Neuroscience has been bringing developments in the life of  people by working towards improvement of cognitive abilities. These discoveries have led to the introduction of nootropics. They are basically synthetic components which allow a person to improve their memory power and increase concentration.

Using Nootropics: Some Basics

These drugs are often termed as smart drugs as it meant to put a significant effect on your brain. There are certain myths associated with nootropics and one such myth is that its use instantly transforms one’s dull brain into a sharper one. Nonetheless, it acts as a supplement only to increase your mental strength. These drugs should be approached like that of a work out. As you take energy drinks before a workout, nootropics should be used in a similar manner   as  part of mental exercise.

Nootropics are known to work wonders whenever you find difficulties in continuing with tasks that require cognitive alertness. If you are wondering about these memory enhancers, then you probably are already familiar with some of these substances, as it can be found in L-theanine and caffeine.

Are Nootropics Ideal For Women?

Most of the time people ask if nootropics are different for men and women? Well, the effect of nootropics for women can work differently in comparison to men. It can be said that the brain of a woman displays certain unique features that men don’t have.

Now, you might be thinking about the facts presented in the previous section. The reason why a woman’s brain is regarded as different from that of a man is related to empathy. Women are more emphatic in comparison to men. The level of oestrogen as well as progesterone is high among women and it serves as one of the reasons for increased stress reactions.

Researchers have found that women have greater mood fluctuations than men, and these mood swings cause a lot of pressure on their brain. So, nootropics can help them get some relief to their mental well being.

Nootropics Helping In Reducing Menopausal Risks

Women often face issues in their perimenopausal transition phase. Although a number of techniques have been put into practice for reducing the risk factors associated with menopause however, one of the significant research that have been made in the arena of women’s health is nootropics.

The hormones like estrogens as well as testosterone acts as a catalyst to mental clarity, cognitive functions and memory power. Nootropics seems to work in the similar way as the hormones for increasing cognitive capability. With the menopausal effect women tend to face a lot of problems pertaining to loss of memory or poor cognition. So, nootropics are able to reduce the menopausal effect and improve cognition.

Best Nootropics For Women

Nootropics are meant to boost your mental agility and help in reducing the effect of hormone fluctuations among women. This section of the study is going to deal with the well known and effective nootropics which are especially made to fulfill the cognitive requirements of women.


L-theanine has the potential to boost the alpha wave mechanism in  womens brains. Most of you will be amazed to know that this category of nootropics is present in green tea. Now, you might have known the reason why intake of green tea releases your mental pressure at once. The anxiety levels are kept under control by L-thealine. You can get the best l-theanine here

Bacopa Monnieri

It is a form of herb that contains nootropics and is meant for promoting healthy memory. It allows a woman to keep control over their mood to deal with stressful situations. Studies have proven that Bacopa Monnieri is quite effective in comparison to other types of therapies in developing mental abilities. Those who are facing problems in memory prowess during menopause phase should try this supplement. I suggest this brand

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Since ancient times, women have always been multi-taskers, and multitasking exerts immense pressure on one’s brain. The N-Acetyl l-Tyrosine enables the multitasking women to minimise the level of stress by burning the catecholamine neurotransmitter, which is the prime reason behind stress. It can also revitalise your memory thereby removing any traces of depressive state of mind.

Rhodiola Rosea

The hectic work life might take a toll on your health, especially mental well being. In order to ensure that your busy work life does not effect upon your well being, Rhodiola Rosea controls the occurrence of hormone imbalances in a women’s body. Check best price here


Know The Proper Way To Have Nootropics

Well, you cannot start popping Nootropics whenever you feel like losing on your mental strength. There are certain principles or rather to say, rules associated with the usage of these memory enhancers. One should not make it a habit to intake nootropics, rather they should take them in certain intervals. An addiction to components like rhiodala can in fact put negative impact on your brain.

So, it is better to make use of these drugs only during emergency situations. Nootropics do not act as a substitute for our poor lifestyle, rather it can just give you some energy boosts. A nootropic regimen is recomended, but at the same time  to maintain healthy lifestyle practices.

There are some tracking devices which help to adjust the  proper dosages  to keep mental prowess. Institutions like Cambridge Brain Sciences have propounded tracking mechanisms for understanding the right dosage for nootropcis. If you are able to take a note of these rules then you may find fruitful results from using nootropics.

Nootropics has become a favourite drug to enhance memory power. One of the reasons for its usage is that it can free one from any sort of genetic limitation.

Therefore, it can be discerned that nootropics have effective function for a women’s mental health. Although it can be used by men too however, looking at the complex brain functioning and unique cognitive needs of a woman, nootropics can be highly recommended to a women for restoring their mental well being.

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