs which provide the writers to perform at their best possible level by overcoming all mental barriers and life stress struggles. The essential nutrients are received at the brain through the nootropics drugs that are required for proper functioning and work productivity.

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Top 3 Anti-Inflammatory Nootropics To Boost Your Health

You being here indicates us that your fancy has recently been caught by the immense potential held within the nootropic supplementation market. As nootropic or cognitive supplements, certain drugs have the power to unlock the depths of our potential, allowing us to deal with tasks quicker and in a more sorted manner, score higher on tests and generally live a healthier, physically active life.

If these drugs are so fascinating, you’re thinking to yourself right now, then why haven’t you heard of them before… Right? We’ll tell you. It’s because majority of the research into the benefits of these drugs has only been conducted in the last decade or so, and even that’s largely been done begrudgingly, conservatively and very conceitedly. These factors tell us that doctors have been largely unresponsive towards the advantages that are held within these supplements.

So if your doctors won’t tell you which nootropic supplement you should incorporate in your diet to live a healthier life, who will?

Don’t worry, that’s where we have you covered. Nootropic supplementation has

thorough research studies posted online on various medicinal journals. We read through them so that you don’t have to (even though we recommend that) and provide you with succinct advice about which supplement is required for whichever period of your life you’re struggling through. This list is one such incarnation of the advice. These supplements are essentially a little of the ‘niched’ market that I mentioned above: their benefits are much more holistic and general, to cater to the wide-ranging needs of this premier audience. We’re sure that by the end of this (short) read, you’d have an idea of the kind of nootropic that may work for you.


Yes, the sleep hormone being supplemented through various nootropics can actually be good for you! After all, the very essence of nootropics is cognitive enhancement and memory improvement, along with the secondary benefits that flow from these, including increased self-esteem, confidence and physical activity. Then, the activity that’s responsible for encoding and (literally) rewriting our neural pathways is kind of related to those benefits.

The mechanism of work of melatonin is primarily focused on providing the user with restorative sleep. As most doctors would tell, the level of activity that we’re susceptible to in a day, along with our performance in them, is directly related to your sleep patterns. Then it’s only natural that we realize that sleep quality directly influences the way we’re programmed to think and analyze information. Not to mention, you get to get some quality sleep. Isn’t that a win-win?

Moreover, this nootropic ingredient is becoming increasingly beneficial as artificial lights slowly start surrounding us prior to our sleeping hours – like computers, mobiles, LEDs etc. – and distorting our natural sleeping patterns. Consequently, melatonin secretion by the body has plummeted and hence should be supplemented by alternatives. This is not only likely to allow you to sleep faster but also wake up better refreshed. It has been noted that around 2 milligrams of melatonin supplementation around half an hour prior to sleeping has helped insomnia sufferers fall asleep faster and enjoy an overall better quality of sleep. Think about the dreams you could be experiencing!    I recommend to get it from this source

Bacopa Monnieri

Maybe the reason you’ve come upon nootropic supplementation is because you feel that you’ve always been a little slow in terms of recollection, or maybe you think that age has started to finally catch up with you and you need to take an extra second to recall some address or phone number. Then, Bacopa might just be the nootropic for you!

Traditionally used in various Asian countries as a medicine enhancing cognitive and memory, its supplementation has then been logically found to be linked with boosts to an individual consumer’s short term sensory stores and also the short term memory, improving their selection attention processes and ability to analyze various stimuli at once.

Various studies conducted with people aged over the age of 55 indicated that the consumption of Bacopa lead to increased memory formation and retention, with added benefits to their verbal learning skills (controlled by the area of the brain directly adjacent to the hippocampus). Other studies have been replicated in these lines to conclude similar findings.

These then indicate that while Bacopa can definitely bring about certain short term changes, it’s essentially the long-steady growth that Bacopa Monnieri can provide for you. However, we do recommend that you consult your doctor before including it in your diet as certain side effects may be potentially heightened due to preexisting medicinal conditions. For best price on this supplement, go here.


This one is likely to be a blast for all those young adults who just can’t seem to stop partying. A cure for your introversion and boost to your self-esteem and confidence, so you can finally start talking to those girls. Categorically, it’s defined as an adaptogen, which indicates the potential benefits it can have for a user: increased ability to cope with stress, whether that’s mental or physical.

