Start here if you are a newbie to the nootropic world

Are you planning on taking nootropic supplements for the first time? You may feel that the subject of nootropics seems to be to complex for a beginner, that is no surprise considering the brain’s complexity.

This Beginners Guide to Nootropics is intended to give you an easy to understand starting guide about what nootropics are, how they improve brain power, and where a newbie can find the best nootropic supplement to obtain the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are nootropics?

Nootropics are supplements used to boost brain power. These are available as a single ingredient or stack which combine two or more nootropics in one capsule or pill.

Also known as smart drugs ( even though technically  they aren’t drugs), nootropics work through enhancing diverse brain functions to generate results which you can feel.

Benefits of taking nootropics include improved memory, sharper focus, improved learning and lots of other pro-cognitive effects. Also, nootropics have been suggested to work in ways you do not feel now, but might feel months from now. By supporting brain health, these supplements can promote mental clarity, enhanced long-term memory, among other benefits.

By classification, safe nootropics should be:

  • Supported by clinical studies
  • Clinically shown to benefit your brain in some way
  • Safe to use, posess very low toxicity as well as few side effects

Today, pretty much any supplement associated with brain health is called a nootropic, in spite of whether it meets the real nootropic definition or not.

More than 85 percent different nutrients might be categorized as nootropics. But, the number of substances which work to improve brain health and boost the performance of mind are far fewer.

Do Nootropics Work?

Yes they do, as confirmed by various studies done on animals and humans.

Nootropics help the structure and function of the brain in many significant ways.

A few potentially useful mechanisms of action proposed by experts take account of the following: 

  • Optimize Brain Energy: These supplements support the production of brain cell energy, helping with brain fatigue and brain fog while promoting mental focus and agility.
  • Helps Balance the Chemistry of the Brain: Nootropics optimize chemicals in the brain tied to processing, memory, attention, motivation, mood, and others.
  • Improve Brain Regeneration: Through helping repair, sustain as well as regenerate brain cells, these substances support the health of the brain and long-term memory .
  • Keep Healthy Blood Circulation to the Brain: A healthy cerebral circulation supplies glucose and oxygen utilized to generate brain energy which powers cognition.
  • Protect Your Brain: There are some types of nootropics which neutralize age-accelerating free radicals in your brain while protecting brain structure, ideal for the aging brain.
  • Improve Alpha Brain Waves: These supplements enhance  Alpha Brain Waves, causing relaxation, support creativity, as well as mental clarity. 

Nootropics support your brain in many different ways, generating a wide array of brainpower-improving effects.

Experts have a good idea how Citicoline, a type of nootropic, works to boost brainpower. Some studies have shown that it improves brain power as well as brain regeneration, making it a perfect nootropic for beginners who want better focus or concentration, brain health as well as mental energy.

What Can You Get from Nootropics?

The list of perks of taking Nootropics is long, covering various areas of cognitive and brain health function.

The most evidence-supported nootropic benefits might help with:

  • Mental Performance: Focus, speed, processing, verbal and attention
  • Memory: Long term, short term, encoding, recall, storage, and learning.
  • Mindset: Sleep, relaxation, mood, motivation, creativity and anti-stress.
  • Brain Health: Protection, repair, anti-aging, regeneration.

By improving the overall function of your brain, nootropics are able to give you a boost in life.

Are Nootropics Safe to Use?

Yes they are safe to use. By definition, these supplements cannot be dangerous. Instead, they should protect and improve brain health, or else they aren’t nootropics.

The design and formulation of some supplements might show more risk than the nootropics themselves.

Bad combinations of nootropics, poor quality and incorrect dosage can affect a nootropic supplement’s safety. So, for first-time users, please be aware of inferior, cheap nootropic supplements!  They usually contain lots of fillers, low quality ingredients as well as inadequate safety testing.

On the other hand, the best nootropics are reliable, effective and safe because of their balanced formulation, high-quality ingredients, as well as extensive quality testing. To sum it up, if you take time researching and purchase a superior supplement, a nootropic is exceptionally safe to use and free from unwanted side effects.

What are the ( possible ) Side Effects of Nootropics?

Studies show that nootropics generally are safe to use. But individual experience, as well as sensitivities to certain ingredients might vary. Beginners who are concerned about side effects are advised to find a supplement which has been utilized by many users for years without side effects.

