Whether you are travelling for work related reasons or for leisure or family, nevertheless travelling could take a toll on the healthiest of travellers’ physical and mental health. Frequent travellers can experience a variety of symptoms like higher stress levels, anxiety over things like flight delays or lost baggage, and the most common symptom is the decrease in the quality of sleep the travellers get due to the jet lag involved in travelling overseas. These symptoms can be quite taxing towards one’s mind and body both. It doesn’t matter if you have travelled a lot, jet lag is something of which one can’t be habituated. You are sure to face jet lag and stress when you are travelling.

When a person travels long distances specially, the circadian rhythm in their body becomes erratic. It can take a couple of days for the circadian rhythm of the body to go back to normal.

It is during this period of restoration of the circadian rhythm that the person’s mental ability gets disturbed. This is caused as a result of your body being confused and therefore the different biological systems in the body gets affected by this.

But do not worry at all, as there is a solution which can help you fight Jet lag called Nootropics. Nootropic drugs can be defined as the kind of drugs which are used to effect some parts of the human brain. They are compounds which affects the Central Nervous System in human beings to regulate the supply of certain neurochemicals in the brain.

There are some practices that you must perform along with getting the appropriate nootropic drugs to ensure that you enjoy your next long distance travel without worrying about jet lag.

Nootropic Supplements That Can Help You Fight Jet Lag

In addition to the practices mentioned below, you can take nootropics to relieve stress and help you in fighting jet lag during travelling long distances. These drugs help you by increasing your mental performance thus making your brain ready to adapt to new conditions more readily. Some of the Nootropic Supplements used to fight jet lag are as follows.


Melatonin is a natural hormone generated in your body which promotes wakefulness. It is the chemical which is responsible for the regular biological activities inside one’s body. YOu can overcome jet lag by taking melatonin supplements which can help you regulate your biological processes to adapt to the new conditions. Buy it here for only $2.25


Phenibut is a nootropic compound which shares its chemical composition with the compound called gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is majorly used by anxiety and stress affected patients as an anti-anxiety and anti-stress drug. Nevertheless, Phenibut also works effectively as a sleep supplement which you can consume to regulate your sleeping cycle to overcome jet lag effectively.

To get rid of Jet Lag during flying and to get yourself prepared for a new day at the destination, you should consume Phenibut before going to bed a day before arrival in the plane.

It will make you feel calm and relaxed so you will go to sleep easily. Phenibut has sleep resistive effects so when you go to sleep, it will release endorphins which results in a resistive sleep which will result in you feeling energized upon waking up from sleep. You can use this energy to get ready for the adventure upon arriving to your destination. I recommend to buy it online from this reputable seller.


To kick off the main day in your new destination, modafinil is ought to take the necessary steps. Being a nootropic, modafinil helps mental execution by lessening the mind’s assimilation of dopamine. Explorers’ reviews of this nootropic take note of that when the enhancement loses its adequacy, you just feel tired once more, however not bone exhausted. In addition, it doesn’t have a shivering or jumpy impact when contrasted with different nootropics.

If you are looking to purchase Modafinil online, but are unsure which online source is real and doesn’t sell you a scam, i recommend you check out Modafinilxl.com     

They sell a very popular generic version of Modafinil called Modalert , for a great price. I suggest you order the free trial pack, which contains a pack of 10 Modalert  200 mg pills. That’s enough for a week to test and to feel  the effects yourself. You can get a free trial pack of Modalert here.


A lift in the working of your cerebrum is the thing that this nootropic can give. When you have a critical conference or meeting the following day you touch base in your destination or you need to begin ahead of schedule with your movement agenda, Noopept enhances center and focus. It apparently boosts mindfulness level, while lessening uneasiness or anxiety in people. Get your best noopept here.

Effective Practices To Avoid Jet Lag

Along with getting the proper Nootropic Supplements, you should follow certain steps during and before your journey to avoid Jet Lag. These steps/rituals are as follows:-

  • Start going to sleep earlier than normal everyday a few days before travelling. This will help your body to adjust to the time change easily.
  • Before travelling, make sure that your body has sufficient rest by getting optimum sleep a day before.
  • Do not drink substances like Caffeine and Alcohol before as well as on the flight.
  • Drink plenty of water while you’re on the flight. Don’t let your body get dehydrated.
  • You should set your watch to the destination’s time zone as soon as you get into your flight.
  • Prepare your body by performing light therapy before, during and post flight.
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