The Benefits Of B Vitamins On Cognitive Function

Vitamin B is a soluble vitamin taking part in the cellular machinery. It is composed of eight different groups of vitamins involved in different anabolic and catabolic processes. One of the vital entailing effects of vitamin B is predominantly found in the brain cells.

As we all know the brain is a vital organ which occupies 2% of the overall body weight accounting to have 20% of the energy expenditure.

The ubiquitous function of Vitamin B has a profound effect on the cognitive function of the brain. In this article, we are going to investigate the plethora of function exhibited by vitamin B.

Role Of Vitamin B1 Or Thiamine In Brain Health

It is vital coenzyme taking part in the pentose phosphate pathway that is crucial to synthesize steroids, fatty acids, aromatic compounds of amino acids and nucleic acids. Vitamin B is majorly acting as a core enzyme to carry out the enzymatic processes. These are bioactive precursors for a wide number of neurotransmitters that supply the brain. Thiamine is thus found to support the structural built up of the membranes of neuroglia and neurons comprising the brain.

Vitamin B1 sources include nuts, oats, oranges, egg, legumes, yeast peas and so on.

Use Of Vitamin B3 Or Niacin In Cognitive Function

Cellular functioning of the brain is inclined to niacin as it is a major component to produce NAD and NADPH responsible to derive energy to the body metabolism. Besides, they also shield our body from the superoxide radicals. The reduction in the intake of niacin proves to be a major deprivation of the receptors like the NIACRI receptor that causes schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease. Some of the recognized food sources for vitamin B3 are peanuts, brown rice, fish, mushrooms, avocados, chicken and so on.

Role Of Vitamin B5 Or The Pantothenic Acid In Brain Development

It is responsible to synthesize the coenzyme A that is important in various mechanisms involving the oxidative metabolism. It restricts the structure of the brain to get depleted as it is involved in the synthesis of phospholipids, amino acids, fatty acids, and cholesterol. Thus they are responsible for a variety of steroid hormone and neurotransmitters.

Vitamin B5 is present in significant amount in yogurt, egg yolk, legumes, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and shellfish and so on.

The Function Of Vitamin V6 or Pyridoxine In Cognitive Response

Vitamin B6 is mainly present in seafood, poultry meats, legumes, soy, and nuts and is a crucial cofactor responsible to regulate folate cycle. It is a rate-limiting factor for the regulation of the neurotransmitter like the serotonin, dopamine, GABA and so on. Such downregulation may lead to neural transmission inhibition causing you to spend restless nights. It is a major player in the uptake of glucose by the brain that may lead to pathological disease like cognitive declining or dementia.

Role Of Vitamin B7 Or Biotin In Brain Development

A healthy brain is supplied with glucose to be kept functioning. Biotin keeps pace with the gluconeogenesis, glucose uptake by the hepatocyte and regulating the pancreatic beta cell to produce insulin. Low circulation of biotin has a correlating effect in causing diabetes type II.

Vitamin B7 sources include fortified cereals, corn, eggs, royal jelly, soy and so on.

Use Of Vitamin B9 Or Folate In Regulating Brain Function

Folate function with correspondence to vitamin B12 that cause trapping of folate as methyltetrahydrofolate. The result of the folate deficiency causes a down-regulation of pyrimidine and purine biosynthesis that is the basic building block of the DNA causing methylation of the tissues in the brain. Thus, the stability of the brain is impaired leading to atrophy of the brain. It also can compromise with the integrity of brain and stability of the action potential of the neurons is lost. This is even more severe as it may cause development disorder in the fetus.

The eminent source of folate can be obtained from lentils, spinach, broccoli, mangoes, oranges, sweet corn and so on.

The Function Of Vitamin B12 Or The Cobalamin In Neural Control

It is interlinked to function with the folate to carry out the methionine cycle.It is a necessary cofactor that is responsible to covert the amino acid into neurotransmitters like dopamine, melatonin, serotonin, and so on. It causes some major neurological decline before the occurrence of hematological alteration. Some of the sources of Vitamin B12 include meat, fish, milk and milk products.

Thus, it is evident that vitamin B has a very pronounced impact on the psychiatric and neurological abnormality of the brain and is significant in the early development of the brain.

It has been found that cellular uptake of the vitamin B is regulated by the brain to a wide extent. This is because the concentration if the folate, pantothenic acid and biotin derivatives found in brain accounts to be greater than the blood. This makes it evident that vitamin B is necessary for keeping the brain healthy. The homocysteine hypothesis holds the fact that vitamin B has a long lasting impact on the brain function.