Look for a nootropic stack that has been shown to be reliable and easy to take in human medical tests, and choose one that meets the criteria mentioned above.

Superior nootropic ingredients and well-made nootropic stacks are the most likely to have none, or very few side effects.

Are Nootropics legal?

Nootropics are legal; however, it depends on which one you are taking, and where you live. Different regions have different regulations about nootropic.

If you can purchase your supplement in a reliable store in your country, I guess you can consider that this supplement is legal in your country.

When buying nootropics online, you need to ensure that the manufacturer or the maker addresses legality in their FAQs, preferably with country-specific information.

What Are the Kinds of Nootropics Available?

How many Nootropics exist ? And which are effective ? There are more or less 85 compounds and nutrients which might be regarded as brain enhancing nootropics.

Nootropics can roughly be divided into the following categories:

  • Vitamins

Some necessary essential minerals and vitamins are significant for the overall health of your brain and quick cognitive function.

Vitamins such as the B-complex are considered as nootropics, particularly:

B6: Required to produce brain chemicals which help with anxiety and stress

B9: It helps with the proper flow of blood to your brain.

B12: It helps develop protective nerve sheaths

B-vitamins make sense as nootropics for beginners for many good reasons;

B-complex vitamins are essential foundation nutrients for the nervous system as well as brain health.

What’s more, to support a few basic brain functions, some B-vitamins might aid cognitive performance. Like for instance, Vitamin B6 has been revealed to considerably enhance storage information in adults .

  • Herbs

These have been utilized as cognitive boosters for thousands of years.

Herbs have been around forever, people used them long before the term nootropic was born.  Proven effective and safe by many people through time

. Current extraction technology and potency improving methods make traditional brain herbs even more effective, and safer than ever. Because of these reasons, herbal nootropic supplements are a great starting point for beginners.

Two great nootropic botanicals for noobs to begin with are Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Bacopa monnieri. Both have been used for many years, have amazing safety profiles as well as provide research-supported brain-improving advantages which a lot of beginners are searching for:

Bacopa Monnieri has been revealed to improve higher order cognitive processes that involve turning new info into stored knowledge as well as memories.

The study also suggests, this herb may slow the pace of forgetting new skills, which makes it a renowned nootropic for beginners, especially effective for students.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom has been utilized in traditional herbalism and food for thousands of years. Therefore it has an excellent tolerability and safety profile for beginners. It was found to be involved with something called  NGF or Nerve Growth Factor, and to aid with mood balance as well as age-related cognitive decline.

  • Adaptogens

Adaptogens are an interesting type of herb, cause the mechanism by how they work is quite different from other nootropics .

To act on your brain, adaptogens regulate your endocrine system, aiding to balance the stress response from hormones, so your body and mind can perform better under pressure and adapt to the situation.

Constant anxiety and stress in our fast paced modern world create mental fatigue and brain fog. Adaptogens help to stabilize your mood and stamina, and neutralize the constant drain of stressful living.

Rhodiola Rosea is a perfect adaptogen nootropic for a newbie, with a long background of aiding everyone from athletes to farm workers to keep calm, focused and clear-headed even in stressful settings.

As a whole, this nootropic is a winner for someone needing a quick fix , as it kicks in half an hour later of taking a dose, and lasts up to six hours. So, beginners can feel the effect of this nootropic immediately.

  • Phospholipids

Phospholipids are healthy fats which are utilized as raw components to repair, as well as regenerate cells in your brain. They are necessary for keeping brain cell membranes flexible and fluid.

Strong brain cell membrane function is vital to accurate cell-to-cell signaling as well as overall mental clarity.

In supplement form, phospholipids help to sustain healthy brain levels of the neuro-building block fats, and support the healthy structure of your brain. Some lipids unlock more advantages through helping chemicals in your brain, energy and many others. 

Phosphatidylserine or PS for short is a reliable phospholipid nootropic ideal for beginners, as it is one of the most excellent nootropics for memory, with many pamphlets of research showing it is safe to use and well-tolerated. This is also ideal for beginners as it has been associated with an extensive array of cognitive advantages such as:

  • Memory formation, storage as well as retrieval
  • Focus, concentration, and attention
  • Critical thinking; problem solving and reasoning
  • Verbal and communication ability
  • Sustaining a healthy mood

Phosphatidylserine is one type of nootropic available that does lots of positive things for your brain which can assist beginners in their quest to fine tune their brain.

