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How To Control Panic Attacks With Nootropics

Anxiety has become very common nowadays, and our lifestyle is responsible for it. You will require assistance from nootropic to fight anxiety if present in your life.

There can be a wide range of reasons behind the occurrence of anxiety. Some individuals can handle it smartly while others are just not able to overcome. It is essential to deal with anxiety in a safe way and nootropics is one of the best techniques that can do so. The type of nootropic may differ from person to person as it depends on the amount of assistance anyone requires.

Tackling anxiety can be really hard, but you must assist your body to get over anxiety because if left untreated it will cause more harm to the body.

There is a wide array of nootropic drugs and natural nootropic supplements that can help you to fight anxiety, but you should get them approved by your physician. You must deal with anxiety in a safe way and consulting with your physician is always the most reliable and the best way to solve anxiety issues.

Your Brain’s Reaction To Anxiety

Anxiety can be of different types like worry, nervousness, fear and many more. The situation in which you dwell is often responsible for the cause of such anxiety. At times anxiety attack is restricted to your brain however when the attack is severe it can spread physically and even cause high-level mental disorders. Few types of anxiety are as follows

  • PTSD
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Separation anxiety
  • General anxiety disorder

Nootropics were particularly discovered to control the feelings of anxiety. The nootropics have the ability to reach the source of the anxiety or the feelings that is the gamma-aminobutyric acid deficiency or GABA in the brain. The market is flooded with a huge range of nootropics, and the following are the best nootropics that will help you to deal with nootropics


Picamilon is made of two natural substances- niacin and GABA. These elements energize the brain and at the same time help it to stay calm. However, these elements when used separately do not cause much difference. Niacin can pass the blood-brain barrier and carry GABA to the brain as it is classified as a B vitamin. Vitamins of this category are water soluble. It is the combination of these two independent elements which makes Picamilon so much effective. It releases dopamine and helps in the decrease of stress hormones.


This is also derived from B vitamin. The work of this substance is to enhance the focus and increase the memory of the brain. It can also affect your mood and improve it for better. To be very accurate it is extracted from B1 vitamin and researches have proved that it can solve a variety of common anxiety types. Sulbutiamine can assist you to perform better and deliver more output at your workplace and at the same time it helps in reducing stress signals present in your brain.


Aniracetam is very similar to the other two nootropics mentioned above. It is one of the best supplement to treat social anxiety, and it also enhances your mood. It belongs to the Racetam family. It assists in controlling Glutamate and AMPA receptors stimulation which is both required for GABA production. Researches have proved that it can help you in communication, motivation, increasing your energy level and also to enhance your mood.


Phenibut is very popular among people, and they claim this to be the most effective nootropics among the rest to treat anxiety. Phenibut is extracted directly from GABA, and the best part is it can pass the blood-brain barrier without assistance from any other element. It has a mild sedative effect thus it helps the body and the mind to relax. It is important to use it in small dosages and in a limited quantity as too much intake can lead to control over actions or extra relaxation.


The best nootropics will help in increasing your libido enhance your neuroprotector and your thyroid along with its basic feature of fighting anxiety. It is also known by the name Withania somnifera. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a decade or more. It is available in the form of a tonic and is capable of reducing stress in your body caused by anxiety. It is an herb and thus do not cause any side effect on the body. It can be consumed on a regular basis.

Some More Substances That Reduce Anxiety

Natural herbs, products, and extracts are considered to help in reduction of anxiety and are inherently one of the best ways. Many consider this to be much better than prescribed medicines of a physician as that normally involves side effects. To avoid dangerous side effects one can rely on these natural elements to fight anxiety


It helps in reducing anxiety and enhances your focus. L-Theanine is also great for improving your concentration but works best when combined with caffeine. However, to deal with anxiety, it is recommended to avoid caffeine and consume L-Theanine as an independent element. Some studies have proved that it can improve the alpha brain waves which in turn help the brain to relax and take rest.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is believed to have its origin in India and is an ancient herb that existed since thousand years. It has a wide range of health effects and is considered to be an essential part of Ayurvedic medicine. It is utilized in medicines even today. In some places, it is mixed with ghee and consumed to improve the learning abilities of an individual in school. It helps in neuron communication as well.

Lemon Balm

The experience with lemon balm can be eye-opening. This is a Mediterranean herb and is often not to people, however, it is highly effective to treat anxiety and reduce it. It helps you to feel relaxed and stress-free. The lemon balm does not show this result in case of every individual. You should try it to see if it shows any exceptional result. Along with this, you can try some mildly flavored tea as it is a very common combination to treat anxiety issues.

Kava Root

You can visit a kava bar to understand the effects of kava root better. It is known for its psychoactive effects. It helps in enhancing mental performance even though it causes numbness in the mouth. The primary work of Kava is to improve mental performance however it can also improve the sexual performance of females which is an attribute of a reduced level of anxiety and stress. You should take in the kava root in a measured quantity as more dosage can lead to toxicity.

Mucuna Pruriens

The treatment with Mucuna Pruriens is a specialized one and will surely assist everyone to fight anxiety. It is believed to have its origin from Africa. It is a source of L-DOPA which is a natural precursor for dopamine, a brain chemical. Dopamine is responsible for influencing the feelings of joy and happiness. Poor mood and feeling low are a part of anxiety hence reducing them will improve your mood.

Techniques To Reduce Anxiety

There are numerous medications and processes to deal with stress and anxiety however they often cannot improve the mental performance of people and results to be not so productive. You should put in a double-sided attack when trying to fight and solve stress and anxiety.

  • Long-term techniques to treat anxiety
Meditation is the first name that comes under long-term techniques to fight anxiety. You should also find out activities or exertion that you can enjoy and have fun.

The physical exercise will help in balancing the chemicals in the brain and in turn improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.You should consume less sugar in your daily diet. This will not only help in anxiety-related problems but also improve the overall health.

  • Short term techniques to treat anxiety

Nootropics can be really helpful in treating anxiety apart from using Long-term techniques to treat it. You can use nootropics to deal with stress and also improve your performance.

Final Word

Handling stress and anxiety can be really tough for many individuals. There are numerous medications that assist in dealing with anxiety issues. However, nootropics are considered to be the best alternative to all anti-anxiety medicines that are prescribed by physicians in present days. You should research and study properly about nootropics before starting to consume them to experience better results.

