Have you ever felt lost at a party? Just that senseless dread of you not belonging there? Wanting to go home, even though you desperately stressed to yourself coming there that you were going to enjoy it? Well, you wouldn’t be alone if you answered yes to any of these questions. Introversion, shyness, peace and quiet are traits preferred by a lot of us. They only become a problem, however, if they come in our way of having a healthy social life. And that’s why we’re here today, to hopefully aid you in your struggle to be as socially amiable as humanly possible!

It’s true and heavily researched that certain drugs or supplements do make you outgoing, but you shouldn’t take the word of a random stranger on the internet.

Instead, what this article aims to push you to do is conduct your own research before making a (well informed) choice about which supplementation programme you wish to follow on a daily basis. Regardless of your choice, do understand that these drugs are only going to be a part of the reason for your success and likeability in social situations… The struggle of actually making good conversation during one? All yours mate. So without wasting any more of your time, let’s hop right into how you can utilize this supplementation to aid you in your journey.

What’s The Evidence?

At this point you may be asking, “You just told me that we shouldn’t trust a guy on the internet, so what’s to say that such ‘foreign chemicals’ in my body wouldn’t do me more harm than good?!” and that wouldn’t be a half bad question. But, first of all, mate, *you* are a composition of foreign chemicals in your body. Every single bit of you is an element on the periodic table. Yeah… Science!

Anyway, these substances are unlikely to do you harm and are actually beneficial because of certain characteristics and effects associated with the ingredients used to make them. These have further been extensively researched to address the very doubts and qualms that you were shouting at me in the last paragraph. So, before we get into our list of top nootropic supplements for your journey towards extroversion, let’s consider in-depth the studies that actually tell us that they’re going to be any good.

Several exploratory behavior studies were conducted on mice and rats to discover the advantageous effects of drugs like adafenoxate (Adf), piracetam (Pc), scopolamine (Scop) and citocholine (CCh). In the preliminary tests, the step-through memory test was utilized which produced surprising results among the scientists studying the behavior. The mice which were adapted to running a set maze had to run a new maze, the structure of which discovered and hence required innovative thinking in some capacity. The time taken to run through this new maze was then recorded, measured and compared. The mean average time of the experimental groups which were subjected to different doses of the drugs, compared to the control group’s results, was lower by almost 7 seconds! Similar studies towards performance enhancement are yet to be conducted on humans – likely stalled due to ethical reasons – but they definitely have been found to be absolutely harmless for human consumption.

Similar studies on the anti-amnestic and anti-addictive effects of ingredients common to most nootropic recipes were conducted on guinea pigs and monkeys – biologically quite similar to humans and also less prone to concerns raised by environmental groups as long as they aren’t harmed during studies. The results were again astounding, animals which were exposed to the particular treatment of various compositions of drugs were found to be significantly less likely to get addicted to the nicotine infused water in their cages. Consecutively, their interaction with other primates of their species was much more visible and overall, their social and psychological state seemed to be much more appealing and stable. Goes to show just how stimulating nootropic supplements can be.

Even though the previous studies are pretty convincing by themselves, it’s a well acknowledged fact among the nootropic supplementation community that L Theanine and Caffeine – simply due to their nature as stimulants and socially acceptable drugs, found quite commonly – have been the most thoroughly researched drugs. Multiple studies have time and again concluded the vast number of benefits that stem from their use, including mood enhancement, boosts in energy, adrenalin secretion (preemptive), exercise-readiness, fatigue reduction, recovery, and decrease in muscle soreness, increased cognitive functioning, memory and what not. The reason we’re not providing a specific study is that there are simply so many of them that the first result to pop up on any search engine after you type “caffeine/L Theanine research” is likely to be a valid source of information. See! You don’t just have to take the word of one random stranger on the internet… You can take the word of multiples of them who agree upon the findings without any vested interests. (Seriously though, that’s what research is).

Top Nootropic Supplements For Your Potential Extrovert

That’s all well and good, I hear you saying right now, but I’ve done my research and I yet can’t come to completely unwavering decision. We understand what you’re feeling right now. A lot of people feel that way even after extensive research, simply because all the products seem so beneficial and list similar yet slightly different target audiences. Indeed, different nootropics cater to different needs of various individuals. However, there are some that you can’t simply go wrong with buying. So, if you can’t really choose a particular drug to help on your social journey, here are some of ones which are simply top of the line in the market right now. You just can’t go wrong with them!

Mind Lab Pro

Truly a product of ingenious design, Mind Lab Pro offers benefits to its users which are likely unparalleled by any other product in the market. Its benefits – aimed at decreasing stress and stimulating one’s personality – include increased memory retention coupled with soaring cognitive ability. This allows the consumer to go on partying (or working) till the early hours of dawn and essentially be the life of the party!

Much has been said about the product to which I simply cannot add without reiterating. Instead, I’d point you towards an article which would likely cover everything you need to know about Mind Lab Pro and also answer all your doubts on the issue. You can find it here Mind Lab Pro Review. Trust us… we don’t just plug random websites.


You might be questioning us regarding our choice to include one of the most common household drugs and stimulants in our ‘top’ list, but we here like to follow the principle of Arkham’s razor. Don’t complicate the simple stuff! Caffeine has been the choice of drug to stimulate bodies and minds for centuries, whether that be early morning to get your day started or midway through the afternoon in order to keep it going. The only possible explanation then stands to reason that caffeine just has been that effective so has to be around for this long.

Its swift effects on the body, primarily the adenosine receptors and transmitters in the brain allows it to deliver results faster than most alternatives that have been developed after this stimulant. You might even be wondering if Caffeine is a nootropic at all and your concerns are justified. The fact is, that its use as an ingredient in many complex and original recipes in products in the nootropic market have further enhanced its effects. However, for someone just starting out on their supplementation and extroversion journey, regular ol’ coffee is as great.  If you get the jitters from regular coffee, but would like to reap the benefits without the negative side effects, i strongly suggest getting a supplement called ” Smart CaffeineHere. It combines caffeine with L-Theanine in the right ratios in a conveniant pill


This one might not be the most obvious item on a reviewer’s list, but then again, we aren’t any conventional panel of reviewers. Creatine has been conventionally used to enhance gains during weightlifting and bodybuilding, especially to allow performers to train for longer by building up their stores of phosphocreatine which is utilized during anabolic glycolysis. Consequently, longer training periods yield higher gains.

However, these benefits do not limit the stimulating effect the stimulant has on the heart, especially the increases in arousal that it leads to within the consumer. Moreover, recent studies have concluded that Creatine (as a supplement) has a lot of additional benefits for users which have simply not been explored at this point. This suggests that while there may be potentially massive advantages to incorporating it as a part of your diet, much research remains yet to be done. You can try a bottle inexpensively from here.

Some of these may include improved reasoning and cognitive abilities while making the user more outgoing. That sure does sound promising if you wish to believe us.
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