Moreover, various studies have been conducted on its effects on patients suffering from social anxiety and depression. These have concluded a significant hike in confidence whenever consumption of Ashwaganda were made a regular part of the diets of the people concerned.

Ashwaganda consequently has enormous benefits from people suffering from chronic stress, whether that’s in the workplace or at a competitive school.

Moreover, its link with boosts in serotonin levels in the brain have been identified in studies done on rats, which manifested itself in the prevalence of their increased social interaction. Studies on humans have mostly yielded the same results, however, they often fail to account for the inhibitions a human possess cognitively/socially rather than just biologically or instinctively. This then indicates that the benefits are likely to be potentially higher than measured. Go here for best price.

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The Best Nootropic Stack To Transform You From An Introvert To An Extrovert

Have you ever felt lost at a party? Just that senseless dread of you not belonging there? Wanting to go home, even though you desperately stressed to yourself coming there that you were going to enjoy it? Well, you wouldn’t be alone if you answered yes to any of these questions. Introversion, shyness, peace and quiet are traits preferred by a lot of us. They only become a problem, however, if they come in our way of having a healthy social life. And that’s why we’re here today, to hopefully aid you in your struggle to be as socially amiable as humanly possible!

It’s true and heavily researched that certain drugs or supplements do make you outgoing, but you shouldn’t take the word of a random stranger on the internet.

Instead, what this article aims to push you to do is conduct your own research before making a (well informed) choice about which supplementation programme you wish to follow on a daily basis. Regardless of your choice, do understand that these drugs are only going to be a part of the reason for your success and likeability in social situations… The struggle of actually making good conversation during one? All yours mate. So without wasting any more of your time, let’s hop right into how you can utilize this supplementation to aid you in your journey.

What’s The Evidence?

At this point you may be asking, “You just told me that we shouldn’t trust a guy on the internet, so what’s to say that such ‘foreign chemicals’ in my body wouldn’t do me more harm than good?!” and that wouldn’t be a half bad question. But, first of all, mate, *you* are a composition of foreign chemicals in your body. Every single bit of you is an element on the periodic table. Yeah… Science!

Anyway, these substances are unlikely to do you harm and are actually beneficial because of certain characteristics and effects associated with the ingredients used to make them. These have further been extensively researched to address the very doubts and qualms that you were shouting at me in the last paragraph. So, before we get into our list of top nootropic supplements for your journey towards extroversion, let’s consider in-depth the studies that actually tell us that they’re going to be any good.

Several exploratory behavior studies were conducted on mice and rats to discover the advantageous effects of drugs like adafenoxate (Adf), piracetam (Pc), scopolamine (Scop) and citocholine (CCh). In the preliminary tests, the step-through memory test was utilized which produced surprising results among the scientists studying the behavior. The mice which were adapted to running a set maze had to run a new maze, the structure of which discovered and hence required innovative thinking in some capacity. The time taken to run through this new maze was then recorded, measured and compared. The mean average time of the experimental groups which were subjected to different doses of the drugs, compared to the control group’s results, was lower by almost 7 seconds! Similar studies towards performance enhancement are yet to be conducted on humans – likely stalled due to ethical reasons – but they definitely have been found to be absolutely harmless for human consumption.

Similar studies on the anti-amnestic and anti-addictive effects of ingredients common to most nootropic recipes were conducted on guinea pigs and monkeys – biologically quite similar to humans and also less prone to concerns raised by environmental groups as long as they aren’t harmed during studies. The results were again astounding, animals which were exposed to the particular treatment of various compositions of drugs were found to be significantly less likely to get addicted to the nicotine infused water in their cages. Consecutively, their interaction with other primates of their species was much more visible and overall, their social and psychological state seemed to be much more appealing and stable. Goes to show just how stimulating nootropic supplements can be.

Even though the previous studies are pretty convincing by themselves, it’s a well acknowledged fact among the nootropic supplementation community that L Theanine and Caffeine – simply due to their nature as stimulants and socially acceptable drugs, found quite commonly – have been the most thoroughly researched drugs. Multiple studies have time and again concluded the vast number of benefits that stem from their use, including mood enhancement, boosts in energy, adrenalin secretion (preemptive), exercise-readiness, fatigue reduction, recovery, and decrease in muscle soreness, increased cognitive functioning, memory and what not. The reason we’re not providing a specific study is that there are simply so many of them that the first result to pop up on any search engine after you type “caffeine/L Theanine research” is likely to be a valid source of information. See! You don’t just have to take the word of one random stranger on the internet… You can take the word of multiples of them who agree upon the findings without any vested interests. (Seriously though, that’s what research is).