It is strongly recommended to individuals who are on anti-anxiety medication or antidepressant medications or any such medication that they study well about the effects of the interaction of the nootropics and the medication prescribed to them before consuming any. Not all nootropics help every individual, but one should research thoroughly on different nootropics and their feature to better understand their effects and side effects is any. Once you find the best nootropic that suits you can easily get rid of anxiety.

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Nootropics To Fight Jet Lag

Whether you are travelling for work related reasons or for leisure or family, nevertheless travelling could take a toll on the healthiest of travellers’ physical and mental health. Frequent travellers can experience a variety of symptoms like higher stress levels, anxiety over things like flight delays or lost baggage, and the most common symptom is the decrease in the quality of sleep the travellers get due to the jet lag involved in travelling overseas. These symptoms can be quite taxing towards one’s mind and body both. It doesn’t matter if you have travelled a lot, jet lag is something of which one can’t be habituated. You are sure to face jet lag and stress when you are travelling.

When a person travels long distances specially, the circadian rhythm in their body becomes erratic. It can take a couple of days for the circadian rhythm of the body to go back to normal.

It is during this period of restoration of the circadian rhythm that the person’s mental ability gets disturbed. This is caused as a result of your body being confused and therefore the different biological systems in the body gets affected by this.

But do not worry at all, as there is a solution which can help you fight Jet lag called Nootropics. Nootropic drugs can be defined as the kind of drugs which are used to effect some parts of the human brain. They are compounds which affects the Central Nervous System in human beings to regulate the supply of certain neurochemicals in the brain.

There are some practices that you must perform along with getting the appropriate nootropic drugs to ensure that you enjoy your next long distance travel without worrying about jet lag.

Nootropic Supplements That Can Help You Fight Jet Lag

In addition to the practices mentioned below, you can take nootropics to relieve stress and help you in fighting jet lag during travelling long distances. These drugs help you by increasing your mental performance thus making your brain ready to adapt to new conditions more readily. Some of the Nootropic Supplements used to fight jet lag are as follows.


Melatonin is a natural hormone generated in your body which promotes wakefulness. It is the chemical which is responsible for the regular biological activities inside one’s body. YOu can overcome jet lag by taking melatonin supplements which can help you regulate your biological processes to adapt to the new conditions.


Phenibut is a nootropic compound which shares its chemical composition with the compound called gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is majorly used by anxiety and stress affected patients as an anti-anxiety and anti-stress drug. Nevertheless, Phenibut also works effectively as a sleep supplement which you can consume to regulate your sleeping cycle to overcome jet lag effectively.

To get rid of Jet Lag during flying and to get yourself prepared for a new day at the destination, you should consume Phenibut before going to bed a day before arrival in the plane.

It will make you feel calm and relaxed so you will go to sleep easily. Phenibut has sleep resistive effects so when you go to sleep, it will release endorphins which results in a resistive sleep which will result in you feeling energized upon waking up from sleep. You can use this energy to get ready for the adventure upon arriving to your destination.


To kick off the main day in your new destination, modafinil is ought to take the necessary steps. Being a nootropic, modafinil helps mental execution by lessening the mind’s assimilation of dopamine. Explorers’ reviews of this nootropic take note of that when the enhancement loses its adequacy, you just feel tired once more, however not bone exhausted. In addition, it doesn’t have a shivering or jumpy impact when contrasted with different nootropics.


A lift in the working of your cerebrum is the thing that this nootropic can give. When you have a critical conference or meeting the following day you touch base in your destination or you need to begin ahead of schedule with your movement agenda, Noopept enhances center and focus. It apparently boosts mindfulness level, while lessening uneasiness or anxiety in people.

Effective Practices To Avoid Jet Lag

Along with getting the proper Nootropic Supplements, you should follow certain steps during and before your journey to avoid Jet Lag. These steps/rituals are as follows:-

  • Start going to sleep earlier than normal everyday a few days before travelling. This will help your body to adjust to the time change easily.
  • Before travelling, make sure that your body has sufficient rest by getting optimum sleep a day before.
  • Do not drink substances like Caffeine and Alcohol before as well as on the flight.
  • Drink plenty of water while you’re on the flight. Don’t let your body get dehydrated.
  • You should set your watch to the destination’s time zone as soon as you get into your flight.
  • Prepare your body by performing light therapy before, during and post flight.
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Top 3 Supplements To Treat ADHD

Compelling ADHD treatment can actually be a genuine lifesaver, not just for children who have been determined to have ADHD, but also for their folks and instructors who go to lengths to get their kids effective ADHD treatment. Today, one can find prescription treatments, over-the-counter ADHD treatment, and also a growing range of natural and Nootropic remedies. Before we go on to talk about the various ADHD treatment options, 0however, first let’s take a closer look at ADHD.

What Is ADHD?

It is believed that up to 5% of all kids are diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Interestingly enough, it typically affects more boys than girls, but the exact reasons for this remain unclear. In earlier times, kids with ADHD were simply labeled as being naughty or out of control, and one can only imagine how many kids received hidings for behaving in a way over which they had no control.

Many parents of such kids would sometimes feel so helpless regarding the resultant behavioral problems, the kids were simply sent away to boarding school – let someone else deal with the problem.

Fortunately, the medical community has done a superb job in shedding some light on this condition, which in turn means kids born with the condition are now being helped and treated rather than being beaten and called problem children or juvenile delinquents. With that said, bad behavior in a child doesn’t necessarily mean a child has ADHD, even if they’re displaying the most common symptoms which are insomnia, difficulty paying attention, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity. Any child displaying these symptoms should be taken to a doctor who has experience in this field so that a thorough examination can be carried out. This is particularly true if either of the parents has a history of ADHD because research has shown the condition runs in families. As a general rule, ADHD can be broken down into three main groups:-

  • Attention deficit
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsive behavior

The first type, which is attention deficit, is extremely common, but because kids in this group rarely display any form of disruptive behavior, the condition is often overlooked. In many cases, these kids are often seen as being lazy learners or daydreamers.

Kids falling into the “hyperactivity” group are more likely to get diagnosed with ADHD because their seemingly endless supply of energy can become almost unbearable for parents, in which case parents are more likely to seek medical advice. Kids in this group can also become destructive if they are unable to vent their energy.

