Nootropics are supplements that enhance the brain function and increase the cognitive function of the brain. It is evident that the brain is a vital organ which if gets damaged cannot be reversed back. The brain is responsible for executing all the body function which can significantly be increased with the aid of nootropic drugs.

These stimulants are broadly categorized into two types- natural and artificial types. We are about to venture through the contrasting differences that natural and artificial nootropics have.

The Functioning Of Natural And Synthetic And Natural Nootropics

There are many ways in which the natural nootropics like the huperzine A can function increases the rate of neural growth by extending the activity of cholinesterase inhibitor that reduces the effective nerve transmission by blocking the acetylcholine esterase activity. This increase in the neurotransmitter will develop a healthier brain and keeps the PNS and CNS activated.

The functioning of the synthetic drug is also dependent on the drug that is being manufactured. Some of the synthetic nootropics are biohackers that deceive the brain with energy that keeps you alerted for extended periods. Some other nootropics like the racetams are responsible to release acetylcholine that is significantly taking part in the functioning of the brain. It is also developing the thinking and strengthening the memory.

Benefits Of Natural Nootropics

Natural nootropics are effective to spike up the natural health with their long-lasting pronounced effects. They are sounder to respond to some emergency brain health problems. Taking nootropics derived from nature for a long time can have a holistic effect on the mental health. The natural ingredients preserve the brain integrity for long that is effective to impart no detrimental effect on the brain due to age-related discrepancies.

The goodness that the herbal nootropics like huperzine A inculcate is their synergistic effect is effective for quick remedies. This is often the shortfall for the synthetic nootropics. Various different naturally derived nootropics can be taken at the same time to stack up to the metabolic efficiencies.

Some of the functions carried by the natural nootropic are autonomic that does not require assistance for its proper functioning.

Next significant benefit of nootropic is that they do not create any safety issue as they do not cause any side effects. They impart gradual benefit and do not increase the activity of the brain abruptly.

They can be ingested at high doses or can be discontinued without causing any major health effects. A diet of high omega 3 fatty acid can build up the brain functioning.

This is a clean energy that can be easily ingested and digested. They are supplements that are widely available in the market and you can get it without any hassle.

Some Examples Of Natural Nootropics

Let Us Have a Look at Some of The Popular Natural Nootropics:

  • Pinax Ginseng is among the most popular nootropics that relieve anxiety. It is a very beneficial antioxidant that boosts the production of energy in the brain. It also enhances the level of dopamine in the brain shifting you to a more stable mood.
  • Rhodiola Rosea increases the level of serotonin and is an effective mood booster. It builds the memory and reasoning skills. It is also taken to cure mental burn out and fatigue.
  • The lion’s mane like mushrooms is also effective in developing the cognitive function reduction the forgetfulness of the individual. It is very effective in treating the damage to the nerve.
  • Green tea a recent survey has reported that green tea is having caffeine that may have cognitive benefits.

Disadvantages Of Natural Nootropics

  • They are very systemic and slow in deriving the result although they are helping the individual to stay healthy for long.
  • Despite having any side effects, their dosage and the concentration cannot be judged and calculated for daily intake.
  • Another aspect that needs to be kept in mind before talking natural nootropics is that they may be sensitive if you are allergic to the type of herb. These allergic reactions should first be identified before relying on nootropics.

Benefits Of Synthetic Nootropics

  • Synthetic nootropics aim to build the mental health and decelerate the process of tissue damage. They are dependent as they impart to give a very quick relief. Their efficiency is judged by their short time frame in which they show fruitful results.
  • They are also very reliable as they promise for more specific and focused function. These are worth the money you invest in delivering a better standard of living.

  • Each of the synthetic nootropics has a specific function to function. They are designed synthetically to target specific machinery of the brain.
  • Lastly, there are multiple of choices in front of you to choose from as these are manufactured and sold under various brand names.
  • The doses of the nootropics can be regulated and maintained to increase the activity of the brain.

Some Examples Of Synthetic Nootropics

Some Of The Well Recognized Synthetic Nootropics Are as Follows:

  • Amphetamines are some prescribed medicine that treats neoplasia and hyperactive disorders commonly affecting the adults. It is effective in increasing the chemicals present in the brain that improves their thinking and focusing power.
  • Ritalin is also beneficial in managing the narcolepsy and ADHD that develops attention and short-term memory.
  • Provigil affects uncontrolled drowsiness that is also called as narcolepsy. It is effective to reduce fatigue and insomnia.
  • Phenotropil is a synthetically formulated smart drug that recovers the brain from trauma, epilepsy, and stroke.


Disadvantages Of Synthetic Nootropics

  • Nootropics are psycho-stimulant that can have disadvantages as they are having some side effects. But it should be mistaken as not to be taken as measured dose may result in improving your mental health.
  • More than one nootropics can lead to antagonistic effects that must be avoided without being prescribed.
  • Thus, nootropics can be efficient in dealing with various cases depending on which type of complication is faced by the individual. It uplifts the standard of living and helps you to yield high brain development enabling you to stand tall with your intellectuality and performance.
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