Top Nootropic Supplements For Your Potential Extrovert

That’s all well and good, I hear you saying right now, but I’ve done my research and I yet can’t come to completely unwavering decision. We understand what you’re feeling right now. A lot of people feel that way even after extensive research, simply because all the products seem so beneficial and list similar yet slightly different target audiences. Indeed, different nootropics cater to different needs of various individuals. However, there are some that you can’t simply go wrong with buying. So, if you can’t really choose a particular drug to help on your social journey, here are some of ones which are simply top of the line in the market right now. You just can’t go wrong with them!

Mind Lab Pro

Truly a product of ingenious design, Mind Lab Pro offers benefits to its users which are likely unparalleled by any other product in the market. Its benefits – aimed at decreasing stress and stimulating one’s personality – include increased memory retention coupled with soaring cognitive ability. This allows the consumer to go on partying (or working) till the early hours of dawn and essentially be the life of the party!

Much has been said about the product to which I simply cannot add without reiterating. Instead, I’d point you towards an article which would likely cover everything you need to know about Mind Lab Pro and also answer all your doubts on the issue. You can find it here Mind Lab Pro Review. Trust us… we don’t just plug random websites.


You might be questioning us regarding our choice to include one of the most common household drugs and stimulants in our ‘top’ list, but we here like to follow the principle of Arkham’s razor. Don’t complicate the simple stuff! Caffeine has been the choice of drug to stimulate bodies and minds for centuries, whether that be early morning to get your day started or midway through the afternoon in order to keep it going. The only possible explanation then stands to reason that caffeine just has been that effective so has to be around for this long.

Its swift effects on the body, primarily the adenosine receptors and transmitters in the brain allows it to deliver results faster than most alternatives that have been developed after this stimulant. You might even be wondering if Caffeine is a nootropic at all and your concerns are justified. The fact is, that its use as an ingredient in many complex and original recipes in products in the nootropic market have further enhanced its effects. However, for someone just starting out on their supplementation and extroversion journey, regular ol’ coffee is as great.  If you get the jitters from regular coffee, but would like to reap the benefits without the negative side effects, i strongly suggest getting a supplement called ” Smart CaffeineHere. It combines caffeine with L-Theanine in the right ratios in a conveniant pill


This one might not be the most obvious item on a reviewer’s list, but then again, we aren’t any conventional panel of reviewers. Creatine has been conventionally used to enhance gains during weightlifting and bodybuilding, especially to allow performers to train for longer by building up their stores of phosphocreatine which is utilized during anabolic glycolysis. Consequently, longer training periods yield higher gains.

However, these benefits do not limit the stimulating effect the stimulant has on the heart, especially the increases in arousal that it leads to within the consumer. Moreover, recent studies have concluded that Creatine (as a supplement) has a lot of additional benefits for users which have simply not been explored at this point. This suggests that while there may be potentially massive advantages to incorporating it as a part of your diet, much research remains yet to be done. You can try a bottle inexpensively from here.

Some of these may include improved reasoning and cognitive abilities while making the user more outgoing. That sure does sound promising if you wish to believe us.
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Can Nootropics Help Control Your Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease causing recurrent attacks during which the air passageways, mainly the trachea and bronchi, swell causing the airways to narrow and reduce the amount of air inhaled or exhaled. This can cause breathing issues, sleeplessness, fatigue, and reduced activity levels and may become worse during physical activity. Symptoms usually differ in severity and frequency from person to person.

If you’ve had to deal with such difficulties before and think that there is simply no solution other than to live with the problems, would you ever be relieved to find out that that simply isn’t true! Science has progressed a lot since its identification of the causes behind Asthma. Several drugs in the market claim to relieve or even prevent a lot of critical conditions that Asthma has the potential to cause. Even though most of them are likely to turn out ineffective, that does not mean that a real product which is worth its salt does not exist. Many nootropics can be a crucial aid in fighting your wretched symptoms. This article explores how.

