When you think of it, quitting a marijuana habit seems quite simple. Just don’t smoke it anymore right? And for many people that is indeed all there is to it. Great news for them. But there are plenty who just fail to kick the habit. They either fall back into relapse, or they just can’t seem to quit at all. And these are times they know that it’s time for change in their lives.

The ability to quit weed successfully depends on many factors. Some might argue that it’s all a question of will power but I dare to differ. In fact,will power has nothing to do with it.

A very important one is the environment you live in. Is it easy to get to weed or other drugs? How many of your friends and family are smokers? When most people you know smoke cannabis, the change to a sober lifestyle is all the more difficult.Because one important point in stopping to smoke marijuana is staying away from the temptation.

Another factor is how long and how much marijuana you use. For occasional smokers there is most of the time no reason to stop. It’s the chronic smokers that have all the more reason to stop. That’s where the problem lies. When weed has become a part of your life, like taking your dog for a walk,it has probably shaped the way you think.

Mostly, when a person quits weed, they have to cope with a new perception of life and that is where the challenge lies. A challenge that can’t be overcome alone. Help is needed. Rehab, therapy and alternative solutions like hypnosis, that are laughed at by many, suddenly become serious options.

Nothing wrong with that too, they’re all means to an end. But many weed lovers won’t have the money to pay for that. Or better said, no pothead will see the value of it right away. That’s because all decision making is ruled by marijuana (or the lack of it). That’s why it’s not so easy to quit weed.

Nootropics That Can Help You To Quit Weed

A Nootropic drug can be defined as the kind of drug which is used to effect some parts of the human brain. They are compounds which affects the Central Nervous System in human beings to regulate the supply of certain neurochemicals in the brain. Nootropics can help a person to quit weed by offering them gain more self control and willpower as well as by reducing the withdrawal symptoms of Weed. Here are two Nootropic Drugs which are useful for people who want to quit marijuana.

Rhodiola Rosea

Two researches directed in 2011 and 2012 in Italy demonstrated that Rhodiola Rosea is perhaps a literal lifesaver for smokers, the examinations indicated it eased a portion of the depression and physiological side effects that are related with smoking addiction hence stopping smoking.

The potential advantages of rhodiola for one who is stopping smoking are many. To start with, rhodiola may decrease withdrawal side effects. In an examination done on mice who had framed a nicotine reliance, concentrate of rhodiola rosea was hinted at to diminish withdrawal showed after discontinuance of nicotine organization.

While this investigation was not done on people, it shows guarantee that rhodiola will help in the decrease of withdrawal side effects in the wake of stopping smoking.

Second, Rhodiola may likewise counter the impacts of weight gain related with stopping smoking. In addition to the fact that it reduces levels of the pressure hormone cortisol (high cortisol levels result in an expansion in paunch fat) it likewise consumes existing fat. Rhodiola does this by assembling unsaturated fats from fat tissue and actuating fat lipase, a catalyst expected to consume fat that is put away by the body and stored. You should take around 200 – 600 milligrams of Rhodiola to quit smoking every day. Pure Rhodiola can be purchased here.


Oxiracetam is also known as the Discipline Molecule. This unobtrusive nootropic medication isn’t extremely animating yet it gives you a recognizable lift in self control for 4-6 hours. On the off chance that your smoking backslides happen toward the finish of a long day when you’re worn out and your willpower is not that strong is, dosing some Oxiracetam toward the evening may have a major effect.

Oxiracetam is one of the racetams, and is basically not quite the same as piracetam because of a solitary hydroxyl group. It is likewise utilized for nootropic purposes, for example, improving learning in understudies or averting against psychological decay. Like all different racetams, it is a manufactured particle that isn’t found in sustenance sources or in nature. One should take no more than 500 – 1000 milligrams of Oxiracetam daily to help them in quitting marijuana. Check for best price 

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