  • Choline

This is a natural substance which helps your body to regulate and synthesize fats. Like Phospholipids, choline sources support good fats in your brain, which consists of 60 percent fat itself.

Choline sources can provide choline directly, or considerably increase brain choline levels in an indirect way. Nootropics that are related to choline work as one with phospholipids. These are vital for the regeneration and repair of the brain which underlies overall brain wellbeing.

Citicoline is the best choline source for a newbie, because of its remarkable safety background and brain-boosting advantages.

The versatile brain-boosting activities of Citicoline add up to individual research-backed support for mood, memory, as well as mental energy —advantages that any nootropic beginner can realize.

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants aid to protect your brain from damaging free radicals. Unstable molecules which collide with brain cells, harm the membranes as well as accelerate aging.

There are lots of antioxidants which can neutralize these free radicals. However, not all can cross the blood-brain barrier to reach your brain.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract is a great type of nootropic antioxidant for beginners.

Pine bark has antioxidants known as proanthocyanidins that can cross the blood-brain barrier so that they can reach as well as protect your brain. What is more, this also:

Supports nerve development factors and helps secure and relax your blood vessels, for a strong and healthy flow of blood to your brain.

Amino Acids

These are natural compounds and the building blocks of life. The amino acids fulfill a lot of body optimizing functions.

Some amino acids also act like nootropics . They can be utilized as brain chemicals and also be used as a raw component to produce brain chemicals.

There are various amino acid brain enhancers. However, two that stand out as ideal for beginners are:

  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine or NALT: This type of amino acid is drained by anxiety. Low levels of NALT might cause attention issues. This also helps reinstate brain chemicals exhausted by stress and seems to enhance cognition during multitasking, as well as stress- benefits which many beginners search for.
  • L-Theanine: A soothing type of amino acid obtained in green tea is ideal for beginners as well because it has research supported advantages for sleep and relaxation. This is one of the best nootropics to relax.

What Exactly is a Nootropic Stack?

Stacking is the practice of merging specific nootropics which work well on their own, into a single formula which might unlock amazing cognitive benefits.

Like for instance, a memory stack may combine 3 or 4 proof-backed nootropics which aid to support memory in various ways- for a potent memory-boosting effect.

Another memory stack might seek to enhance many aspects of mental presentation at one time, or set brain-boosting activity free by merging nootropics which help each other to function better. Groundbreaking nootropic stacking techniques, as well as experiences, have long been shared on various forums online. Pre-made memory stacks are also on hand to purchase in the form of supplements.

As a Beginner What Must You Consider in a Nootropic Supplement?

If this is your first time in the nootropics world, I recommend to keep these guidelines for choosing the best stack in the back of your mind:

  • Search for Quality: Some scammy or cheaper types of natural nootropics don’t work well, or might have harmful effects. This can be disappointing for beginners, which makes it hard for them to stick with a brain-boosting plan.
  • Research Matters: You can reach the best outcome by utilizing only tried and true nootropics supported by real human studies, as opposed to “popular” products which may or may not provide benefits, and are just well known because of extensive marketing efforts.
  • Sensible Stacking: Once you begin with a nootropic stack, ensure there are rational reasons as well as a convincing practice for combining several nootropics, keep away from products that have haphazard stacking strategies. In case the producer does not clearly state the combinations of nootropics in the supplement, then perhaps it is a product which a beginner must avoid. 
  • Keep Away from Stimulants: Caffeine stimulants boost alertness, however, they aren’t real nootropics. Even worse, they can mask the real effects of nootropics you’re taking, which make it hard for you to know if  and how well they’re working or not. 
  • Clean Label: It is hard for a beginner to know sensitivities to these supplements- however some companies make it even trickier by utilizing artificial coloring, GMOs, allergens, and preservatives. Beginners must make sure to acquire pure and safe nootropic benefits.
  • Guarantees: A beginner has no idea how he or she will respond to a supplement. It is a smart idea to buy a supplement which has a money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the results and want to return it to the merchant.

Best Single Nootropic for Beginners

Cognizin® Citicoline

If this is your first time to nootropics, perhaps Cognizin® Citicoline is the best single nootropic for you to take.