A Brief About Asthma

The World Health Organisation estimates that around 235 million people suffer from this chronic condition in today’s day and age, likely contributed to by the rising pollution levels in the environment and the stemming climate change. The WHO further notes the disease’s status as being the most commonplace among children. Asthma is also a problem that does not discriminate based on the wealth of the country: more than 4 people out of 5 dying because of Asthma are from middle to low income countries. The Director General of the World Health Organisation, in the 61st World Health Assembly, warned that asthma was on the rise everywhere.

Considering these facts, it’s truer than ever that we need to start implementing solutions within our life that counteract the spread of this horrible plague. One of the simplest things you can do obviously is incorporate a health supplement, or a nootropic if you will, into your daily diet. But how is that going to help, you may ask?

Nootropics That Work!


Tianeptine is a drug which is primarily used to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety in patients. Also known as stablon, it can be a useful aid in treating people suffering from asthma as well. These benefits stem from its various effects on the body which include motivation, arousal, anxiety alleviation, euphoria, cognitive enhancement and rejuvenation.

In a study conducted on 25,000 asthmatic patients with the use of appropriate control groups, introducing tianeptine into the diets of patients decreased the prominence and frequency of their asthma attacks significantly. This seemed to be a consequence of the suppression of serotonin secretion in the blood, which is released alongside catecholamines during an asthmatic attack. It does that by increasing serotonin uptake by platelets and axons in the nervous system. This has an almost immediate relief inducing effect for the users.


Posted on Reddit, user ‘Wizardrous’ comments on how Tianeptine – a nootropic – relived many symptoms of his asthma:

I’ve been taking Tianeptine for the past week for mood support, and ever since I started it I’ve ceased to need my albuterol inhaler; even when I exercise heavily I don’t have asthma attacks. I’ve read about it being an effective treatment for asthma before, but I never realized how amazing it really is. If anyone here has problems with asthma and normal asthma medications cause anxiety for you (albuterol gave me awful anxiety), I’d highly recommend Tianeptine because it not only got rid of my asthma attacks but also helps immensely with my mood!

In the same thread, user ‘Reselection’ posts in agreement:

Tianeptine really just makes me feel as if I do not have asthma… I also notice a more stable and bright mood since taking it for the most part for the last few months.

Side Effects

Although Tinaeptine is safer to most other alternatives present in the market right now, it does have certain side effects that you’d best be wary about. Symptoms of these may include insomnia, constipation, dizziness, low blood pressure, dry mouth and possibly an addiction.


The recommended dosage for the nootropic is take it as a pill at least 2 to 3 times a day in order to witness effective results in the shortest duration possible. Once you’ve incorporated it successfully in your diet, under the watchful supervision of your doctor, you may increase its usage if you feel necessary.

Tianeptine is best not combined with any potential allergies that a user may have. If facing any complications during or after ingestion, do contact your medical practitioner. For the best source of pure Tianeptine click here.

Bacopa Monnieri

Traditionally an Ayurvedic medicine, Bacopa Monnieri is has been historically used to alleviate the problems faced during conditions like memory-loss and anxiety. At some places around the world, it’s also known as “Water Hyssop”. Some of its side benefits further include the treatment of asthma, epilepsy and other related conditions. It has been studied to be concluded as one of the most effective and safest nootropic substances out there.

Potential Side Effects

Bacopa (compressed) is generally regarded as being highly safe for consumption by healthy adults when ingested through the mouth in an appropriate dosage. Some side effects which have been noted by the rare user however include stomach cramps, nausea, fatigue and dry mouth.

Furthermore, the following users would like to take extra precautions during its consumption:

  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women: Enough research has not been conducted to conclude that it’s safe to consume Bacopa Monnieri during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It’d be advised to refrain from it during this period.
  • Slowed heart rate (Bradycardia): People with a slow heartrate may face problems as Bacopa slows it down even further.
  • Gastrointestinal blockage: Bacopa has the potential for causing certain ‘congestion’ in the intestinal tract. This is likely to worsen if the person already suffers from some form of blockage in that part of their body.
  • Thyroid Disorders: People with thyroid conditions or people who take thyroid medications should be wary of consuming Bacopa as it may negatively impact levels of thyroid hormone in their body.


The appropriate dosage of the drug largely depends on factors like the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. However, the natural nature of the product makes it highly unlikely to be detrimental for an appropriate individual’s health. Just in case though, do check with your physicist or a general practitioner before you incorporate it into your diet or if you face complications due to its intake. You can buy it here for best price.


