You have to move swiftly through meetings and appointments. You have to get more clients and close deals. From bringing the children from school to getting to work on time every morning, such a hectic routine can bring your energy levels lower than ever. This is the same for everyone around you: from your colleagues to your family.This article is about chronic fatigue and how you can cure chronic fatigue with the help of Nootropics.

The hectic lives we are leading today leads to the development of chronic fatigue in our minds. It is inevitable for people living in today’s times to develop a kind of mental fatigue. 

Chronic Fatigue: Causes, Symptoms And Effects

Chronic Fatigue is a mental disorder which is weakening and effects multiple systems in the human body. Chronic Fatigue is very different from regular forms of tiredness, which it is often mistaken for. Chronic Fatigue is a ruinous sickness which can suck the life out of a person which causes lack of energy, no motivation to work and hence less productivity. It can occur to even the strongest and the most active of people.

There are people who explain the symptoms and causes of mental fatigue as fighting an illness which results due to ageing or other non-malignant causes. Not fighting these symptoms can lead one to an unproductive and unmotivated state. On the other hand, one can also come across fatigue if they follow a regular hectic routine which can lead to feeling lethargic and exhausted all the time or being mentally and physically tired in some situations.

While not strictly categorised as a disease by the experts, Chronic Fatigue is more than just a small setback to a person’s life. Chronic fatigue could become a crippling disease if not treated immediately.

It can be devastating for families, work life and other extracurricular actions.

If you would like to know the exact reason for your Chronic Fatigue then you should consult a Family doctor who has your medical history. Even though the most common reason for fatigue is a hectic lifestyle, some medications and other factors can also contribute to the same.

Factors Contributing To Chronic Fatigue


There is a pretty famous saying that goes like, “You are what you eat”. This is especially true in the case of Chronic Fatigue. If you regularly consume foods that are deficient in the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary to your body then you can get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Your body constantly craves a right balanced mix of different kinds of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients and when it doesn’t get the appropriate supply through proper diet, then you experience Chronic Fatigue. Vitamin and Mineral deficiency can cause your energy levels to be constantly low and deficiency of vitamins like vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron and Folic Acid can cause regular exhaustion which are causes of Chronic Fatigue.


One of the most contributing factor to diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the lack to activity in the human body. Your body needs to be actively functioning to fight against Fatigue and to stay energised regularly. On the other hand, if you constantly overwork your body then it can also lead to Fatigue as over exercising leads to exhaustion in the body. Remember to constantly exert your muscles regularly to fight off Chronic Fatigue and become more active as not exerting your muscles to its appropriate strength can rob you of energy.


One of the more well known and obvious reasons of Fatigue that you may be well aware of is the lack of proper sleep. In today’s hectic lifestyle, one tends to lose many hours of sleep in order to get more work done in the twenty four hours a day allotted to us. Working multiple shifts, being busy all the time, using electronic gadgets and staring at screens all the time robs our body of the necessary hours of sleep it needs to rejuvenate itself. There can be more serious problems affecting your sleep like acute and chronic insomnia, acid reflux and sleep apnea which should be checked for if one tends to not sleep well.

Fighting Chronic Fatigue With Nootropics

Now that we know about most of the causes of Chronic Fatigue, we should look at the ways of solving the problem. To our good fortune, in a majority of cases of Chronic Fatigue, Nootropics can provide a reliable antidote to chronic fatigue and also to the list of symptoms it comes along with. Nootropics are used widely by people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to fight off the symptoms and to recover from the Syndrome.

Nootropics tend to increase the brain’s performance and give one an initial high where one feels good for the moment. But if one pushes themselves too hard during this initial burst of energy then they could come crashing down with the side effects of Nootropics in a few days.

To keep your energy levels uniformly high and to avoid crashing down, you should follow a similar routine to the one mentioned below.You should begin taking nootropics with a simple nootropic stack like Piracetam and Choline. As Piracetam is one of the most safest nootropic drug on the planet as it is well tolerated amongst the majority of users. You can buy Piracetam and Choline online from various nootropics suppliers from United States or abroad.

Pramiracetam is legal to purchase and consume without a prescription so you needn’t worry about getting a prescription. Choline is just in the complex B family of Vitamins and it contributes to the functioning of a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine. Once you start taking this nootropic stack and start noticing improvements in your cognitive ability, then you can SLOWLY start to increase dosage to incrementally ramp up your cognitive output.

Your cerebrum will feel stimulated, if the nootropic stack will be functioning as intended for you. This will make you need to be physically dynamic. In any case, you should comprehend that in the event that you haven’t solved the issues causing your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (the Epstein Barr Virus has been assaulting your thyroid gland, as ONE case of what occurs in a few people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), despite everything you will crash the following day, or in the coming days. So – relax. On the off chance that you would like to do a specific errand, beyond any doubt, do it, however do it gradually. Try not to try too hard. You are not even better, you’ve simply controlled your cerebrum to have practical vitality for the present.

Quit taking nootropics following seven days. Give yourself a rest. As I said earlier, you’ll be putting the body through effort it probably won’t have the capacity to support, and in the event that you begin exhausting your body’s vitality framework, similar to your adrenal organs, when you’re not ready to physically manage it, you may come smashing down hard in the exact not so distant future. Take seven days off, and after that cycle back on (begin taking them once more).

Can you try other Nootropic Stacks? Yes! If you think that the particular Nootropic stack mentioned above is not functioning to you as you want, you can try a new Nootropic Stack. Read the Mind Lab Pro and Qualia Mind nootropic reviews on our website. Both of them have reports of helping people fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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