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Natural Versus Synthetic Nootropics: Pros And Cons

Nootropics are supplements that enhance the brain function and increase the cognitive function of the brain. It is evident that the brain is a vital organ which if gets damaged cannot be reversed back. The brain is responsible for executing all the body function which can significantly be increased with the aid of nootropic drugs.

These stimulants are broadly categorized into two types- natural and artificial types. We are about to venture through the contrasting differences that natural and artificial nootropics have.

The Functioning Of Natural And Synthetic And Natural Nootropics

There are many ways in which the natural nootropics like the huperzine A can function increases the rate of neural growth by extending the activity of cholinesterase inhibitor that reduces the effective nerve transmission by blocking the acetylcholine esterase activity. This increase in the neurotransmitter will develop a healthier brain and keeps the PNS and CNS activated.

The functioning of the synthetic drug is also dependent on the drug that is being manufactured. Some of the synthetic nootropics are biohackers that deceive the brain with energy that keeps you alerted for extended periods. Some other nootropics like the racetams are responsible to release acetylcholine that is significantly taking part in the functioning of the brain. It is also developing the thinking and strengthening the memory.

Benefits Of Natural Nootropics

Natural nootropics are effective to spike up the natural health with their long-lasting pronounced effects. They are sounder to respond to some emergency brain health problems. Taking nootropics derived from nature for a long time can have a holistic effect on the mental health. The natural ingredients preserve the brain integrity for long that is effective to impart no detrimental effect on the brain due to age-related discrepancies.

The goodness that the herbal nootropics like huperzine A inculcate is their synergistic effect is effective for quick remedies. This is often the shortfall for the synthetic nootropics. Various different naturally derived nootropics can be taken at the same time to stack up to the metabolic efficiencies.

Some of the functions carried by the natural nootropic are autonomic that does not require assistance for its proper functioning.

Next significant benefit of nootropic is that they do not create any safety issue as they do not cause any side effects. They impart gradual benefit and do not increase the activity of the brain abruptly.

They can be ingested at high doses or can be discontinued without causing any major health effects. A diet of high omega 3 fatty acid can build up the brain functioning.

This is a clean energy that can be easily ingested and digested. They are supplements that are widely available in the market and you can get it without any hassle.

Some Examples Of Natural Nootropics

Let Us Have a Look at Some of The Popular Natural Nootropics:

  • Pinax Ginseng is among the most popular nootropics that relieve anxiety. It is a very beneficial antioxidant that boosts the production of energy in the brain. It also enhances the level of dopamine in the brain shifting you to a more stable mood.
  • Rhodiola Rosea increases the level of serotonin and is an effective mood booster. It builds the memory and reasoning skills. It is also taken to cure mental burn out and fatigue.
  • The lion’s mane like mushrooms is also effective in developing the cognitive function reduction the forgetfulness of the individual. It is very effective in treating the damage to the nerve.
  • Green tea a recent survey has reported that green tea is having caffeine that may have cognitive benefits.

Disadvantages Of Natural Nootropics

  • They are very systemic and slow in deriving the result although they are helping the individual to stay healthy for long.
  • Despite having any side effects, their dosage and the concentration cannot be judged and calculated for daily intake.
  • Another aspect that needs to be kept in mind before talking natural nootropics is that they may be sensitive if you are allergic to the type of herb. These allergic reactions should first be identified before relying on nootropics.

Benefits Of Synthetic Nootropics

  • Synthetic nootropics aim to build the mental health and decelerate the process of tissue damage. They are dependent as they impart to give a very quick relief. Their efficiency is judged by their short time frame in which they show fruitful results.
  • They are also very reliable as they promise for more specific and focused function. These are worth the money you invest in delivering a better standard of living.

  • Each of the synthetic nootropics has a specific function to function. They are designed synthetically to target specific machinery of the brain.
  • Lastly, there are multiple of choices in front of you to choose from as these are manufactured and sold under various brand names.
  • The doses of the nootropics can be regulated and maintained to increase the activity of the brain.

Some Examples Of Synthetic Nootropics

Some Of The Well Recognized Synthetic Nootropics Are as Follows:

  • Amphetamines are some prescribed medicine that treats neoplasia and hyperactive disorders commonly affecting the adults. It is effective in increasing the chemicals present in the brain that improves their thinking and focusing power.
  • Ritalin is also beneficial in managing the narcolepsy and ADHD that develops attention and short-term memory.
  • Provigil affects uncontrolled drowsiness that is also called as narcolepsy. It is effective to reduce fatigue and insomnia.
  • Phenotropil is a synthetically formulated smart drug that recovers the brain from trauma, epilepsy, and stroke.