Produced largely by Singulair, Montelukast is a contemporary drug used quite frequently to handle cases of wheezing and shortness of breath caused by asthma and related conditions. It’s often utilized by athletes before exercise in order to prevent breathing problems later, a condition known as bronchospasm. It’s often been noted to significantly decrease the need to use a retainer a number of times in the day for asthma patients. It’s not, however, an immediate reliever and does take a longer duration to have an effect on the body.


The following comments were used to describe a course of Montelukast which the patients had been prescribed to undertake. These have been sourced from WebMD.

I was prescribed Singular for Asthma and in that respect, it was very helpful – my lung capacity was improved as well.
– Lanne9

I had severe allergies to pollen and dust that would trigger swollen eyes, runny nose, and asthma attacks. This medicine, combined with Allegra, has my allergies and asthma controlled completely.
– Chris

THIS TABLET GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK virtually overnight. I’ve had asthma since 4 yr. old, and in last 5yrs developed COPD (emphysema). My asthma has worsened to the extent I was using 1 salbutomol inhaler (200 doses) in just 10 days. After taking my first Montelukast Tablet at bedtime, I woke up following morning without any wheezing. I didn’t need my salbutomol all day. I was even able to go up and downstairs without stopping to get my breath back. This drug is FANTASTIC. I don’t know why I’d never heard of this drug but I’m so grateful the specialist prescribed it to me. I’ve been on it 2 wk. now and everyday I’m finding I can do more and more before getting breathless or wheezy.
– Susan


Usually prescribed and instructed by your doctor, Montelukast is taken via the mouth depending on your medical condition. Chewable tablets are also available and thorough chewing before swallowing is recommended. It’s advised that you take the medication at the same time each day for your body to adapt effectively to its usage and for you to reap the most benefits out of it. For asthma patients, the recommended time is in the evenings while for counteracting allergies, we recommend that Montelukast be taken in the morning.

It’s specifically advised that you do not increase or decrease your prescribed dosage of Montelukast without consulting your doctor first.

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Can Nootropics Help Recovery From Drug Addiction?

You wouldn’t traditionally consider ‘nootropic supplements’ – the focus boosters and cognitive enhancers – to have any place among drugs which can be useful during recovery from addiction, but then you’d be wrong. Increasingly, in the past decade or so, nootropic supplementation has gained speed and money which has allowed much research to be conducted in these previously mysterious and fantastical drugs.

Today, while much ambiguity yet remains, we know that certain supplementation – if taken in the right quantity and dosages according to an individual’s needs – can earnestly hasten the process of recovery. That being said, it’s absolutely necessary to realize that these drugs are called supplements for a reason.

Nootropic supplementation is only useful when coupled with other crucial facets of a healthy life, mainly exercise, sleep and nutrition. If you have this holy trinity in check, then supplementation – nootropic or not – can be beneficial for you. With that (sore but true) point in your head, you can proceed with this read about how and why certain nootropics can be amazing for the process of recovery and which ones they are.

Is It Possible?

As I mentioned above, a lot of research into the field of nootropics is yet inconclusive, largely due to ethical and practical constraints which are involved in monitoring participants for the durations required in order to record changes and potential benefits. In any case, however, samples have shown people suffering from opiate or alcohol addiction to largely benefit in terms of their recovery when nootropics were introduced as the independent variable in the study. Many factors may be contributing to these findings:

Much nootropic supplementation is advertised as cognitive enhancement and a solution for increased focus. Then, nootropics may allow an individual to divert their attention from past habits and focus on creating new ones likely by making oneself realize constantly how such actions on the part of the individual can be beneficial for them.

They are mood and arousal elevators, allowing individuals to feel themselves again and provide them with a renewed energy in their struggle.

This effect may further strengthen their position as antidepressants coupled with other added benefits, hence allowing individuals to have a cost-effective supplementation programme in place within their diet which is also sustainable.

Lastly, nootropic supplementation can decrease the duration of the treatment, especially if all other relevant factors are properly adhered to by a recovering person.

Which Nootropic Supplements Would Be Useful For You?

