In this era, everyone is out to make their lives better each day. People are working hard, sleeping late, waking up early, and using supplements to enhance their brain activity. What many people forget is that there is something that is much better and essential than all they are doing; having enough rest at night.

Sleep is crucial for development and healthier brain functions, but many people take it to be a ‘time-waster.’ During sleeping hours, the body gets the chance to replenish naturally and prepare for the next day. However, people are finding ways to deviate from what is natural.

What Is Deep Sleep?

When one gets a sound sleep, there are two stages of sleep. We have the rapid eye movement (REM) stage and the non-REM stage. The non-REM phase has different stages, but the last one is what we call the deep sleep.

Deep sleep is that time when the brain waves frequency is at the lowest point and the most challenging time to wake up. At this time a person is entirely out of touch with the environment. When a person sleeps, they need around four or five complete sleep cycles. Therefore, it means that you need to sleep for at least six or nine hours. Without enough deep sleep, trouble that affects your health will set in

How To Ensure That You Get Deep Sleep

Stick To Your Schedule

There is nothing more important than a great sleep schedule. It creates a routine that the body adjusts to and it becomes easy to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up when the time comes. If you sleep for seven hours, ensure the sleeping time and waking up time is consistent every time.

Establish a Routine For Transitioning

Your days can be busy, and you will still need to do a few things before you go to bed. Different people have different transitioning routines. For some, it is brushing their teeth and others it is washing their face. Following such habits helps the mind to know it is time to sleep.

Ensure That Your Beddings Are Comfortable

Comfort is crucial when you want to get a perfect night’s sleep. If you are not comfortable, you will keep tossing and turning in bed. You will be incapable of falling asleep because of the discomforts. The reason may be your mattress, your pillow, the temperature in the room, and so on. Therefore, ensure that your body is comfortable so that you can fall asleep and stay asleep.

Eat a Banana or Drink a Glass of Milk

Drinking a glass of milk is a trick that is ancient but still works wonders. If you have outgrown the ritual of drinking milk before bedtime, grab a banana. Bananas and milk have a substance called tryptophan. This ingredient helps with increasing serotonin levels which promote healthy sleep and enhances one’s moods. Bananas also have melatonin that serves the same purpose of helping you get better rest.

Turn Down Bright Lights an Hour Before You Go to Bed

Powerful lights have a way of activating the mind. They cause us to stay awake for more extended periods without falling asleep. Also, after putting out the lights, do not power devices such as your phone, computer, tablets and so on. They will cause your brain to be very alert.

Do Not Work Out Before Bedtime

One of the benefits of working our as you prepare for your day is that it helps with fats break down to produce energy. The energy is what we use to carry us throughout the day. When you work out there will always be a release of energy. When you have all this energy in you and an activated mind, the chances of falling asleep quickly and effortlessly are slim. In turn, you will not get adequate deep sleep.

Avoid Stress

Stress is the number one enemy of sound sleep. It keeps your mind active because you are always thinking. When you do not have a general feeling of wellness, sleeping becomes impossible. Even when you fall asleep, you will not experience deep sleep. Therefore, do everything to avoid stressful situations or find ways to cope with such conditions. This way, you will have an easier time falling asleep.

Advantages To Your Brain

Promotes a Feeling of Wellness

Your mental health will be significantly affected by lack of enough sleep. Without sufficient deep sleep, a person will experience a heightened feeling of stress and anxiety. In turn, one ends up being unproductive during the day.

Sharpens The Memory

With deep sound sleep, you will be able to fight the aging factor as you relax. Studies also suggest that a sound sleep enables the brain to stay alert and sharp. It also enhances your ability to remember information. Therefore, as you age and start to find it difficult to retain information, relax your mind. Science shows that there are changes that happen to the brain when one sleeps. These changes help to cause memories to last longer. Typically, brain cells are strengthened, and the transfer of information becomes better.

Makes Your Mood Better

A well-rested person has better moods than the one that did not have enough rest. A study conducted in September 2015 on a small group of individuals showed that without enough sleep, less stressful situations felt too intense for a person. Other than that, without enough sleep, it became a lot harder to control one’s emotions.

Helps With Decision-Making Processes

When the brain is tired, it can hardly put things in perspective so that you can make better and informed decisions. Because of the mental and physical exhaustion, your brain can miss essential factors that can guide you. But a rested mind is an asset to a person.

It Helps With The Learning Process

Have you ever tried to solve a problem but could not do it. After you had a good night rest, you woke up with the answer in you? Science shows that when a person sleeps, the brain is capable of coming up with new information and answers. The reason is that the brain can gather pieces of information while you sleep to create something new or lead you to a solution. A perfect example is with what happens with artists. After a sound rest, most wake up with an excellent idea for their next piece of art.

Other Health Benefits

Growth And Development

It is during deep sleep that the body experiences growth and development. The growth hormone is released when one is in a deep sleep. That is why a lot of bodybuilders used to take GHB for better rest. The growth hormone is also crucial for tissue repair. That is why we know that sleep is vital for the body to repair itself and replenish.

Helps With Weight Loss

This advantage is one that a lot of people do not explore. Studies were conducted on people who wanted to shed excess weight. Those that had enough rest shed more fats. On the other hand, those that did not shed more of their muscle mass instead of fats. In as much as both groups dropped the excess weight, shedding off fats is better than shedding off muscle mass. Also, when you do not get enough rest, the studies showed that one felt more hungry.

Improves Our Quality of Life

When you are well rested, your body recovers from the day’s exhaustion. It powers up for the next day so that you can wake up feeling energized and ready. When you wake up feeling good, you will be productive the whole day. There will be no sleep build-up as the day goes on because you got enough deep sleep. However, with little sleep, you will wake up feeling sluggish and with low energy levels. In the cause of the day, there will be sleep build-up. That is when you end up crushing and falling asleep on the job. Ultimately, you become less productive. If you are less productive, your life quality goes down.

Helps Foster Healthy Relationships

When your mentally and emotionally healthy, you will be able to attract healthy relationships and build them. We have seen the essence of deep sleep and how it helps with your mood. When your mood is excellent, your attitude towards life and people will be positive. This is what will attract them. If your mood is terrible, no one will want to come around you.


Deep sleep is imperative for your well being both mentally and physically. Instead of finding other means of enhancing your brain function, get enough deep sleep. It will contribute to your general health without any risks or effects. Do not sleep too much or for very few hours because both extreme sides are unhealthy. At least six hours or at most eight hours will be perfect. You will see changes in you that you will love.

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