One of the most mind chewing and stressful job in the world. It sometimes also becomes the reason why people won’t socialize with you because they don’t want the product that you represent whether you’re looking to sell it to them or not. Let’s face it, no one wants his boss to scream at him all the time because the job is not being some up to the mark. This is not the worst case scenario, it is when the customers don’t like the product and the boys doesn’t like you either, so you know, the focus and reasoning just goes out of the window.

Role Of Nootropics In A Sales Job

The nootropics can play a vital role in enhancing your career but the first thing you need to figure out with a cool mind (maybe after taking a steam bath) is the problem that haunts you most during the job. It can be lack of focus and attention to the matter on the desk or the absence of reasoning power that will be beneficial to figure out a practical solution or at least responsible approach.

If you suffer memory loss, I mean you forget something quick but for others it becomes a case of memory loss, nootropics come in handy in those cases also.

In sales and marketing, it is obvious, that you need to be multitasking in order to save your rear from getting kicked unless you own something pretty valuable to the company. Even with such capabilities, the pressure keeps on climbing and before you get a high blood pressure just give the nootropics a try. The need varies from person to person but the effects are drastic, maybe not in short term but in the long sales run: it is indeed! So here are the steps: find the skill you desperately want to improve based on the job requirements and refer to the given nootropics accordingly.

Focus And Attention Enhancers

These will push your cognitive capacity ahead and make use of it into the task at hand. It is kind of like a meditation state where, once you achieve it, you can block almost all distractions and negativity out of your mind and pay attention to your business. These play a vital role in the days when you are sleep deprived or on a deadline ( which we all are somehow). Here are the some good stacks:

Caffeine + L-Theanine: Combination of 50 to 100mg of caffeine with 100 to 200 mg of L-theanine. It is instructed to maintain a 1:2 ratio all the time.
This is the easiest way for any skeptical to dip his or her toes into the nootropic pool. It is well known that Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can improve your focus, alertness, and help you to accomplish goals. As an anti-fatigue agent, it keeps you motivated to get up and get started on the job with full effect no matter how much stressed you feel, everyone has been there.

L-theanine is typically found in green tea and it mitigates the side effects of caffeine such as jitters, restlessness and anxiety while amplifying the positive effects. And hence present a perfect combination. You can get this stack mixed in a perfect ratio as a supplement called “Smart Caffeine “from here

Bacopa Monnieri: The recommended dosage is 300 to 500 mg (50% bacosides A & B). Bacopa Monnieri is a fat soluble nootropics so it is recommended to be taken with a source of fat. Check best price

CILTEP: Combination of artichoke extract 900 mg with Coleus Forskohlii (root extract) 20 mg (4 mg forskolin). You should also complement this stack with 500 milligrams of L phenylalanine and 750 milligrams of Acetyl L Carnitine which will help you get maximum benefit from CILTEP.                                                 You can read my in-depth review of CILTEP Here



Enhanced Memory And Reasoning

Nootropics users should not and I believe they don’t confuse this with anything like that NZT that has now become the face of this category. No, you won’t remember everything you saw every minute, but the memory will become better than the current situation. Enhanced memory and reasoning can improve your ability to develop creative and impressive solutions for your business.

Here is a list of the most popular nootropics which are used to enhance short term working memory which can be useful for your sales job:-

Piracetam + Choline: Combination of 1600 to 2400 mg piracetam per day with 300 mg CDP choline / 200 mg alpha GPC choline.

Creatine: The standard prescription for Creatine is 5 grams of Creatine everyday. At this specific rate it will take about 2 weeks to start showing effects or instead you can use a 20 gram per day loading phase for 1 week.

Creatine has gotten a stereotype for being the domain of athletes but it has another side: as an incredibly effective nootropic compound. Numerous studies have proven enhanced working memory, but the real advantages are with anti-fatigue and reasoning. Everyone has creatine in their body, but the supplementation improves the formation of energy, which is used by the brain to be more creative with problem solving and prevent burnout on long nights of work.

Unless you have any history of kidney problems, creatine can also be safe in the dosages required for the cognitive enhancement as well.

Self Monitoring

There is no magic involved in here, these are all scientifically proven and we’ll researched nootropics. Again, it’s your body, you know it better, so rather than just taking the supplements and jumping on to the work, it will be helpful for you to monitor the effects time to time. If the effects are not up to the mark or you don’t feel good about any particular dose, there are always other nootropics available that will help you out with it. So, get started and be happy.

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