With all the options out there in the market, you’d have to do some research to determine which nootropic supplementation is best suited to your condition and consequently would reap the most benefits for your overall condition, state of mind and practically, your pocket. Now wouldn’t that be a massive undertaking on your part? Not to worry, we’ve compiled here a list of the top nootropic supplements available in the market right now which specifically cater to people’s need of a proper treatment and supplementation programme for their recovery from various addictions. You don’t need to thank us. After all, we’re just looking out for our community.

Tianeptine Sulfate

Tianeptine Sulfate, a powerful chemical compound, is manufactured synthetically to treat severe depressive disorders. This is the reason for the amazing antidepressant-like effects that it can have for people.

These effects on the human body stem from Tianeptine Sulfate’s potency to increase neurological growth and people’s cognitive ability. This lends it additional neuroprotective abilities which are simply unparalleled compared to other products in the market.

Also known by its brand name – Stablon – it’s often used as a tricyclic drug across the globe to treat for conditions like PTSD, trauma and anxiety. At heavy doses, it can even induce euphoria in its patients, allowing it to often be used for medicinal purposes. I found a trusted source for pure      Tianeptine here

Regardless, as long as the dosage is maintained properly, Tianeptine Sulfate can be a useful supplement for a recovering addict.


In the human body, Phenylpiracetam acts as a stimulant for the sympathetic nervous system, a characteristic trait of the family of drugs to which it belongs: racetam. As you’d have likely guessed, it’s an advanced compound developed from its predecessor: Piracetam.

Not only does it consequently have cognitive-enhancing abilities, it’s also been researched to have links to and potentially improve one’s learning, memory and focus. These factors directly contribute to an individual’s brain death.

Multiple studies have been conducted on the drug revealing its potential for:

  • Improvement in an individual’s memory, attention-switching and problem solving skills.
  • Increased antidepressant hormone generation within the body.
  • Suppression of fear, anxiety and experienced trauma.
  • Reduced effects of continued sleep deprivation of the body.
Many of these effects of the nootropic allow an individual to potentially take up new hobbies, allowing them to replace their old, harmful ones.


Acting as a depressant for the central nervous system (CNS), Phenibut can be a disinhibiting drug, useful for patients suffering from withdrawal conditions in the short-run but is unlikely to be an active support towards your recovery.

Regardless, sometimes you may just require a drug that has a ‘painkiller-like’ effect on your body and Phenibut does exactly that. It causes elevation of anxiety, development of confidence or clarity, enhanced mood and self-esteem, and induced relaxation within the user. These can be vital factors in the process of a speedy recovery. Not to mention, such suppression of withdrawal symptoms might finally allow you to get a good night’s rest. If you want to purchase some, check out this source, very good.


Used for supplementation of modafinil within the body, Adrafinil is a manufactured, synthetic alternative which replicates the functions of modafinil within the human body.

Some of the functions that modafinil and consequently Adrafinil regulates within the body include:

  • The biological clock and times of sleeping and waking.
  • Management of shift work sleep disorder.
  • Suppression of symptoms of depression in risk patients.
  • Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome or excessive tiredness.
  • Drug-induced restlessness or sleepiness

Many combatants of various countries, including the national armed forces, often utilize Adrafinil as a replacement for Amphetamine due to the added potency it can have for regulation of sleep deprivation compared to its traditional counterpart.

Consequently, such benefits can be extremely useful for a recovering addict, especially allowing them to feel more in control of their life and hence develop a heightened self-esteem, something a lot of struggling addicts find quite difficult in early stages of their recovery. I personally use this Adrafinil


Also used in protein powders as a non-dietary amino acid, L-Theanine is primarily developed from plant or fungal extracts. Moreover, it’s even found in health drinks like black tea, white tea or green tea and even certain types of mushrooms.

Owing to its natural origin, it can have truly useful effects on the body, ranging from a reduction in mental stress to boosted mood and decreased dependence on opiates or other forms of addictive substances.

These benefits are likely to directly entice any recovering person who’s currently struggling with withdrawal symptoms. Get yours here


Obviously we understand that you can’t humanly remember all of that information. Hence, for reference by our readers later, this entire article is summarized in the top tips listed below to address this harmful issue in your life.

Never believe someone who says that the entirety of their recovery was possible due to a singular ‘magic drug’. That’s logically and scientifically never the case. Recovery is a strenuous process which would require efforts by you on many frontiers: social interaction, therapy, proper sleep and exercise are some of them. Nootropics, as is the name, are naturally supplements to your journey.