Kids in the “impulsive behavior” group can also frequently display destructive behavior, but due to the impulsive nature, parents more often than not realize something might be wrong, thus leading them to seek medical advice.

It is important for parents to realize that quite often a child can have all three of the above or even any combination of the three. As suggested earlier, there’s a fine line between kids who are badly behaved and those kids with ADHD. For this reason, it’s imperative to have a child professionally diagnosed before any form of ADHD treatment is considered.

Top Three Nootropics Used For Treatment Of ADHD

Nootropics or “smart drugs” are cognitive enhancers which change the biochemical reactions in the brain to enhance the productivity of the human brain. They are generally easy, safe and effective to use. Nootropics can also be used to treat the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in children. Following are the top three Nootropic supplements that can be used to treat the symptoms of ADHD.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the specific best nootropics for individuals with ADHD to utilize, it is an effective ADHD medication because of the fact that it’s a characteristic mind adaptogen that directs cerebrum synthetic substances, supports your state of mind, and encourages you to manage pressure.

Taking Rhodiola Rosea can really feel like taking a light portion of Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) – which is a commonly issued medication to treat ADHD symptoms.

Furthermore, numerous ADHD patients likewise encounter less anxiety and anxious emotions while taking Rhodiola Rosea. So by and large, Rhodiola Rosea is an astonishing completely natural nootropic that can enable a great many people to battle the symptoms of ADHD.


Sulbutiamine is a derivative compound of the commonly known Nootropic called thiamine or Vitamin B1. It gives the taker an instantaneous energy rush and improves their sense of concentration and focus. It is commonly taken by ADHD patients to treat the symptoms of ADHD.

Where Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is inefficient and not as effective because it has to be absorbed through the digestive tract, Sulbutiamine is very efficient and absorbs readily across the blood-brain barrier. Sulbutiamine’s fat solubility makes these rapid results possible and also result in a much higher rate of bioavailability. As a result, the number of phosphate esters circulating within the brain will increase. This means that Sulbutiamine can quickly and powerfully act in the brain in a much lower dose than would be required of Thiamine.


Modafinil is a prescription medication that’s approved by America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of narcolepsy (excessive daytime sleepiness). Modafinil is also used to treat symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in Kids. It is a stimulant, and as such, you should be specifically diagnosed with one of the stated sleep disorders or ADHD before taking this medication.

Modafinil works by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the area of the brain that controls sleep and wakefulness It will not cure any kinds of sleeping disorders, rather it can be used for concentration in ADHD patients. It should not be taken as a substitute for sleep.

Modalert is made for those individuals that suffer from severe sleep deprivation or ADHD. It is not for those patients that have severe drug allergies, cardiovascular problems, and cirrhosis. Any patient with any type of circulatory illness is not recommended to take this product. Anyone that is interested in this product should consult their physician before taking this or any drug that promotes solutions for sleep deprivation.

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How To Decrease Anger And Irritability With Nootropics

Many of us have the impression that anger is next to impossible to regulate. But there is hope for all of us. Many people do not understand what anger is all about and have many misconceptions of anger.

Many people do not understand how to take care of anger when it happens, and this may create many issues for us. There are several ways in which you can take care of your anger so that it does not deliver any hurt to others.

Misconceptions Related To Anger

In terms of anger, there are a variety of misconceptions that you can have, and if you wish to achieve success with anger administration, you must get rid of them if you want to manage your anger correctly. The first false impression is that anger is a useful emotion for us and that aggression is the best way to express it. That is positively incorrect. One of the best ways to deal with anger is not to blow our top each time we experience anger.

The second false impression is that frustration is a pure consequence of anger, and can, therefore, lead to aggression. That is partially incorrect, especially the half “aggression”. We should not be aggressive every single time we are offended if we can learn how to handle our anger correctly.

Many people also believe that people are designed naturally to point out both anger and aggression. Many people who have anger problems try to justify their actions by claiming “it is not them who cause the anger, but different people around them that cause them.” You can undoubtedly decide whether or not you want to use aggression while you get offended or not, contrary to this belief.

Maybe one of the biggest misconceptions with regards to anger is that acting out your feelings is one of the best ways to regulate it. Wrong again! The easiest way to regulate your anger is not acting it out, but demonstrating it in such a manner that nobody gets hurt along the way.

The truth is that while you can get angry every so often, you can also learn how to handle it in a way that is constructive rather than destructive. Many of us handle anger incorrectly; we turn to aggression that is not exactly the best approach to specific our feelings.

Whilst you could feel a strong urge to fight or retaliate as ways to defend the feelings you might have, aggression is just not the answer. The truth is aggression will almost always make matters worse. The only time that violence could be acceptable is when you are protecting yourself or those you care for from dangers. It should never be used haphazardly, or in situations where it is not necessary.

People are not born aggressive and are no means aggressive by nature. This has been proven by a lot of scientific studies which have been conducted with regards to aggression. While it is true that violence has been found within the genes of some, it is rare.

For the majority of us, violence is one thing that is acquired, which means we learn this trait in the course of our life. Anger and aggression can be and are totally destructive when they are not kept in check or managed correctly.

Using Nootropics To Decrease Anger And Irritability

Nootropics are a kind of drug which has the tendency to affect some parts of the human brain. They are essentially compounds which affect the Central Nervous System in human beings to regulate the supply of certain neurochemicals in the brain. You can use nootropics to cure your anger and irritability issues.

Anger, like any biological activity, is caused due to a chain of chemical reactions or activities inside the human brain. This is why Nootropics can be used to decrease anger and irritability issues as Nootropics affect the neurochemical reactions inside the brain. Its effects on the Central Nervous System directly affect the anger and irritability issues one may be facing.

Here is a list of the suggested Nootropic Supplements to cure anger and irritability:-


In Russia, Noopept has been utilized to treat brain harm caused by intemperate liquor utilization. Studies have indicated Noopept to have neuroprotective and memory improving characteristics. Not at all like some different racetams, Noopept displays a high level of bioavailability when taken orally. Noopept likewise exhibits a better capacity than cross the blood-brain barrier, hence being more powerful in lower portions.

Noopept has shown the characteristics of improving the mood of the takers. Noopept is a strong anxiolytic drug which can help one to decrease anger and irritability. It functions in this way due to the increase of tonic inhibition in the hippocampus in humans by Noopept. The standard dosage of Noopept is about 10 to 30 milligrams per day.