Disadvantages Of Synthetic Nootropics

  • Nootropics are psycho-stimulant that can have disadvantages as they are having some side effects. But it should be mistaken as not to be taken as measured dose may result in improving your mental health.
  • More than one nootropics can lead to antagonistic effects that must be avoided without being prescribed.
  • Thus, nootropics can be efficient in dealing with various cases depending on which type of complication is faced by the individual. It uplifts the standard of living and helps you to yield high brain development enabling you to stand tall with your intellectuality and performance.
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Can Nootropics Help In Quitting Smoking?

Quitting smoking is not at all an easy task and you need a lot of mental preparations to actually quit the old habit. However quitting smoking abruptly can have severe withdrawal symptoms and you may need to visit the hospital. Nootropics have brought various solutions to quit smoking effectively.

What Are The Causes Of Withdrawal Symptoms?

A surge in the adrenaline causes withdrawal symptoms when a chain and active smoker tries to quit smoking abruptly. Any kind of addictions works just like a spring on our brain. These addictions suppress the brain’s noradrenaline production and whenever the addiction is stopped it’s like releasing the weight from your brain and your brain rebounds back creating an adrenaline surge. It is to be remembered that quitting any age old habit is a gradual process and needs patience and a strong determination. Suddenly stopping can even lead to strokes, heart attacks and seizures.

Nootropics And Quitting Smoking

People often make resolutions each year to quitting habits like smoking. But as it is said “Promises are meant to break”, sadly enough only few succeed to keep this valiant promise. The smart Noortropic medicines will help you kick off the bad habits because of which you are literally suffering from daily complaints of illness.

Nootropic supplements actually lessen the withdrawal symptoms which are actually the problem in people trying to quit smoking. If this problem is effectively solved then quitting smoking may not be such a hard-hitting work.

Best Nootropics For Quitting Smoking

Rhodiola Rosea

These Nootropics act as a lifesaver for smokers by alleviating depression and anxiety caused due to Nicotine cessation. Not only it reduces the withdrawal symptoms but also it counter affects the weight gain that is associated with quitting Nicotine. Nootropic reduces the levels of Cortisol which is a stress hormone known to increase belly fat. It activates the enzyme Adipose lipase to burn out those extra calories from the body. Recommended daily intake is 200 to 600 mg.


Start taking a small dose of Phenibut from the day you are determined to quit smoking. This wonder drug reduces the anxiety and stress crutch for not getting your addictions. It also induces a good night sleep by reducing the withdrawal symptoms to a great extent. But do not make a habit of taking Phenibut instead of cigarette. Remember it is not a substitute of cigarette but it is only a supplement to help you quit smoking. So don’t make this a habit, take it only under emergencies when the cravings go out of control.


You will find a noticeable boost in your will power after taking this drug for a few days. When your will power is sapped and your cravings dominate your focus, dosing some of this medicine will make a lot of noticeable difference in your behavior. You will be thoroughly satisfied after having defied the rebel cravings that you had. It is a synthetic molecule that is not available in any food products or nature. The daily recommended intake is 500 to 1000 mg.


It is similar to Oxiracetam. It is a cheap, safe and effective drug that stimulates the will power in as early as 45 minutes after the first dose of it. Piracetam has a synergizing effect when taken in combination with Oxiracetam or Rhodiola rosea in the ratio 4:1. Piracetam has the power to restore the healthy arousal process and can give you immense pleasure in this. The daily intake should not be more than 2 to 4 gm. However if you intend to take the dosage in the ratio 4:1, then it is recommended to take 4 gms of Piracetam along with 1 gm of Oxiracetam or 2 gms of Piracetam along with 200 mg of Oxiracetam.


This drug gives you the clear headed energy that is required for clearing the mental fog experienced due to Nicotine cessation. Modafinil helps to stay motivated and focused the whole day with increased amount of alertness that normally goes away once a person quits smoking. Modafinil corrects insomnia and gives you a good daytime sleep without any anxieties.

Alpha Brain

It is one of the popular Nootropic stacks available with several ingredients which are combined in a single capsule. The combination of powerful ingredients makes the product much more useful and effective than a single ingredient Nootropic. Besides enhancing concentration, it also reduces anxiety much the same way as Modafinil does. It mends the mood which is an invaluable reward once smoking is quitted, the feeling that you can live without smoking is very important to inculcate in your brain and Alpha Brain does this magic with ease.


