Thanks to human nature to learn more and progress faster, we have been making great advancements to ensure the better working of the brain. There are a lot of researches going on to understand and develop nootropics drugs that can enhance the human brain’s functioning. Following are some interesting myths that revolve around nootropics.

Scientifically Proven Effects of Nootropics

There are people who are trying to make nootropic drugs a ‘thing of the modern age’. They often say that these drugs are developed after years of research and testing which is not true. Most of these drugs don’t even see a clinical trial before being available in the market. You simply cannot trust what the seller is telling you about these drugs.

Overnight Jump in Intelligence

Have you seen the movie Limitless? The drug used in the movie sounds very much like nootropics but that is not how things work in real life. Any ability enhancing drug can take days if not weeks to show any significant change in your personality.

With Nootropics There is No Need Of Healthy Lifestyle

There is a misconception that nootropics can replace the healthy lifestyle and you can eat anything, have irregular sleep cycles and avoid exercise without hurting your body.

Smart drugs can improve your performance but that does not mean you can use them to replace a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating habits, good sleep, and regular exercise.

Nootropics Are 100% Safe

Yes, most of the nootropics are plant extracts but that does not make them 100% safe for human consumption. There can be 10s of different chemicals in that particular plant which can cause an allergic reaction in your body. It is advised to talk to a doctor before you start any of these drugs.

The Expensive the Better

There is yet another misconception about nootropics that if it is expensive only then it is good for your brain. It is a completely false assumption.

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There are a lot of nootropics drugs that can be derived from plants at a very affordable cost and the final product is cheaper as well.

Nootropics Can Cure Diseases Like Alzheimer’s

There has been no conclusive study to date which shows that any available nootropic drug can cure Alzheimer’s. Indeed a handful of nootropics can slow down the cognitive decline of the body because of the old age or improve memory function but they cannot cure any disease. However, because of their properties, they can help in managing Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Some of the nootropics have shown positive results in managing dyslexia as well.

Take Nootropics Anytime In Any Quantity

This is one of the widely spread and in fact the most dangerous misconception about nootropic drugs. Any medicine is safe only in a limited dosage that too as prescribed by a professional. Nootropics are plant extracts but they are refined to act as supplements to enhance brain functions. Only a limited dosage of such supplements is safe for human consumption.

Nootropics can bring a wave of change in your to a certain level as they help in focusing but that does not mean that these are miracle drugs. You cannot expect a sudden change in your brain activity and it may take a few days to a few months to experience the actual difference.

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