Hand-eye coordination is important if you want to excel in sports when you’re an athlete. For children, they’re sure to develop their motor skills using eye-hand coordination or hand-eye coordination. But, what if you lack in hand-eye coordination skills? It results in difficulties for you to perform your daily activities.

That won’t be a problem if you ask me. Why? You can use nootropics that enable you to boost your cognitive ability. Adults who take nootropics have a great chance to effectively unite their motor and visual skills that result in the proper guidance of the eye to the hands.

Here are some productive activities you can do if you have excellent hand-eye coordination:

  1. Writing

Your eyes send visual info to your brain. In turn, your brain generates instructions to your hands so that you would be able to write legible shapes and lines.

  1. Typing

Typing is similar to writing as you use your eyes to guide your hands as you type on the keyboard. In this way, you correct if you make mistakes.

  1. Driving

You use hand-eye coordination to guide your hands on the steering wheel. At the same time, you use your hands to avoid colliding with other cars on the road.

  1. Sports

Athletes need to coordinate their eyes with the movement of the body. It depends on the types of sports you’re playing. Hand-eye coordination gives you the chance to become fast and competitive.

Nootropics can help you boost your cognitive ability by improving the coordination of your visual perceptions and your motor skills. When I found out about nootropics, I was surprised by the advantages nootropics can offer people. Speaking about hand-eye coordination, it helps to boost your cognitive ability.

I was not only surprised but wondered about the top 5 nootropics that help enhance hand-eye coordination. It’s such a great discovery that’s worth for you to know.

What can these five nootropics do to improve hand-eye coordination? Read on and find out.

Top 5 Best Nootropics for Hand-Eye Coordination 


This pure substance comes from the Chinese moss plant. One of its edges is that it has no side effects and contains no toxins. Despite little laboratory testing, you can expect an excellent result from Huperzine-A.

Why? It can give you the following benefits such as:

  1. Improves Memory

If you have an excellent memory, it’s easy for you to focus on doing your tasks.  For example, you can do an effective performance in any sporting event because your eyes can guide your hand or body movements. It won’t be hard to memorize and doing complicated tasks in each practice game such as soccer or basketball.


  1. Improves Cognitive Functions

Cognitive ability is important for visual perception and motor skills to coordinate effectively. Well, it would be even smoother if you take Huperzine-A. You’re sure that you can effectively perform your tasks. I consider this an edge if you’re doing athletic stuff. You would love the results it brings.


  1. Helps Protect the Brain

The brain plays an important role in hand-eye coordination. How? Your visual perception couldn’t guide your hands without the brain’s instruction. It helps the brain to do its functions well. When you have a healthy brain, you also have an improved memory as well.  That makes hand-eye coordination successful.


  1. Helps Your Brain Organize and Form Connections

The brain connects with your visual sensors for effective hand-eye coordination. Since Huperzine-A helps the brain form accurate connections; you won’t have difficulty in doing your daily activities.

If you’re familiar with the adaptogenic herb, Tian Chi, you can find high amounts of Huperzine-A in it. This nootropic is perfect for both young adults and the elderly.


Bacopa Monnieri

I’m sure you would be amazed at the capabilities of this amazing extract. Bacopa Monnieri comes from the Brahmi plant and has a great variety of uses such as the following:

  • Improves Cognitive Memory

Like most nootropics, Bacopa Monnieri improves the cognitive function of the brain. So, you would be able to carry out the tasks you do each day such as driving or playing catch with your kids.  For example, when your eyes see the ball flying fast towards you, your instinct is to move your hands to catch it.

When both the visual motors (eyes) and brain work together, there’s assurance of success in performing such daily tasks. Bacopa Monnieri also makes sure the brain functions well to perform its basic functions.

  • Improves Thinking Ability

Your thinking skills are important in hand-eye coordination.  Why? When you see an object, your eyes send a signal to your brain to tell you what you would do. In turn, the brain sends signals to your hands to pick or avoid the object. Thus, if you have excellent thinking skills, it would be much easier for the brain to send a signal that enables your hand to move.

Bacopa Monnieri helps young and old to boost their thinking ability. Also, it enables you to perform best in school. Students who want to ace their exams can take this nootropic to improve their thinking skills.

  • Levels up Your Concentration

Concentration enables you to focus on the daily activities you do.  A good example is if you’re playing basketball.  This sport requires excelent hand –eye-coordination to perform tasks such as dribbling or passing the ball. If you don’t focus, there’s a chance for you to have poor performance in the game.

But, with the help of the nootropic Bacopa Monnieri, you have a chance to maintain your concentration despite the stress of the game. You can maintain your focus all the time.


According to a study, some participants were given 300 mg of Bacopa Monnieri during 12 weeks. The result: the participants made drastic improvements regarding memory and thinking.