It is the main ingredient of Alpha Brain. Besides mending the mood and concentration, it effectively breaks the brain and blood barrier and paving the way for other essential nutrients to enter the brain. It can be taken with Nootropic stack as well as can be taken alone for best results. It is cheaper then Alpha Brain and thus is preferred by many users.


The exact mechanism in which this Nootropic drug works is yet to be explained by science but the subtle frequent psycho stimulatory effect that it offers to people wanting to quit smoking is really commendable.

How Effective Are Nootropics In Reducing Withdrawal Symptoms?

Nootropics are wonder drugs that boost up the brain power. As said earlier quitting any age old habit needs a lot of determination and a very strong brain. Nootropic does this wonder by enhancing the focus and concentration of the smokers. It enhances the overall cognitive function on one hand and on the other it reduces the feeling of anxiety and stress; the two most lethal factors that induces the cravings for smoking.


A sharp brain and physical fitness is what life demands and to achieve these, quitting addictions is important. Smoking has its own hazardous effects as well as it is the powerhouse of other lethal ailments. Nootropics have been successfully bringing out people out of this magnetic prowess of addiction for years.

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Nootropics For Women – What’s The Difference?

Neuroscience has been bringing developments in the life of  people by working towards improvement of cognitive abilities. These discoveries have led to the introduction of nootropics. They are basically synthetic components which allow a person to improve their memory power and increase concentration.

Using Nootropics: Some Basics

These drugs are often termed as smart drugs as it meant to put a significant effect on your brain. There are certain myths associated with nootropics and one such myth is that its use instantly transforms one’s dull brain into a sharper one. Nonetheless, it acts as a supplement only to increase your mental strength. These drugs should be approached like that of a work out. As you take energy drinks before a workout, nootropics should be used in a similar manner   as  part of mental exercise.

Nootropics are known to work wonders whenever you find difficulties in continuing with tasks that require cognitive alertness. If you are wondering about these memory enhancers, then you probably are already familiar with some of these substances, as it can be found in L-theanine and caffeine.

Are Nootropics Ideal For Women?

Most of the time people ask if nootropics are different for men and women? Well, the effect of nootropics for women can work differently in comparison to men. It can be said that the brain of a woman displays certain unique features that men don’t have.

Now, you might be thinking about the facts presented in the previous section. The reason why a woman’s brain is regarded as different from that of a man is related to empathy. Women are more emphatic in comparison to men. The level of oestrogen as well as progesterone is high among women and it serves as one of the reasons for increased stress reactions.

Researchers have found that women have greater mood fluctuations than men, and these mood swings cause a lot of pressure on their brain. So, nootropics can help them get some relief to their mental well being.

Nootropics Helping In Reducing Menopausal Risks

Women often face issues in their perimenopausal transition phase. Although a number of techniques have been put into practice for reducing the risk factors associated with menopause however, one of the significant research that have been made in the arena of women’s health is nootropics.

The hormones like estrogens as well as testosterone acts as a catalyst to mental clarity, cognitive functions and memory power. Nootropics seems to work in the similar way as the hormones for increasing cognitive capability. With the menopausal effect women tend to face a lot of problems pertaining to loss of memory or poor cognition. So, nootropics are able to reduce the menopausal effect and improve cognition.

Best Nootropics For Women

Nootropics are meant to boost your mental agility and help in reducing the effect of hormone fluctuations among women. This section of the study is going to deal with the well known and effective nootropics which are especially made to fulfill the cognitive requirements of women.


L-theanine has the potential to boost the alpha wave mechanism in  womens brains. Most of you will be amazed to know that this category of nootropics is present in green tea. Now, you might have known the reason why intake of green tea releases your mental pressure at once. The anxiety levels are kept under control by L-thealine.

Bacopa Monnieri

It is a form of herb that contains nootropics and is meant for promoting healthy memory. It allows a woman to keep control over their mood to deal with stressful situations. Studies have proven that Bacopa Monnieri is quite effective in comparison to other types of therapies in developing mental abilities. Those who are facing problems in memory prowess during menopause phase should try this supplement.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Since ancient times, women have always been multi-taskers, and multitasking exerts immense pressure on one’s brain. The N-Acetyl l-Tyrosine enables the multitasking women to minimise the level of stress by burning the catecholamine neurotransmitter, which is the prime reason behind stress. It can also revitalise your memory thereby removing any traces of depressive state of mind.