Considered the ultimate adaptogenic tonic in the traditional system of Indian medicine, Ashwagandha, scientifically known as Withaniasomnifera is considered a reasonable “eliminator of tension”. It gives the ability to make the human body and mind heal against the many adverse effects of stress, irritability, and anger. It is commonly found in India and North America, the plant is known to have excellent anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antioxidant and aphrodisiac for both men and women. The roots of Ashwagandha, also known Gensingen help people all over the world in stimulating the body’s immunity.

When administered as a tonic, herbal extracts to provide a good food for the tissues, muscles, bones, organs and adrenal glands. Because of its anti-stress properties, Ashwagandha is useful in treating stress-related illnesses such as hypertension, anger, and irritability. It can be administered as an anger management drug with no side effects.


Aniracetam is one of the most popular and well-known Nootropic on the market, mainly due to its affiliation with Piracetam but more due to potency and effectiveness in the treatment of anger and stress-related issues. It is typically recommended to take aniracetam plus a choline source as the first choice of nootropic supplementation to anger patients for its effectiveness vs cost ratio. Aniracetam is known to have the most positive effect for anxiety and stress which makes it highly desirable for workers and business people.

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Cure Bipolar Disorder – The Real Alternatives To Prescription Drugs

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

 Bipolar disorder is referred to a mental illness that is chronic and causes mood disorders and swings. The mood fluctuates between being depressed, sad, energetic, and joyful at times. Coping up with bipolar disorder can be very difficult at times. The main symptoms of the disorder are widely seen in the form of losing interest and anxiousness in all the activities that were the favorites of the individual at any particular instance of their lives. The disorder commonly incurs various challenges for the person in their daily routine.

However, bipolar disorder is curable with proper prescription and visiting a doctor. There are several other alternatives for the cure too for reducing negativity and the levels of  depression and mood swings.

Alternatives To Prescription Drugs For Treating Bipolar Disorder

Other than prescribed medications, there are several other alternatives for the cure of  bipolar disorder, and they are available in the following forms:

Fish And Fish Oil

Fish and oil obtained from fish are common carriers of omega-3 fatty acids in the form of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). The fatty acids adequately stabilize the brain to prevent mood swings and related disorders. This disorder is scanty for countries where people routinely consume fish and fish oil in their diet. The levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the patients suffering from the disorder tend to be low and are adequately served on consumption of fish and fish oil. The omega-3 fatty acids help in the following ways:

  • Reduction of aggression and irritability.
  • Maintenance and stabilization of mood.
  • Reduces the symptoms related to depression.
  • Improves the functioning of the brain.

The fish oil can be an effective diet supplement if people consume it routinely. However, over-consumption of fish oil can lead to heartburn, nausea, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea, and belching.

Rhodiola Rosea

Golden root or artic root is commonly termed as Rhodiola Rosea and is immensely beneficial in the treatment of moderate and mild forms of mood depression. Rhodiola Rosea is considered a form of moderate stimulant and often leads to insomnia, nausea, and vivid dreaming. Though Rhodiola Rosea actively treats bipolar disorder, still a doctor or a physician must be consulted by patients who have a history of breast cancer as it tends to combine with estrogen receptors and increases breast cancer risk.


 S-adenosylmethionine is generally formed out of a naturally occurring body amino acid.  S-adenosylmethionine has proven to be highly beneficial for treating bipolar disorder, especially depression. The S-adenosylmethionine must be consumed in a prescribed dosage as consumption in large proportions can cause several maniac side-effects. An individual must always consult a doctor before taking this as an alternative for the treatment of  bipolar disorder as it can actively interact with other ongoing medications.


N-acetylcysteine is an antioxidant and actively helps in the reduction of oxidative stress within the human body. N-acetylcysteine can productively treat bipolar disorder if 2 grams of it is put in the diet every day. With the consumption of N-acetylcysteine improvement signs for mania, depression, and other related symptoms are noticeable, and the person can start living a better life.


Choline is a water-soluble vitamin. This helps in the active treatment of mania symptoms and bipolar disorder. People can be treated for improvement of bipolar disorder symptoms when 2000 to 7000 mg of choline is added to their diet each day.


Inositol is one of the synthetic vitamins that actively help in the treatment of depression. It is used to treat significant bipolar disorder symptoms and can work on the patients who did not respond for improvement towards a series of combined mood stabilizing medications and antidepressants. The therapy of inositol lasts for approximately sixteen weeks for the treatment of the disorder. This is a drug that can help people suffering from chronic bipolar disorder.

St. John’s Wort

It is a mixed solution for the treatment of depression for people suffering from  bipolar disorder. There are several forms of St. John’s wort that exists, and the dosage for all is different depending on the type used and the level of disorder in patients.

Techniques For Calming

There is a complication of bipolar disorder when the mind is under stress. Many treatments aim to relieve a patient from stress and anxiety. Some of the procedures are mentioned below:


  • Massage.
  • Yoga.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Meditation.

The bipolar disorder cannot be cured using these techniques; however, they can temporarily help in managing the same and acts as one of the most valuable parts of the plan of treatment.

IPSRT (Interpersonal And Social Rhythm Therapy)

Bipolar disorders become worse when there are sleep deprivation and erratic mood pattern. Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy can be related to psychotherapy. This mainly aims to cure the patients suffering from combat bipolar disorder by:

  • Maintaining and health regular routing.
  • Effectively adapt to sleep habits.
  • Understanding and gaining knowledge to interrupt and solve issues that persist in their daily routines.
This is often referred to as an extra along with the medications prescribed to treat  bipolar disorder and actively helps in the reduction of depression and maniac symptoms.

Changes In Lifestyle

The lifestyle changes do not actively treat bipolar disorder; however, they act as a catalyst for the same when an individual is undergoing treatment. The changes in the lifestyle pattern help in stabilizing the mood of the sufferers and these changes can be adapted in the following way:

  • Daily routine exercises.
  • Appropriate sleep.
  • Health conscious food.


There are several types of research conducted for the alternative treatments for  bipolar disorder and prove to be helpful in a parallel manner when compared to the medical therapies through drugs. These can be considered to be an effective and healthier way of treating the disorder.

