Prevagen is a popular memory nootropic supplement and is an over the counter medicine without actually requiring a doctor’s prescription. But if you ask my review I personally got no positive results after repeated use of this product.

About Prevagen

It claims to be a dietary supplement for a healthy functioning of the brain. Though available in regular and extra strength doses this medicine is actually of no help. In harsh words I personally feel that this medicine is a useless one and taking this, only adds up to several side effects that rise concern unnecessarily.

Does Prevagen Work?

No, at least for me it did not work. Even I recommended this product to some of my colleagues and friends and it did not work well with them too. So may be the problem does not lie in me but the problem lies in the product itself. It needs some more research work to upgrade the product, so that it becomes a useful one and people don’t regret using this product and paying for it.

My Personal Experience With Prevagen

I was introduced to Prevagen sometimes back by one of my distant relatives. Let me tell you he did not give me any guarantee that my problems would be solved, he just suggested me to give it a try but I was not so lucky and the product did not work for me.

Side Effects Of Prevagen

Prevagen contains a protein called Apoaequorin which is obtained from a jellyfish which glows. People taking Apoaequorin have reported problems like muscle aching in the stomach, legs and back.

People also reported to feel low and emotional after taking this medicine. Headache, dizziness and nausea are common side effects.

Instead of boosting up the memory power it occasionally causes memory issues, insomnia and anxiety.

Some people also complained about nerve and heart related issues after taking this medicine.

Is Prevagen a Scam?

Though there is an official website of the developer but the website lacks important information as to what are the actual ingredients of the product. It is also quite silent about the possible side effects that the user can experience after taking this med. The website also claims that this med contains Apoaequorin protein as the active ingredients but the concentration of the protein in the medicine is not clearly stated.

The website is also silent as to what dosage it should be taken to get the visible results. Also many people are allergic to sea fish and whereas jellyfish is also not even a fish at all. So before taking this medicine with other medicines consult your physician.

Due to this above allegation there is a lawsuit going on about this product against the company. So beware of the possible negative effects of this medicine.

Is There Any Alternative Supplement?

Ciltep is an alternative dietary supplement to Prevagen. It is a natural dietary formula that safely enhances the brain’s performances to remain sharply focused for long hours and retains memories for a longer time. It is a mind blowing nootropic that has been serving millions of people all over the world and earning praises worldwide. You can read the full Ciltep review here.

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What Are The Ingredients Of  Ciltep?

Unlike Prevagen, the official website of Ciltep, mentions each and every ingredients with the actual concentration in which each of the ingredients are used in the product. This is desirable of a good product which the users can take confidently. The following are the ingredients of Ciltep:

  • It is 100% natural, gluten free and Non GMO based product.
  • 3 capsules of Ciltep contain 900 mg of Artichoke extract which in turn contains Luteolin which is a natural inhibitor of PDE4 enzyme.
  • 3 capsules of ciltep contain 20mg of Forskolin which is also a plant extract of Coleus Forskohlii.
  • 5 mg of Vitamin B6 and 750mg of Acetyl L cartinine is contained in 3 capsules of Ciltep.

What Is The Dosage Of  Ciltep?

1 to 3 Ciltep capsules are to be taken on empty stomach per day to begin with. It is recommended not to take more than 3 capsules a day. Though Ciltep capsules can be taken on a daily basis but it is recommended to take a break of 1 to 2 days a week most conveniently you can skip Ciltep capsules in the weekends.

Where To Buy Ciltep Medicines?

You can order the nootropic Ciltep from the official website here  to get the real deal.

Final Verdict

It is a superb nootropic medicine developed to enhance the cognitive performance and strengthening your focusing ability on a particular thing for long hours.

It increases your mental endurance and motivation, improves your alertness and concentration and also mends your mood and keeps you smiling all day long without any stress.

There are positive reviews about this product everywhere and thus it is highly recommendable.

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