Hypothyroidism can be well managed and suppressed using prescribed drugs and medicines; however, for some of the extreme and severe hypothyroidism cases, managing can be tough by merely taking medications. These people must then switch over to several nutrients including essential vitamins which they need to consume daily for effective management of the condition to ensure that the hormone from the thyroid gland is adequately secreted.

Role Of Nootropics In Controlling Hypothyroidism

Nootropics are commonly known as smart drugs that are specially manufactured to increase brain activity. Other than improving the functioning of the brain, nootropics drugs have immense other benefits in the human body. One such benefit is controlling hypothyroidism with the help of the active nutrients that it contains. Nootropics drugs are of immense use for the people suffering from hypothyroidism as it contains the essential vitamins and nutrients that help in regulating the thyroid gland and is proven to be effective in most of the case. The drugs work in a varied nature depending on person to person. This includes their health conditions and the drugs that suit them which can show results in one persona and does not mean that it will be of the same effect to the other when they consume it in the same prescribed dosage.

The Nootropics drugs mainly cross the barrier between the brain and blood and energize the body to perform well in all aspects. The body functioning is enhanced and lifted to a supreme level of energy to deliver the most effective improvements in daily life. Individuals suffering from hypothyroidism must consume “Creatine “and the nootropics drugs that contain Vitamin B.

T3 and T4 are two hormones created by the thyroid gland. The pituitary gland causes the formation of T3 and T4 when it releases TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone). When the thyroid hormones in the body are low, this TSH is formed. In a healthy human, these hormone levels are neither low nor high it is maintained within a specific range. In the case of hypothyroidism the human body will have a low level of the T3 and T4 hormones. The equilibrium is not maintained as there is a deficiency in the production of T3 and T4. Several nootropic supplements can naturally restore the common thyroid functionality.

Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism

  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • The decline in memory function
  • Reduced metabolism and quick weight gains
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Sensitive to cold
  • Reduction in the heart rate
  • Itchiness and dried skin
  • Depression and stress
  • Reduction in concentration and focus
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Constipation

One should consult with a physician before coming to any conclusion about the disease.

Creatine- An Essential Nootropic To Provide Relief Against Hypothyroidism

The most common and well-known substance known among the nootropics drugs for gym activities is Creatine. The supplement is prepared using a naturally occurring substance or molecule which is created within the liver and consumed with a daily balanced diet. Creatine contains a high amount of animal protein. Creatine creates cellular ATP that in return releases and supplies energy to one’s body. The primary storage of creatine is in skeletal muscles in humans which count up to 90% in total. This is the main reason why Creatine has gained its popularity among  people suffering from hypothyroidism. It helps in increasing their athletic performance levels and gives their performance a boost to the maximum extent.

Creatine also enhances the functioning of the brain and other body activities that regulate the thyroid gland functioning through active secretion of the required hormones. With the presence of creatine, there is a significant increase in the levels of ATP production that serves the human body with a more significant amount of energy for better performance. This also helps in regulating the thyroid gland when the body functioning improves which in return serves to be beneficial for resolving issues like hypothyroidism. The ATP produced acts as one of the best neuro-protective substances that stabilize the coordination between the mind and the body. The cell membranes of the body receive protection from the damages caused due to internal oxidation and allow the body to withstand a prolonged period of stress.

Uses Of Nootropics Drugs To Control Hypothyroidism

The dosage of the nootropic supplements must be kept constant as prescribed between two to five grams each day either in the morning or during the mid-day. The side effects of nootropics drugs are counted to nil as it has been clinically proven to benefit the human body rather than showing adverse side effects. Some minor claims came up but were proven to be negligible in the form of dehydration, muscle cramps, and gastrointestinal disturbances. The ingredients used in the nootropics contain essential nutrients and vitamins that effectively fight all the body’s disorders related to the thyroid. The reduction of  hypothyroidism can be adequately seen through its auto-immunity procedures that benefit the human body immensely by reducing inflammation and causing improvements to the thyroid dysfunction.

The supplementing of the nutrients and the vitamins must be done with the nootropics drugs under the supervision of a trained medical practitioner. One must be well aware of all the levels that their body requires of the vitamins and nutrients, and this can be conclusively determined through simple blood tests. In case some nutrient deficiency is found in the blood ; one can be prescribed with the appropriate type of nootropics drugs that can suit to fulfill the deficiency to the best possible extent for better functioning and to regulate the hormonal activities of the body in the best possible manner.

The facts and the figures must be in place and well-understood before consuming any dosage of  nootropics . For better effectiveness, consult a trained medical practitioner, so that the visible improvements are recorded and can be portrayed to the patient.

In case of any adverse reaction, your doctor can immediately check and adjust the treatment by altering the prescribed drugs.

Effectiveness Of The Active Ingredients In The Nootropics Drugs To Control Hypothyroidism

There are a lot of specific nutrients that are used in the preparation of the nootropics drugs. These ingredients prove to be very beneficial towards the thyroid disorder, especially hypothyroidism. Some of the ingredients in the nootropics drugs that actively help in regulating hypothyroidism and its related symptoms are the following:


The adequate amount of secretion for the thyroid hormone in the body needs iodine for functioning. Nootropics drugs are one of the best sources for iodine supply in the human body. These can be consumed along with your regular diet every day. The iodine amount must be supplemented to a limited amount to control the hypothyroidism effectively in the human body.

Vitamin B:

There is a lot of interaction of Vitamin B with the thyroid functioning in the human body. Vitamin B adequately helps in the regulation of the thyroxin hormone secretion in the human body. The best way to get an adequate source of Vitamin B in the diet is by taking n prescribed dosages of nootropics drugs and another related food source that mainly supplies Vitamin B complex for better functioning.


The metabolism of the human body is adequately supported with the help of zinc that supports thyroid synthesis too. Selenium can be consumed, and the diet can receive adequate amounts of selenium when an individual is under the prescribed dosage of nootropics drugs.

Vitamin D:

People suffering from hypothyroidism usually have a lot of deficiency of vitamin D in their body. To recover the amount of Vitamin D, one can actively consume vitamin d supplements, so that there are stability and balance maintained in their diet to support the perfect functioning.


The human body needs zinc to convert the thyroid hormone T4 to T3. Zinc is beneficial in increasing the levels of thyroid functioning and other levels of the hormones that control the thyroid gland. Consumption of a zinc supplement is effective in resolving the zinc deficiency in the body, and simultaneously supports the dietary system in an individual suffering from hypothyroidism.


The production and conversion of the thyroid hormone is done with the help of a nutrient called tyrosine. Protein intake can increase the level of tyrosine and amino acids in the human body, so there is an adequate amount present at all times.

Alternative Ways to Treat Hypothyroidism

If you want to know more about alternative ways and in-depth knowledge about hypothyroidism cures that are not on your doctor’s radar, i found an excellent ebook about it that really seems to work.  User reviews about it are very positve, and people suffering from the condition reported great results . It is called The Hypothyroidism Revolution , you can check out the ebook course here.

Final Word

One can use nootropics drugs, consume prescribed medicines or use natural remedies to treat hypothyroidism. The prescribed medicines very often cannot resolve the actual cause of hypothyroidism. Even surgery often fails to address the problem and restore the normal levels of hormones in the body. Studies suggest that natural cures and nootropics drugs at times perform better and are safer as compared to other types of medications. They work faster and in a much more effective way.

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