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How To Quit Weed With Nootropics

When you think of it, quitting a marijuana habit seems quite simple. Just don’t smoke it anymore right? And for many people that is indeed all there is to it. Great news for them. But there are plenty who just fail to kick the habit. They either fall back into relapse, or they just can’t seem to quit at all. And these are times they know that it’s time for change in their lives.

The ability to quit weed successfully depends on many factors. Some might argue that it’s all a question of will power but I dare to differ. In fact,will power has nothing to do with it.

A very important one is the environment you live in. Is it easy to get to weed or other drugs? How many of your friends and family are smokers? When most people you know smoke cannabis, the change to a sober lifestyle is all the more difficult.Because one important point in stopping to smoke marijuana is staying away from the temptation.

Another factor is how long and how much marijuana you use. For occasional smokers there is most of the time no reason to stop. It’s the chronic smokers that have all the more reason to stop. That’s where the problem lies. When weed has become a part of your life, like taking your dog for a walk,it has probably shaped the way you think.

Mostly, when a person quits weed, they have to cope with a new perception of life and that is where the challenge lies. A challenge that can’t be overcome alone. Help is needed. Rehab, therapy and alternative solutions like hypnosis, that are laughed at by many, suddenly become serious options.

Nothing wrong with that too, they’re all means to an end. But many weed lovers won’t have the money to pay for that. Or better said, no pothead will see the value of it right away. That’s because all decision making is ruled by marijuana (or the lack of it). That’s why it’s not so easy to quit weed.

Nootropics That Can Help You To Quit Weed

A Nootropic drug can be defined as the kind of drug which is used to effect some parts of the human brain. They are compounds which affects the Central Nervous System in human beings to regulate the supply of certain neurochemicals in the brain. Nootropics can help a person to quit weed by offering them gain more self control and willpower as well as by reducing the withdrawal symptoms of Weed. Here are two Nootropic Drugs which are useful for people who want to quit marijuana.

Rhodiola Rosea

Two researches directed in 2011 and 2012 in Italy demonstrated that Rhodiola Rosea is perhaps a literal lifesaver for smokers, the examinations indicated it eased a portion of the depression and physiological side effects that are related with smoking addiction hence stopping smoking.

The potential advantages of rhodiola for one who is stopping smoking are many. To start with, rhodiola may decrease withdrawal side effects. In an examination done on mice who had framed a nicotine reliance, concentrate of rhodiola rosea was hinted at to diminish withdrawal showed after discontinuance of nicotine organization.

While this investigation was not done on people, it shows guarantee that rhodiola will help in the decrease of withdrawal side effects in the wake of stopping smoking.

Second, Rhodiola may likewise counter the impacts of weight gain related with stopping smoking. In addition to the fact that it reduces levels of the pressure hormone cortisol (high cortisol levels result in an expansion in paunch fat) it likewise consumes existing fat. Rhodiola does this by assembling unsaturated fats from fat tissue and actuating fat lipase, a catalyst expected to consume fat that is put away by the body and stored. You should take around 200 – 600 milligrams of Rhodiola to quit smoking every day.


Oxiracetam is also known as the Discipline Molecule. This unobtrusive nootropic medication isn’t extremely animating yet it gives you a recognizable lift in self control for 4-6 hours. On the off chance that your smoking backslides happen toward the finish of a long day when you’re worn out and your willpower is not that strong is, dosing some Oxiracetam toward the evening may have a major effect.

Oxiracetam is one of the racetams, and is basically not quite the same as piracetam because of a solitary hydroxyl group. It is likewise utilized for nootropic purposes, for example, improving learning in understudies or averting against psychological decay. Like all different racetams, it is a manufactured particle that isn’t found in sustenance sources or in nature. One should take no more than 500 – 1000 milligrams of Oxiracetam daily to help them in quitting marijuana.

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Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – What Works And What Doesn’t

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can happen after an individual has been through a traumatic event. A traumatic event is something terrible or terrifying that one sees or experiences. Usually, during this type of incident or experience, the patients think that your life or others’ lives are in danger. They may feel scared or helpless or feel that they have no control over what is happening.

Anyone who has experienced a life-threatening event can go on to develop PTSD. These events can include:

  • Combat situations
  • Terrorist attacks or incidents
  •  Serious accidents, such as a car wreck
  •  Sexual or physical assault
  •  Child sexual or physical abuse such as bullying
  •  Natural disasters, like tornadoes, fires, floods, hurricanes, or earthquakes.

After the event, the patients may feel angry, scared or confused, or. If one has difficulty dealing with these feelings, if they won’t go away or even deteriorate, they may have PTSD.

These symptoms may have a disruptive impact on the patient’s life, have an impact on those around them and make it hard to continue with their daily activities.

Symptoms Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Symptoms and indications of post-traumatic stress disorder usually begin within three months of a traumatic event. In a small minority of situations, PTSD symptoms have been known not to occur until years after the event.

Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms are generally categorised into three major types:-

  • Intrusive memories
  • Avoidance and numbing,
  • Increased anxiety or emotional arousal commonly known as hyperarousal).

Symptoms of Intrusive Memories include one getting flashbacks of the traumatic event for very short periods of time (minutes) to even large stretches of time (days). The patient may also have dreams related to the traumatic event frequently.

Symptoms of avoidance and emotional numbing can include the patient avoiding to talk or even think about the traumatic event or its details. Patients feel emotionally numb and tend to avoid the activities they previously enjoyed. The victims of PTSD also suffer with hopelessness regarding their future. In many cases, patients suffer with memory problems and have trouble concentrating on things. Some sufferers of PTSD find it difficult to maintain close relationships which further contributes to the stress.

Symptoms of anxiety and heightened emotional arousal can be irritability or getting angry easily, people suffering from anxiety and heightened emotional arousal may also feel guilty and shame which can be overwhelming. People suffering from this disorder can also be self destructing by doing activities like drinking excessively. Patients also have trouble in getting asleep at night and many depend on sleeping pills. They can also be easily frightened or startled by common things. Sometimes, patients may also hear or see things which are not actually present.

Moreover, the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which are mentioned above can come and go any time. One can suffer from the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when they are in stress or in some kind of experience which reminds them of the traumatic event which caused the PTSD. Many a times, simple things can trigger memories in people and they can get stressed. For example, you may hear the backfire of a vehicle and think about the combat experiences you have gone through and you may read about a rape in the newspaper and may have to relive the experience of your own assault.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

Post traumatic stress disorder has been found to be treated by means of psychotherapy or medications.


