Centrophenoxine also known by the name Meclofenoxate (brand name Lucidril) is an excellent dietary supplement for treating Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia. It has acquired a wide popularity because it has the potency to meet the high expectations of the users.

About Centrophenoxine

Centrophenoxine is a magical dietary supplement and a powerful nootropic drug. Apart from being an excellent memory booster and mood enhancer this drug also possess anti aging properties. It works like magic in elderly patients and has been clinically proven very useful in stimulating the memory and general cognition and thus has accumulated numerous positive and encouraging reviews. Though it is generally considered as a dietary supplement but it also advised as a prescription drug in many countries.

It has similar properties like Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter for improving learning and memory issues. It’s the ester of pCPA(4 –Chlorophenoxyacetic acid) and DMAE(dimethylethanolamine).

Does Centrophenoxine Work?

Centrophenoxine works like wonders. Numerous Centrophenoxine reviews are there that features stories of the people using it and has experienced incredible results. I have been using it for my father for quite some time now for the treatment of dementia and yes I can recommend this drug with closed eyes. This drug is the result of time tested scientific researches and thus is very much trustworthy.

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My Personal Experience With Centrophenoxine

As stated earlier my father is taking this drug for quite some times now and believe me he is much better now. We were shattered when our doc said that my father is developing dementia. He is 55 now and an average of the males at this age can develop dementia. He kept on forgetting things within seconds, repeated doing a single thing several times, most of the times he was experiencing drowsiness and eventually became very fidgety. First we were giving him the usual dementia meds but little did he recover until one of my friend suggested this drug to us and we started giving it a try.

It has been one year now that he is taking this as a dietary supplement and we have seen a lot of changes in him now, he is much active now and can do things on his own.

Benefits Of Centrophenoxine

Some of The Benefits Include:

  • It protects the nerve cells from oxidative damages caused due to the exposure to toxins or stroke. It also reduces the damages caused due to the free radicals thereby improving the overall deficits in memory and cognitive functions.
  • It improves learning abilities and is a great mood enhancer. It reduces stress and anxieties.
  • It serves as an excellent anti ageing drug and also enhances the actions for various cancer drugs.

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How Does Centrophenoxine Work?

It is a modified version of DMAE. It has better absorption ability across the brain-blood barrier. It increases the acetylcholine activities in the brain and thus improves the alertness, attention and mood. There are actually two theories of the mechanism of this drug. The first is that it breaks down into Choline in our brain that naturally leads to Acetylcholine conversion. Or secondly it converts into a phospholipid which is used to make Acetylcholine.

Why Is Centrophenoxine So Popular?

If you are wondering what makes this drug a so popular one, it is because of its effectiveness and abilities to meet expectations. It has fantastic testimonials about its effectiveness doing rounds all over the internet. As you can find in numerous reviews, that this drug can give you long term benefits without any severe side effects. Apart from the users’ praises, this drug has also become one of the favorite choices of the doctors and nutritionists that have added to its popularity.


What Do Scientists Have To Say About Centrophenoxine?

Human studies have shown that this drug intellectually restores well being. It is effective in reducing the lipofuscin deposits in the brain cells thereby improving the mental capacity. Scientists also assure that the decrease in the RNA with age is successfully reversed with this drug by increasing the protein turnover in the body.

What Is The Recommended Usage Of Centrophenoxine?

For young and healthy adults the recommended usage is 1 to 2 tablets of 250mg per day. But elderly patients with gradual mental deterioration need 3 to 6 250mg tablets per day. It is recommended to take the tablets with breakfast or lunch to avoid any sleeping problems.

What Are The Ingredients Of Centrophenoxine?

DMAE is the active ingredient of Centrophenoxine. Other ingredients include gelatin, cellulose, Magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide. It does not contain wheat, soybeans, eggs, dairy, peanuts, or fish and is also gluten free.

Where To Buy Centrophenoxine?

Centrophenoxine falls under cholinergic compounds and sold under the brand name Lucidril. You can purchase it online or offline over the counter. However if you want to make an online purchase, make sure you buy it from an authentic website to get the real product. I found a real good and cheap brand here


Final Verdict

Centrophenoxine has always surpassed the users’ expectations. If you really want to boost up your memory and cognitive learning abilities then you must try this product. This product has millions of positive reviews and no one can just ignore praises after using this product.

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