Lion’s Mane

If you go to health stores, you might come across Lion’s Mane. It’s an edible nootropic that’s also available as a supplement. I never heard of Lion’s Mane before, but I’m amazed about how it can help my brain. As you read above, the brain plays a great role in hand-eye coordination.

What are the benefits of taking it ?

  • Reduces Inflammation and Protects the Brain

Both your motor and visual skills are required to achieve excellent hand-eye coordination. When you do an activity, your eyes guide your hands by sending visual perception to your brain. Then, the brain acts in response to the visual image coming from the eye.

Now, imagine if you’re brain suffers from inflammation? You would have poor memory but also face difficulties in doing you daily activities. You need to focus on the things you’re doing but you can’t do that with poor brain function.

But don’t worry! The natural extract that comes from Lion’s Mane helps you protect your brain and prevent inflammation. In this way, you achieve good performance in each of the activities you do every day.

  • Improves Cognitive Function

Hand-eye coordination is a cognitive function that enables you to use both motor and visual skills. Lion’s Mane is capable of improving the cognitive function of the brain that enables you to perform your activities successfully. If you’re an athlete, you gain fast coordination and speed due to the excellent cognitive ability you have.

Then, what can you expect to happen while you’re doing your daily activities? Here are few great things you can accomplish when you take Lion’s Mane:

  1. Healthy and fast function of the brain to send signals to your hands. Your hand does a precise movement according to the object you see or the activities you do.
  2. You gain fast and accurate movement that result in precise hand-eye coordination. For example, you’re playing catch with your son and your son throws the ball at you. When you see the ball, your hands are set to catch it. It’s the same if you throw the ball to your son. Both of you use hand-eye coordination to catch the ball.
  3. You become agile and alert in doing diverse activities. How is that possible? Since Lion’s Mane boosts your brain function, your senses become more active, which enable you to do your daily activities easily. There are no problems arising if you’re also doing multi-tasking jobs.

You can find Lion’s Mane in elixirs and mushroom coffees in the market. Aside from improving brain and cognitive functions, you can treat anxiety problems with Lion’s Mane. But that’s not all. People who are suffering from depression find a great solution in  the Lion’s Mane supplement.


Ginkgo Biloba

This nootropic comes from the leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba Tree. Ancient Chinese used ginkgo biloba in Chinese medicine for the past centuries. Users of this wonderful nootropic can expect good and healthy results that help them in hand-eye coordination. For sure, you would love its health benefits just like I did.

Here are some of the things it can do to boost your eye-hand coordination:

  • Improves Memory and Attention

The natural extract coming from ginkgo biloba proves to improve brain functions such as memory. Yes, great memory ability helps you to do your activities easily. For example, you can’t forget to keep your eyes on the street  when you’re driving. It helps you to maneuver the steering wheel, for you to avoid accidents.


Also, the nootropic is a good solution in improving your attention.  A good example is your ability to catch the ball when you’re playing basketball. In seeing the ball, your hand moves in the direction of the ball and your instinct tells you to catch it. Your enhanced attention and memory function enables you to improve your hand-eye coordination.


  • Prevents Brain Inflammation

Brain inflammation can negatively affect your brain function to process visual images that come from your eyes. It would be difficult for your brain to process the visual info if it suffers from inflammation. But when you use ginkgo biloba, inflammation is kept to a minimum. The result: your motor and visual skills have good coordination that sets proper hand-eye coordination.


Also, no brain inflammation reduces stress to your brain. It helps you think clearly and you perform your tasks well.  So, the ginkgo biloba nootropic offers you a comfortable and an easy life.

You can get this nootropic in supplement form that offers you amazing results.


CBD Oil ( Canabidiol )

CBD is considered by experts as a powerful nootropic, it is derived from the  cannabis plant. I agree that this nootropic has excellent health benefits that result in enhanced eye-hand coordination. People who tried it felt good effects such as the following:

  • Enhanced Focus

Focus is important in hand-eye coordination as it enables you to catch a ball or drive a car.  You don’t face difficulty in doing other activities due to the effective functions of your brain. For sure, you gain success in each activity you do.


  • Reduces Stress

Stress affects hand-eye coordination in number of ways such as you lose focus and face hard time in dong your activities. Well, don’t worry!  CBD acts as stress solution that enables you to be alert and agile in doing simple or complex activities.

Also, you can be more creative in doing the things you like. You would always be in the mood to do things easily.  Other users can reduce their anxiety problems that result in proper hand-eye coordination. You can also avoid headaches and other problems that affect your visual and motor skills.

These five nootropics offer you great effects by boosting your hand-eye coordination.  Are you ready to change your life with nootropics? Give them  a try and you will be happy with the results, I promise.


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