Research has indicated the importance of psychotherapy in the treatment of Post traumatic stress disorder. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a suggested form of psychotherapy by American Psychiatric Association for panic disorder in particular. CBT reveals the significance of both the behavioral and the thought processes to understand and control anxiety or panic attacks. The treatment is especially meant for the insufficient, obstructive, damaging behaviors and unreasonable thought processes which enable the symptoms to continue.

Further research has indicated the effectiveness of panic-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy for the treatment of panic disorder. This has been based on Freud’s psychoanalytic theories.

Here the focus of the treatment is to enable the clients better understand their unconscious conflicts within and their fantasies. This helps the patients to recognize the defense mechanisms which take part in continuing the symptoms.Psychotherapy is normally done by a social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, or an experienced counselor.


The drugs may be prescribed either by a physician or a psychiatrist. The duration for the drug treatment may vary among individuals. For some people, it becomes essential to continue the medication for their entire life, whereas for some it may not be needed.

The drugs generally used for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants. The anti-anxiety drugs are mostly benzodiazepines. They include Ativan, Klonopin or Xanax. Since the patients are likely to get addicted to these drugs, they are prescribed sparingly or in very low amounts.

Antidepressants are prescribed though there is no clinical depression, since antidepressants prevent panic attacks. Antidepressants perform their action by changing the levels of the neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). Those neurotransmitters which are affected are:-

  • Serotonin – modulates mood, anxiety, sleep, sexuality and appetite.
  • Dopamine – manipulates body movements and is believed since a long time to have involved in motivating, rewarding, reinforcing, and other addictive behaviors. There are many psychosis theories suggesting the role of dopamine in psychotic symptoms.
  • Norepinephrine – monitors alertness and sleep and is also supposed to be linked to fight and flight stress response of the body.

The antidepressants used in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms are:-

  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) : Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac – increase the serotonin levels of brain to perform its action.
  • Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) : Effexor and Cymbalta – alter the levels of both norepinephrine and serotonin.
  • Tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) : Anafranil and Elavil – alter norepinephrine and serotonin to a larger extent and dopamine to a smaller extent.
  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) : Nardil and Parnate – similar to TCAs.

The most commonly used ones among the antidepressants are SSRIs. MAOIs are normally the last option since these drugs are likely to interact dangerously with beverages, foods and other drugs and so the patients must stick to a strict diet to avoid any after-effects.

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How To Control Your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder With OTC Supplements

OCD which stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a psychological disorder which can affect the mental well being of people of all ages from kids to elders. It causes people to get caught in a web of obsessions and compulsions as the name suggests.

In this case, the obsessions can be various unwanted things like thoughts, images or desires which are intrusive and can set off majorly disturbing feelings in the patient.

Compulsions, in this case are the behaviours which are engaged by the person in order to make the obsessions go away and to decrease their distress caused by the obsessions.

Everyone, in some point of their life suffers from obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours of some kind. This, however does not mean that everyone has some form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder suffers from such an intense cycle of obsessions and compulsions that their time gets consumed and their OCD gets in the way of the day to day tasks that the person does.

Treatment Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

The task of treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a challenging one. Some of the standard treatments include Exposure Therapy where the patients are exposed to the source of their anxiety (obsessions in this context) to overcome their distress and Prescription Medications like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs.

These standard treatments can offer patients a significant relief from their Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but not all patients can be treated by them. In the case that standard treatments of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are ineffective for a patient in treating their OCD due to some kinds of side effects or other reasons then they should look for alternative treatments that are well-proven.

There are a number of Over the Counter supplements also known as OTCs which are nutritional supplements used to treat a variety of disorders. These ‘nutraceuticals’ (as people refer them) have been used in many cases to control Obsessive Compulsive Disorders in people. In this article, we are going to look at a few OTC supplements used to control obsessive compulsive disorders in people and will provide some general advice by reviewing the evidence and researches that support their usage in controlling OCD in people.

N-Acetylcysteine (N-AC)

Acetylcysteine or N-acetylcysteine (N-AC) comes from the amino acid named cysteine. N-AC is an antioxidant which is generally used against Tylenol Poisoning or Acetaminophen Poisoning along with the treatment of some lung disorders. The general brand of this drug used in most clinics is Mucomyst. Inside the patient’s brain, N-acetylcysteine acts as a chemical which has effects on the neurotransmitter called glutamate which is an excitatory neurotransmitter as well as N-AC acts as an antioxidant which is used to remove potentially dangerous oxidizing agents in the human body.

Since, Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter, an imbalance of Glutamate can cause OCD in patients. Hence there has been quite an interest in using N-acetylcysteine as an OCD treatment. However, the evidence supporting the OCD treating properties of N-AC is fairly thin. But a recent study conducted in Iran suggests that N-AC can be used as a treatment for OCD. But more research in the field is needed as the methodological issues decrease the usefulness of the study.


Glycine is an amino acid which is found naturally in dietary protein. Glycine is an essential component of all the cells in the human body. In the brain, Glycine can also affect the action of Glutamate but in a different way than N-AC which we discussed earlier. In a recent case study of long term ministrations which were placebo controlled proved that Glycine may benefit the patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. However, the dosage of Glycine administered to patients in this study was sixty grams per day which is a large dosage which causes difficulty to intake in patients. Also, Glycine can cause nausea in patients due to its chalky taste. These factors limit its use to treat OCD in patients.

Apart from the aforementioned study, there have been studies aimed at N-methylglycine which is also called sarcosine. Sarcosine is a compound which is derived from Glycine and it functions by blocking the cellular reuptake of Glycine in the body.

It functions in the same way as Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) work which is one of the most common antidepressants which block the cellular reuptake of Serotonin. In a research study which was uncontrolled, patients suffering from OCD were given Sarcosine in doses of two grams per day which resulted in modest but statistically significant effects in treating OCD in patients. Nowadays, various pharmaceutical companies are synthesizing new supplements with similar mechanism of actions as Sarcosine. One such supplement is Bitopertin which is currently in the stage of clinical trials and will hopefully be soon sold as an OTC supplement.


