Focus Factor is supposed to be a supplement that strengthens the memory of the consumers. However, this is controversial and the results shown after consuming it are almost non existant. The supplement gained its fame after it was widely advertised over television channels where it made several claims that were eventually proven to be false.

Research And Proven Scam For Focus Factor

Focus Factor is a scam that is not worth the value that people spend on it. The company claims that Focus Factor is one of the best sellers among memory supplements, and guaranteed falsely to strengthen the memory of the consumers in a quick span of two weeks.

There are several types of research done on the supplement, but the Factor Nutrition Labs that made the claims did not respond to the questions asked when the false claims of the manufacturers were discovered. The claims made for the product by the company ranged from concentration status, memory strengthening, improved concentration levels and more significant focus for every individual consumer. The label of the supplement has more than forty vital vitamins, herbs, minerals, and a series of other listed ingredients.

The most important among all are vitamin B, C, D, and E which are similar to the one found in a supplement that costs 1 US dollars; however, on the other hand, the Focus Factor supplement costs approximately 80 US dollars a month.

Evidence To Prove Focus Factor Is A Scam

Among the list of the vital nutrients, synergistic is stated to be present in a measurement of 692 mg which had a proprietary blend including essential antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. However, there is no such evidence after scientifically testing the product for existence of any such antioxidants and synergists. This was doubted when negative reviews for the product were seen all over the internet, which stated that the claims of Focus Factor to improve concentration and memory were false. The reality of the product is that it does not help the consumers in any form.

There is very little evidence of the product helping in boosting the levels of cognition due to its active components and ingredients. This was later proven as per the evaluations of the product as a dietary supplement in Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database which later anounced all claims made by the manufacturers to be false.

Ingredients Used In Focus Factor And Their Tested Results

The ingredients like Huperzine A and Phosphatidylserine as listed on the label of the supplement improve mental functioning and memory  on a temporary basis, but according to the revealed studies, the manufacturers only conducted their studies by testing people who had dementia as a significant ailment. There is a lot of research needed for the Bacopa, which is a plant ingredient in the supplement. It    is believed to boost the levels of learning along with memory functioning only in adults who are physically healthy. However, the concept and studies of the ingredients present in the supplement Focus Factor as per their measurement is unclear when individually seen and considered. These have not yet been tested together for their proper functioning as a mixture in the supplement.

Recommendations For An Alternative Supplement

As per the recommendations of most of the experts, people must not adhere to the false claims made by the manufacturers of Focus factor, as the formula used in creating the supplement has very little evidence towards its working and is misleading.

A better alternative to Focus Factor is CILTEP & Mind Lab Pro which adequately helps to serve the same functioning with boosted results of increasing memory and mental stability. One can read more on the following by reading my Ciltep Review  & Mind Lab Pro Review.

Main Disadvantages Of The Scam Supplement Focus Factor

  • There is no remedy for the critically underlying issues relating to memory on consuming the supplement; the supplement only focuses on the issues over the surface.
  • There are quite a few side effects of the product, reported by the users all over the internet. These side effects can be in the form of gastric upset, stomach illness, and many more.
  • The results of the supplement Focus Factor are proven to be less effective and quantifiable similar to other supplements that claim faster brain activity.

Focus Factor Production Claims And Reality

Produced by Factor Nutrition Labs, Focus Factor is one of the supplements that can be consumed daily by individuals for revitalizing their brain activities, along with the strengthening of concentration and memory levels. But all the claims are foggy, and there are no such results obtained as per the reviews of the users that are posted all over the internet. The product is ultimately a scam that is taking the money from people without providing them with any positive results. The claims made by the company and the manufacturers for it to contain 40 essential nutrients and minerals are false. The claims also suggest that all the ingredients in the supplement are individually tested uniquely for their useful and beneficial properties to support the brain functioning, but there is not much evidence provided regarding the same.

No such clinical trials were provided rather investigations were conducted independently by Focus Factor themselves. This keeps the whole scenario dodgy.

Dodgy Claims Regarding The Benefits Of Focus Factor

They make claims of benefits derived from the essential nutrient components, but the product is not more effective than the simple drugstore vitamins that are available at much lesser costs compared to this supplement. The sad part  about it is that people can easily get all the essential nutrients and vitamins that the product claims in their diet by simply eating healthy food and maintaining a well-balanced diet. Eating healthy is the most effective method that can be chosen over consuming this supplement, as the benefits are similar without any additional cost and side effects. This is expected to give better results in comparison to consuming the Focus factor as the daily supplement that has several side effects associated with it.

Generally consumers should do some research about the Focus Factor supplement before they consider making a purchase, and spend their money on such worthless scam products.


Minerals Used In Focus Factor And Their Hazards

The ingredient Vinpocetine is hazardous and synthetic and an artificial version of the  periwinkle plant. There is no proven evidence of the synthetic version for its effectiveness. Apart from the vitamin ingredients of Focus Factor, there is a high dosage of minerals in the form of molybdenum, copper, manganese, chromium, and selenium that can result in high toxicity caused by overdosing these minerals. The dosage must be regulated due to its possible negative effects, and consumption must be restricted to only four tablets per day max.

Final Word

Aging is inevitable for all of mankind . Memory levels go down with age, and supplements like Focus Factor give false hope to people who think it could eliminate their misery. The product is not suitable for any age and has a lot of negative reviews by  many buyers of the supplement. The advertisements and the company themselve make false claims which are not supported by solid proof and evidence.

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