That being said, a very low dosage of Lithium – at around 150 milligrams or less – everyday has been researched to possibly increase the secretion of Nerve Growth Factor, improving cognitive retention and suppressing symptoms of withdrawal.

1200 milligrams of N-Acetyl Cysteine twice a day may help you suppress past habits and symptoms of withdrawal, allowing to adapt to your (hopefully) changed life in an easier manner with less severe consequences for your health.

A proper diet is an integral part of your journey. Though configured for you – guided by your practitioner – it is likely to incorporate some simple carbohydrates, good quantity of roughage or fiber, nuts (low-density lipids and proteins), legumes, plant and/or animal protein, omega 9 and omega 3 fats (Present in Mediterranean foods like Humus and also Peanut Butter).

SAMe (or Ademetionine or Adenosylmethionine), while naturally produced by the body, if supplemented, has been researched to have effects akin to those of antidepressants while also targeting other related issues like anxiety and withdrawal pain in various parts of the body.

Certain MAO-B medications like Azilect can be useful, if your doctor deems them safe and potentially effective for you.

Adequate sleep and exercise, as mentioned before, is crucial but coupled with the proper exposure of oneself to sunlight for the body to generate Vitamin D is absolutely advantageous during this time. Alternatively, supplements and nootropics containing Vitamin D can be useful as well.

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Can Nootropics Improve Your Endurance?

Nootropic supplementation has been time and again researched to find significant benefits for athletes across various sports in terms of their muscular strength, cardiovascular stamina and general overall fitness as well. These comprehensive benefits offered by various nootropics in the market suggest that similar boosts should be experienced by people who plan on consuming nootropics for the potential gains in endurance, whether that’s mental, muscular or cardiovascular. But is that really the case? Not to worry, we’re here to tell you that you aren’t the only one asking that question, and that’s why we had to prepare this small article to discuss exactly how nootropic supplementation can (quite legally enhance your bodies capacity to perform psychologically and physically for longer durations.

Research into nootropic supplementation has only borne new ground in the last decade or so, and hence there’s a lot that we don’t know about what benefits these fantastic, mind-enhancing, body-changing drugs can have for us mere humans.

However, that being said, we do have data from certain sample studies that can be definitively and thoroughly considered in our search for what’s best for our body. All of that has been explored below. We hope you find this comprehensive read helpful.

What’s The Evidence?

After going through the introduction, you might be left wondering exactly how well founded are the claims that nootropic supplement manufacturers and simultaneously, we, are making about these drugs. Well, you don’t have to remain in the dark for any longer. Quite a sufficient amount of studies explored, elaborated and evaluated below are the basis for any of our claims in this article. Rest assured, the last thing we wish is to deliver you any misconceived information. That being said, let’s consider where the data for the benefits that stem from nootropics comes from and what exactly does it say:

Bacopa Monniri is a common nootropic supplement that is presently widely being used. Its success has been due to the conclusive and definitive effects that consumers witness within themselves after consumption. Moreover, a longitudinal study conducted with participants from across the social spectrum (class, gender and ethnicity wise) were questioned and tracked on the basis of the incorporation of Bacopa in their diets. The findings were pretty substantial, detailing how participants who made the drug a regular part of their lives witnessed consistent improvements in mental control, logical processing, reasoning, memory and association power. The best feature about this study is that many of these benefits have been scientifically proven to come from ingredients which are fairly common regardless of the nootropic supplementation that you purchase. This then indicates that you’re likely to similarly benefit from most drugs in the market, as long as you’re careful and thorough about your choice and implementation.

Alpha-GPC is another nootropic supplementation that entered the market fairly recently but due to the hype and sales it generated, quickly became the target of researchers. They expected potential where there was such hype, and they were proven true by the end of their comprehensive analysis of the drug. A double-blind study conducted with a 4 experimental groups – comprising different dosages within a day of Alpha – and a control group was conducted over a span of 3 months. What the scientists concluded was simply astounding. Even though the benefits witnessed were largely similar to the ones mentioned above in the case of Bacopa, their intensity and rate of spread was simply groundbreaking. The people in the study didn’t just get smarter, there IQ points rose by around 10 in just 3 months! It just goes to show how different recipes, regardless of how tapped the market is, can set your product apart as long as you’re innovative and genuine.