Kava is a green and verdant member from the pepper family that is local towards the South Pacific, where it has been utilized to treat tension and sleeping disorders. Various careful examinations have explored the utilization of kava in common anxiety disorders in patients and comparable conditions, and there is huge proof for benefit. The systems of impact are not totally clear in Kava; particular alkaloids in the kava plant may collaborate with neuronal calcium channels, receptors for the synapse GABA, and the reuptake transporter for the synapse noradrenaline, which are all recipients for a significant number of the current psychological medicines.

There have been no investigations analyzing the advantages of kava in treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder yet. Its capacity to direct nervousness in different conditions recommends that it might be useful sometimes. In any case, the side effects of consuming Kava are of concern. There have been different reports of conceivably serious liver harmfulness in kava clients. It can likewise cause development variations, skin staining, and sleepiness in individuals consuming Kava.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a destructive psychological disorder which is of great concern. However, the symptoms of OCD can be generally treated using Over The Counter Supplements or OTC Supplements like N-acetylcysteine (N-AC), Glycine, Sarcosine, Kava, etc. But one has to be aware of the side effects of the respective OTC Supplements. Always consult your doctor before starting any medication for curing your OCD.

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The 5 Best Supplements To Ease Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that many people have heard of but not many people know about or fully understand. The reason being for this is because there are many symptoms that often overlap and mimic symptoms of another illness called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The causes of fibromyalgia are unknown and it is quite difficult to diagnose.

Today, treating fibromyalgia and discovering its triggers are being researched and studied in hopes of finding some relief for its sufferers.

Fibromyalgia Syndrome or FMS is essentially an overall musculoskeletal discomfort and chronic fatigue disorder. Those with FMS report having an all over achy feeling, like their muscles have been overused or pulled. Along with this feeling, there can be muscle twitches and burning. The symptoms are comparable to a person who has a really bad flu with severe aches, pains and an overwhelming weak and fatigued feeling. This is why it is sometimes thought that Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue may be one and the same thing. Aside from the muscular pain and fatigue, there are quite a few more symptoms that may appear.

Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Fibromyalgia is a complex, chronic disorder which causes widespread pain and fatigue usually accompanied by a variety of other symptoms. Few symptoms are not outwardly visible, which has led to much confusion. Sometimes FM has been called “the invisible disability”.

It is important to note that the fibromyalgia symptoms will and do vary in intensity and duration from person to person. As a result, the effect of fibromyalgia symptoms on the quality of life is also different for each of the patients who have to contend with this disorder.

Stiffness: Body stiffness may be particularly apparent upon awakening and after prolonged periods of sitting or standing in one position or coincide with changes in temperature or relative humidity

Increased Headaches Or Facial Pain: Fibromyalgia patients may experience frequent migraines, tension, or vascular headaches. Pain may also consist of referred pain to the temporal area (temples) or behind the eyes. Approximately one-third of patients with fibromyalgia are thought to have pain and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, (located where the jaw meets the ear) which produces not only headaches but also jaw and facial pain.

Sleep Disturbances: Despite sufficient amounts of sleep, FMS patients may awaken feeling non-refreshed, as if they have barely slept. Alternatively, they may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Some also suffer from the condition, sleep apnea. The reasons for the non-restorative sleep and other sleep difficulties of fibromyalgia are unknown.

Paresthesia: Numbness or tingling, particularly, in the hands or feet, sometimes accompanies FMS. Also known as “paresthesia”, the sensation can be described as prickling or burning.

Temperature Sensitivity: Persons with fibromyalgia tend to be highly sensitive to ambient temperature. Some often feel abnormally cold (compared to others around them) while others feel abnormally warm. An unusual sensitivity to cold in the hands and/or feet, accompanied by color changes in the skin, sometimes occurs in persons with fibromyalgia. This condition is known as “Raynaud’s Phenomenon”.

Cognitive Disorders: Persons with FMS report a number of cognitive symptoms which tend to vary from day to day. These include difficulty concentrating, “spaciness,” short-term memory lapses, and being overwhelmed easily. Many fibromyalgia patients refer to such symptoms as “fibro-fog”.

Environmental Sensitivity: Hypersensitivity to light, noise, odors, and weather patterns is common and is usually explained as being a result of the hyper-vigilance seen in the nervous systems of patients with FMS. Allergic-like reactions to a variety of substances (i.e., medications, chemicals, food additives, pollutants, etc.) are common, and patients may also experience a form of non-allergic rhinitis consisting of nasal congestion/discharge and sinus pain, but in the absence of the immunologic reactions which the body experiences in allergic conditions.

Depression And Anxiety: Although FMS patients are frequently misdiagnosed with depression or anxiety disorders, research has repeatedly shown that fibromyalgia is not a form of depression or hypochondriasis. However, where depression or anxiety exist concomitant to fibromyalgia, their treatment is important as both can exacerbate FMS and interfere with successful symptom management.

Supplements To Ease Fibromyalgia Pain

Until the recent past, patients who suffered from the debilitating effects of fibromyalgia had few medications from which to choose in order to try to obtain relief of their symptoms. However, there is an array of new medications for fibromyalgia and more are currently being tested. When it comes to big-name drugs in the new medications for fibromyalgia category, three prominent ones stand out: Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Savella. And while no one new medication for fibromyalgia will control all symptoms, many sufferers are reporting excellent results with these new medications for fibromyalgia.

Pregabalin is a fibromyalgia pain medication for the nerves that is also prescribed for people that have diabetes. Research has proven that it works great for relieving pain due to fibromyalgia. Pregabalin calms the nerve cells, which improves sleep, and reduces fatigue symptoms. Pregabalin fibromyalgia pain medication has worked for many people.

Duloxetine, which is also known as Cymbalta, is a fibromyalgia pain medication that is usually prescribed for depression, but it also works to relieve pain in women that have fibromyalgia. Duloxetine changes serotonin levels in the brain, which affects a person’s mood and reduces pain. Duloxetine also improves stiffness and how a person functions physically. However, Duloxetine is not suitable for men that have fibromyalgia.

Pramipexole is a supplement which is sold under the name Mirapex, and it is a good fibromyalgia pain medication. Often, this medication is prescribed to patients that have Parkinson’s disease. Mirapex increases the levels of dopamine in your brain, which will reduce the pain you experience with fibromyalgia. Mirapex side effects include constipation and nausea.

