According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every day over 153 people die due to a traumatic brain injury in the United States.

A person surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can face its effects for a few days or the day till they die.

The most common conceptualization of Brain Trauma is a type of brain damage arising from a hard fall or an accident or crash which can cause significant memory loss or other brain related problems. But unfortunately for some patients, brain damage can occur from sources far less severe than the ones mentioned above.

In reality, a majority of Traumatic brain Injury (TBI) patients get the disease as a result of consuming large doses of recreational drugs or substance abuse of some sort. Alarmingly, substances like Alcohol and other recreational drugs can cause major brain injury when over consumed.

Because of these reasons, millions of patients and doctors practicing alternative medicine techniques have been searching for treatment in natural nootropic supplements to cure the effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Effects Of Traumatic Brain Injuries And Concussions On The Brain

When a person is hit on the head then the injury sets off a chain of chemical reactions inside their brain. The neuron depolarization in the brain which is responsible for sending electrical currents through neurons of the brain is affected. The chain of chemical reactions also affects the release of neurotransmitters that are responsible for excitement and causes changes in the metabolism or digestion of Glucose in the body.

A traumatic Brain Injury also causes changes in blood flow inside the cerebrum and also the axon function in the brain is affected which is responsible for transmitting information to different neurons, muscles and glands in the body.

A Traumatic Brain Injury more often than not results in the stretching of the Axons inside the cerebrum of a person. This stretching of the axons causes ionic flux depolarisation which causes delayed electrical signals in the brain and it also causes calcium influx and swells the mitochondria. Along with these effects, a Traumatic Brain Injury can also result in the compaction of the skeletal structure responsible for supporting axons.

As a result of these changes in the brain due to a Traumatic Brain Injury, patients can suffer from permanent physical or mental disability. Along with the common symptoms, Traumatic Brain Injury sometimes causes polytrauma which means that the patient can suffer from other disabilities due to Traumatic Brain Injuries. Patients who seem to be recovered from traumatic Brain Injury can also suffer from some long term effects / symptoms of Traumatic Brain injuries that never go away.

Nootropic Supplements As A Treatment For Traumatic Brain Injuries And Concussions

Nootropic Supplements are a type of drugs which can increase cognitive functions like memory, creativity, motivation and most importantly executive functions in the human body. They can be obtained from artificial as well as natural sources.

The Food and Drug Administration Of United States of America (FDA) put out a warning back in the year 2014 warning patients against using any dietary supplements for curing Traumatic Brain injuries.

According to the warning published by the FDA, dietary supplements have no scientifically proven cure towards brain damage, specifically Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Nootropic Drugs Which Can Reverse The Effects Of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

There are some nootropic drugs which are proven to work for patients for multiple symptoms. These drugs can also be used to reverse the effects of traumatic brain injury and concussion with nootropics. Here is a list of some of the most popular nootropic drugs used to reverse the symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussions:-

Oxiracetam – Part of the popular “racetam” family, this medication is valuable with the end goal to help individuals who are battling with cerebrum injury or some likeness thereof. That medication was purposefully made for the reason and has been recorded and considered for that reason too. Remembering this will have a major effect for reversing the effects of injury identified with either substance misuse or blackouts. I recommend this supplement.

Bacopa Monnieri – If you are simply beginning with nootropics and you would prefer not to bounce into a manufactured item immediately, you’re not the only one patient out there with this mindset. There are a lot of new individuals to smart medications who want to utilize something common like bacopa monnieri. This has been the most loved local Indian Ayurvedic drug since long back and it will expectantly have major effects for you too. Buy it online

Huperzine A – This is a famous smart nootropic drug among individuals who would like to be better lucid dreamers. Yet it can likewise help with cerebrum injury and turning around a portion of the negative symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury. In the event that you are beginning with a completely new cycle of treatment for your brain, it is a smart thought to try the drug Huperzine A. (Check best price here ). It is a concentrate from an alternate plant that can have a huge range of advantages and in addition it can also help clear the symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries.


Nowadays, the usage of nootropic drugs and homemade herbal remedies for treatment of various diseases has become more commonplace. This method is especially more effective for patients trying to reverse the effects of traumatic brain injury and concussion with nootropics. As till right now, there have be no particular advancements in the pharmaceutical industry that can help patients to reverse the effects of traumatic brain injury and concussions. So there are no prescription drugs available for patients suffering from Traumatic Brain injuries or concussions.

The only option left to the patients suffering for people suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries is to use nootropics and natural remedies to treat the symptoms of Traumatic Brain injuries. It is recommended for patients to select only good quality nootropic supplements for their drug stack. Only consume supplements from manufacturers with a great track record and good customer reviews online.

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