You being here indicates us that your fancy has recently been caught by the immense potential held within the nootropic supplementation market. As nootropic or cognitive supplements, certain drugs have the power to unlock the depths of our potential, allowing us to deal with tasks quicker and in a more sorted manner, score higher on tests and generally live a healthier, physically active life.

If these drugs are so fascinating, you’re thinking to yourself right now, then why haven’t you heard of them before… Right? We’ll tell you. It’s because majority of the research into the benefits of these drugs has only been conducted in the last decade or so, and even that’s largely been done begrudgingly, conservatively and very conceitedly. These factors tell us that doctors have been largely unresponsive towards the advantages that are held within these supplements.

So if your doctors won’t tell you which nootropic supplement you should incorporate in your diet to live a healthier life, who will?

Don’t worry, that’s where we have you covered. Nootropic supplementation has

thorough research studies posted online on various medicinal journals. We read through them so that you don’t have to (even though we recommend that) and provide you with succinct advice about which supplement is required for whichever period of your life you’re struggling through. This list is one such incarnation of the advice. These supplements are essentially a little of the ‘niched’ market that I mentioned above: their benefits are much more holistic and general, to cater to the wide-ranging needs of this premier audience. We’re sure that by the end of this (short) read, you’d have an idea of the kind of nootropic that may work for you.


Yes, the sleep hormone being supplemented through various nootropics can actually be good for you! After all, the very essence of nootropics is cognitive enhancement and memory improvement, along with the secondary benefits that flow from these, including increased self-esteem, confidence and physical activity. Then, the activity that’s responsible for encoding and (literally) rewriting our neural pathways is kind of related to those benefits.

The mechanism of work of melatonin is primarily focused on providing the user with restorative sleep. As most doctors would tell, the level of activity that we’re susceptible to in a day, along with our performance in them, is directly related to your sleep patterns. Then it’s only natural that we realize that sleep quality directly influences the way we’re programmed to think and analyze information. Not to mention, you get to get some quality sleep. Isn’t that a win-win?

Moreover, this nootropic ingredient is becoming increasingly beneficial as artificial lights slowly start surrounding us prior to our sleeping hours – like computers, mobiles, LEDs etc. – and distorting our natural sleeping patterns. Consequently, melatonin secretion by the body has plummeted and hence should be supplemented by alternatives. This is not only likely to allow you to sleep faster but also wake up better refreshed. It has been noted that around 2 milligrams of melatonin supplementation around half an hour prior to sleeping has helped insomnia sufferers fall asleep faster and enjoy an overall better quality of sleep. Think about the dreams you could be experiencing!    I recommend to get it from this source

Bacopa Monnieri

Maybe the reason you’ve come upon nootropic supplementation is because you feel that you’ve always been a little slow in terms of recollection, or maybe you think that age has started to finally catch up with you and you need to take an extra second to recall some address or phone number. Then, Bacopa might just be the nootropic for you!

Traditionally used in various Asian countries as a medicine enhancing cognitive and memory, its supplementation has then been logically found to be linked with boosts to an individual consumer’s short term sensory stores and also the short term memory, improving their selection attention processes and ability to analyze various stimuli at once.

Various studies conducted with people aged over the age of 55 indicated that the consumption of Bacopa lead to increased memory formation and retention, with added benefits to their verbal learning skills (controlled by the area of the brain directly adjacent to the hippocampus). Other studies have been replicated in these lines to conclude similar findings.

These then indicate that while Bacopa can definitely bring about certain short term changes, it’s essentially the long-steady growth that Bacopa Monnieri can provide for you. However, we do recommend that you consult your doctor before including it in your diet as certain side effects may be potentially heightened due to preexisting medicinal conditions. For best price on this supplement, go here.


This one is likely to be a blast for all those young adults who just can’t seem to stop partying. A cure for your introversion and boost to your self-esteem and confidence, so you can finally start talking to those girls. Categorically, it’s defined as an adaptogen, which indicates the potential benefits it can have for a user: increased ability to cope with stress, whether that’s mental or physical.

Moreover, various studies have been conducted on its effects on patients suffering from social anxiety and depression. These have concluded a significant hike in confidence whenever consumption of Ashwaganda were made a regular part of the diets of the people concerned.

Ashwaganda consequently has enormous benefits from people suffering from chronic stress, whether that’s in the workplace or at a competitive school.

Moreover, its link with boosts in serotonin levels in the brain have been identified in studies done on rats, which manifested itself in the prevalence of their increased social interaction. Studies on humans have mostly yielded the same results, however, they often fail to account for the inhibitions a human possess cognitively/socially rather than just biologically or instinctively. This then indicates that the benefits are likely to be potentially higher than measured. Go here for best price.

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