Muscle relaxants are often used as a fibromyalgia pain medication because they help to reduce the pain. Skelaxin, Robaxin, and Soma are a few muscle relaxants that you can take.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, consult your doctor for treatment and fibromyalgia pain medication. The medication will relieve the pain you are experiencing. In addition, fibromyalgia pain medication will help you sleep better and reduce your stress levels.

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How Effective Are Nootropics To Keep Epilepsy In Check

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders which affects people of all ages. The term Epilepsy technically means “seizure disorder”, this means that the people affected with epilepsy have regular seizures. The bad part about these seizures is that they are unpredictable. A seizure can be defined as a period when the brain cells or neurons in the brain become active at the same time when they should not be active. This causes random states of epileptic seizures in patients.

Causes And Types Of Epilepsy

There are various kinds of epilepsy that can occur in humans. Along with the different kinds of epilepsies, there are different kinds of symptoms that come with it too. Most of the kinds of epilepsy are named according to the region of the brain they have an effect on. Some kinds of epilepsies can be diagnosed at an early age while others begin with adulthood or old age. Here are some of the most common forms of epilepsy:-

Absence epilepsy regularly is innate, and for the most part dependably start in youth Different segments of the cerebrum or puberty. They likewise for the most part stop when the subject hits adolescence. Nonattendance epilepsy doesn’t directly affect the mind capacities or knowledge of the person. The awful part about absence seizures is that they meddle with school and learning since they can occur so every now and again amid the day. Absence seizures cause a transient loss of awareness and regularly last under 30 seconds. The issue with these seizures is that they can be unnoticed by individuals since they are so short and the individual that is experiencing there just is by all accounts gazing into space.

Frontal lobe epilepsy influences the frontal lobe of the mind and it is straightforwardly behind Brain waves in the temple. The frontal lobe is the biggest of the five lobes in the cerebrum, it controls the identity, and higher manner of thinking, this incorporates dialect and discourse. Frontal lobe epilepsy cause short seizures that begin and stop rapidly. The issue with Frontal lobe epilepsy is that it very well may be analyzed as something other than what’s expected when it is first taken note. They seizures that originate from this sort of epilepsy can look like other mental issues and without appropriate testing could be analyzed as that. The seizures that occur can be sensorimotor tics, or different issues managing engine abilities. Also, regularly with these tics, diverse adjustments of awareness. Giggling or crying in uncommon cases can likewise happen amid a frontal lobe seizure. These seizures can likewise venture out to different parts of the mind influencing the seizures to do diverse things relying upon where it has gone to in the cerebrum.

Occipital lobe epilepsy includes the Occipital lobe, it lies at the back of the head. Occipital lobe epilepsy is like frontal and temporal lobe epilepsy, yet the main contrast is that the seizures more often than not are identified with the eyes. Frequently seizures start with mind flights, fast squinting, and different side effects with the eyes.

Parietal lobe epilepsy influences the Parietal lobe which lies between the frontal and temporal lobes. Parietal epilepsy is like those two sorts of epilepsy on the grounds that the seizures can spread to different parts of the cerebrum, influencing the seizures to do have diverse results relying upon what part it goes to.

Temporal lobe epilepsy is the most widely recognized type of epilepsy and the most well-known reason for Partial seizures and air. Air is something that happens to the body before a seizure telling the individual that they are going to endure one.

The diverse side effects of this could be a sinking feeling in your stomach, or a feeling of history repeating itself, or can likewise take a type of a sound-related mind flight. Like a melody you’ve heard or a jingle. Temporal lobe epilepsy whenever left untreated can harm the hippocampus, or, in other words of the mind that helps your memory, and learning. The harm is little and moderate yet it is still great to get epilepsy checked as soon as possible before it gets too late.

How To Control Epilepsy?

Diet And Nutrition

Diet and nutrition play an important role in seizure control. Eating too many sweets can cause seizures, especially if a seizure patient eats a sweet item right before a meal or in place of a meal. Eating a regular meal is a basic step in seizure prevention. In addition, a seizure patient should eat as soon as possible after he becomes hungry. Going an extended amount of time on an empty stomach increases the likelihood of having a seizure.

A seizure patient should not consume any alcoholic beverages. In some case, even foods that are cooked with alcohol can trigger a seizure.

Establish a schedule for taking your seizure medication and stick to it. Allowing a one-hour time frame of when a given dose of medication should be taken is a good rule to follow. For example, you may decide to always take your seizure medication between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., and then again between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. For some patients, taking their medication at a specific hour may be more crucial. Being consistent in taking your seizure medication on a regular basis will decrease seizure frequency.

Women with epilepsy who have an increase of seizures while on their menstrual cycle should talk to their neurologist about increasing their dosage of medication during their period.


Get plenty of sleep each night. Staying up late or not getting enough sleep can increase seizure activity and can also intensify seizures.

Seizure patients should take extra precautions to prevent seizures when they plan on being more physically active. Adequate rest and nourishment prior to sporting activities or highly strenuous activities can help prevent seizures. Frequent rest times are also encouraged during activities that require lots of physical work. (i.e. basketball, baseball, jogging, or strenuous yard work)

For better seizure control, a seizure patient must have a balance in his life. There needs to be a balance of sleep, physical activities, social activities, and quiet time. Too much excitement, continuous laughing, or stress can trigger a seizure

Can Epilepsy Be Controlled By Nootropics?

Certain nootropics have been known to control epileptic seizures in patients. They are used to mainly control electroshock induced seizures in patients and generally don’t have any effect on chemically induced seizures. Some of the nootropics used to treat epileptic disorders are:-


Piracetam is a widely used nootropic which is used to treat many diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Memory Dysfunction, etc. It has also shown to be beneficial towards people with epilepsy. In a study conducted by researchers, it was found that piracetam had a positive influence on cognitive measures for epileptic patients. Along with that, it also proved to improve the action of antiepileptic drugs like carbamazepine.


Nefiracetam is a nootropic drug which is from the racetam family similar to Piracetam. Preliminary research suggests that it may possess some antidementia properties which are found in rats. According to a research conducted in 2005, Nefiracetam helped to reduce electroshock‐induced seizures at nontoxic doses in patients. However, it didn’t have any effect on chemically induced seizures.

These were some of the Nootropics which can be used to control symptoms of epilepsy. Always consult your doctor before consuming any nootropic drug for treatment of epilepsy.

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