This one has had quite a curious history. CDP-Choline was initially tested on animals, mainly rats and Guinea pigs. One of its initial studies were even cheekily named the 7 rat study as most of the scientists in the university where it was being researched simply disapproved of the research. They believed that it was a waste of time, money and the university’s resources to study something simply so extravagant in its claims that it was only common sense that they were untrue. Boy were they wrong! The initial studies on those animals turned out to be an absolute success when the claims that were originally thought to be far-fetched turned out to be true. Consequently, improved studies were conducted on samples of human populace with similarly astounding success. It was discovered in the studies that the improvement in cognitive functioning, capacity to handle stress and even physical fatigue plummeted in participants even after hours of strenuous work. Truly something quite useful for people working long hours in the day, athletes and in today’s day and age (unfortunately) students as well.

Guarana is another drug that, in the nootropic circles and by an increasing number of medicinal practitioners, is recommended for improvements in muscular and mental fatigue, consequently improving one’s endurance. Samples of university students were taken and results were collected during peak stress teams: examinations. It was concluded that the experimental group enjoyed benefits that showed a significantly higher test score compared to the control group. The difference in the mean tests was approximately 4 marks!

Best Nootropics For Endurance Enhancement

That’s all well and good, I hear you say, but that does not help me decide which nootropic supplement I should implement in my daily regime and diet which would suit me best and cater to my needs. Well, considering the factors mentioned in that statement alone, that’s a very personal choice for you to make and we definitely recommend thorough research (experimental or theoretical) to decide upon which nootropic might be the best for you. Regardless, there are some that are simply the top of the line in the market, and that’s because of their extreme potency and usability. Hence, if you simply can’t make a choice based on your personal research, pick one of the mentioned below and you couldn’t go wrong.

S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe)

Largely credited for its mood enhancing and antidepressant-like effects, SAMe is one of the top notch products that’s available in the nootropic supplementation market right now. Although the chemical itself is produced by the liver naturally and such production can be enhanced through regular exercise and a healthy diet, alternative supplementation has been found to be helpful, especially for people expecting quicker changes within their life and to achieve their desired objectives in a shorter time span.

A study conducted on its effects on people suffering from depression and symptoms of hyperstress disorders showed that after a 12 week period of proper and regular consumption of SAMe, feelings of depression and fatigue plummeted within experimental groups by almost 30% compared to the control group who were simply given a placebo treatment. Moreover, the composition of the groups was determined in a double-blind manner.

Other research conducted to further the knowledge held about this drug concluded that the lack of any harmful side-effects was potentially an additional factor in its effectiveness, reducing the tension that would otherwise accompany the consumption of such a nootropic supplementation.

In conclusion SAMe has potent effects for people suffering from depression and mental fatigue and can be quite effective in tackling the situation for people at an increased pace. However, it’s a relatively expensive option for most people and doesn’t really cater to people looking for a physical boost rather than a physical one.There is a supplement company however where it is reasonably priced, check it out here.

Modafinil Or Adrafinil

This is the nootropic that fits the best for you if you clicked on this article looking for a drug that specifically and only catered to the times when you needed that extra push to complete your homework, finish that presentation required the day after and get through an extremely exhausting meeting after a tiring day. Simply put, Modafinil, a naturally produced supplement in the body, is supplemented by Adrafinil – a commercially available alternative – which has the effects of increasing various facets of cognition, motivation, alertness and memory retention.

These factors make it quite a substantial prescription against conditions like narcolepsy. However, that does not mean that you can’t use to for the times when you need the added edge. Its characterization as a medicinal stimulant is a testament to its abilities to boost your bodies’ physical and mental capabilities.

Get the pure supplement online here

Furthermore, it has been effectively concluded that the benefits it packs for people are without the risk of a side effect or even addiction. Talk about that!


Now here’s something for the introverted people for whom, simply being a social situation is exhausting – mentally and physically. This is one of the few nootropic supplements that been extensively studied and proven to be effective in its treatment of such fatigue-prone situations. This has earned it its medicinal categorization as an adaptogen.

Its benefits range from targeting chronic stress and similar disorders of the mind to anxiety reduction, allowing people to be more outgoing and interactive in their engagements. The best of all, its Ayurvedic status deems it absolutely safe for consumption – with 0 side effects – at normal doses. Check availability and price here.

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