Citicoline is a versatile, and multitasking nootropic that can boost various brain functions with lots of clinical research-supported benefits for:

  • Attention
  • Mental energy
  • Overall cognition
  • Memory

This can also help with the regeneration of your brain, helping to promote mental sharpness and optimize brain health.

A high-quality nootropic with good benefits and no harmful effects.

What Are the Best Nootropic Stacks  for Beginners

  • Mind Lab Pro

Pre-made nootropic stacks can provide the powerful brain booster effects of stacking without the indefinite variables of self-experimentation. These nootropic stacks are most likely the best way for you to begin taking nootropics, if you purchase the best one.

Mind Lab Pro features ten of the brain-boosters suggested in this article for nootropic noobs. Mind Lab Pro is the best stack for beginners in my opinion, the formula contains:

  • Cognizin® Citicoline
  • Phosphatidylserine (PS)
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine:
  • L-Theanine
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Vitamin B6, B9, and B12

What does the Mind Lab Pro stacking approach mean for beginners?

With one supplement, you can experience the many possible brain boosting advantages of this supplement.

However, what good is a nootropic when it comes with harmful side effects which make it unfeasible to take? As a beginner, you need to take precaution when you are starting with nootropic supplements, since you don’t know  how your body is going to react to the ingredients.

That is the reason why Mind Lab Pro is manufactured only with the highest quality ingredients, which have been shown to be effective and safe without undesirable side effects. It is also considered the cleanest supplement available on the market right now.

Starting with Mind Lab Pro will aid beginners to acquire the most excellent short-term as well as long-term results for mental power, while building and optimizing brain health in general.

You can check out Mind Lab Pro Here

Qualia Mind

Made by the Neurohacker Collective, this nootropic stack has seen many changes. It features nootropics such as L-theanine, caffeine( a caffeine free version is also available ), and twenty-one other essential substances. Qualia Mind has emerged with a status of being one of the most excellent nootropic stacks available.

Qualia Focus is the “smaller brother” of Qualia Mind, a few ingredients are missing, but it costs only half the price of Qualia Mind.

  • Strengths and Key Features

Taking this nootropic allows you to get these amazing benefits:

  • Improved focus, clarity as well as fluidity
  • Improved empathy as well as alertness
  • Improved willpower
  • Reduced procrastination
  • The effects last up to six hours with a single dose.

Qualia Mind Unique Ingredients

What sets this nootropic super stack  apart from the rest is that it features many of the finest ingredients in high quantities such as:

  • Nootropic Compounds: Responsible for boosting cognitive brain functions.
  • Neuro-Vitamins: Ensure your nervous system is continuously being replenished.
  • Antioxidants: Offers cellular repair as well as decrease the effects of decline, slowing down chain reactions started by extremely reactive free radicals generated inside your body.
  • Adaptogen Extracts: These improve human cells vitality and longevity.  Qualia Mind comes with ten different extracts that promote longevity as well as raise energy levels.
  • Amino Acids: These are building blocks of life.
  • Choline Donors: Unique form of neurotransmitters which governs neuro-motor functions as well as connections.

For an Extra 15% off the price of Qualia Mind or Qualia Focus, you can use my Coupon Code ” REALNOO” at checkout. You can get Qualia Mind here . Or try Qualia Focus here.


Mind Lab Pro and Qualia Mind offer the finest nootropics for beginners in one secure, convenient stack.

There’s so much to get from nootropics. However, for beginners like you, you might have been put off by supplements which have harmful effects or didn’t work.

That is why it is vital to begin your brain-boosting journey the right way, with superior, real and high-quality nootropic stacks which are proven to work.

Mind Lab Pro®is a 100 percent brain-boosting stack that contains powerful nootropics shown to be tolerable and safe — an important advantage for the first timer who wishes to unleash ultimate mind performance with no jitters, crashes or other bad side effects.

Qualia Mind is also a great choice, as it provides many benefits due to the powerful integrated ingredients not available in other nootropic stacks.  If you want to try Qualia Mind but think the price tag is to steep for you, they just released a smaller brother called Qualia Focus, with almost the same ingredient list, but for half the price!

While these two are best for beginners, each and everyone can benefit from Qualia Mind and Mind Lab Pro — they work for everybody, safe to use, and fit any active lifestyle.

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