Rhodiola Rosea

The hectic work life might take a toll on your health, especially mental well being. In order to ensure that your busy work life does not effect upon your well being, Rhodiola Rosea controls the occurrence of hormone imbalances in a women’s body.


Know The Proper Way To Have Nootropics

Well, you cannot start popping Nootropics whenever you feel like losing on your mental strength. There are certain principles or rather to say, rules associated with the usage of these memory enhancers. One should not make it a habit to intake nootropics, rather they should take them in certain intervals. An addiction to components like rhiodala can in fact put negative impact on your brain.

So, it is better to make use of these drugs only during emergency situations. Nootropics do not act as a substitute for our poor lifestyle, rather it can just give you some energy boosts. A nootropic regimen is recomended, but at the same time  to maintain healthy lifestyle practices.

There are some tracking devices which help to adjust the  proper dosages  to keep mental prowess. Institutions like Cambridge Brain Sciences have propounded tracking mechanisms for understanding the right dosage for nootropcis. If you are able to take a note of these rules then you may find fruitful results from using nootropics.

Nootropics has become a favourite drug to enhance memory power. One of the reasons for its usage is that it can free one from any sort of genetic limitation.

Therefore, it can be discerned that nootropics have effective function for a women’s mental health. Although it can be used by men too however, looking at the complex brain functioning and unique cognitive needs of a woman, nootropics can be highly recommended to a women for restoring their mental well being.

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Can Nootropics Prevent Dementia

Dementia has affected around 24.3 million people all over the world and these figure are only increasing with each passing day. The decrease in the life span as also the inability to perform daily activities are some of the serious outcomes of this grim mental condition which have prompted researchers across the globe to work on long persistent solutions. Lately Nootropics are being considered among other forms of cures to treat memory and concentration problems.

What Is Dementia?

Brain is made up of neurons which transmit data from brain to different parts of the body and vice versa. The Axon and the dendrites along with the cell body help the neurons transmit electrical and chemical signals through specialised connections called synapses. Brain loses these synapses fast during dementia and the chances of reversal is as low as 20 % according to experts.

Dementia is the gradual degeneration of brain and several cognitive activities of the brain with advancing age. Contrary to popular belief dementia is not a disease in itself rather it’s the outcome of any other disorder in the body. Although several forms of dementia persist the treatment of the conditions is feasible rather than the causes.

The basic functions like recalling things, the ability to take decisions and to convey ones feelings through words is severely affected. Researchers and health observers are of the opinion that early detection is the only form of prevention.

Forms Of Dementia

There are several types and stages of dementia which effect the brain with passing age. Experts believe that the brain enters the degenerative mode as early as the age of 20. With aging the process gears up and the brain loses almost 5% of its mass every 10 years. Alzheimer, Parkinson and Huntington are some of the common causes of dementia apart from, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia to name a few.


Although health experts have failed to find out the real cause of the disease, much of the brain degeneration is attributed to causes like lack of exercise, pollution, improper diet, and above all stress or genetic disorders.

Nootropics And Dementia

The term Nootropics, was devised by DR. Corneliu E. Giurgen. It includes a series of chemicals man- made as well as naturally occurring which assist in proper cognitive function of the brain. Apparently not all substances which work well for the brain can be categorised as nootropics. Dr corneliu had laid down a 5 point criteria for any substance to qualify as nootropics. Besides protecting enhancing and helping the brain function it should improve the neurological ability and prevent further damage.

Nootropics work on several aspects depending upon the region of brain that has suffered the damage.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

The Alpha lipoic Acid is an anti-oxidant produced in small amounts in the body. It is fat as well as water soluble. The more of it means more anti- oxidants for the body and brain which in turn means more power to fight free radicals. Spinach, broccoli and beef possess naturally occurring ALA. ALA as a nootropic is said to have desiring positive results on treating dementia in the elderly and can be taken along with other Nootropics to achieve the desired results. Acetylcholine levels considered to be a major cause of brain degeneration is said to get boosted with regular intake of ALA along with other Nootropics.

Coenzyme q10

Co enzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant occurring in the body. It helps the cells to convert fat into usable form of energy. Naturally occurring fatty foods such as fatty fish, beef, and poultry are some of the natural sources and nuts seeds and oils are the vegan sources. Ubiqunol form of Co Q 10 is considered to be more effective in the form of supplements. It basically powers the mitochondria in the cells of neurons which form the heart of any communication. CO q 10 as a Nootropic is said to boost blood flow thus slowing degeneration of brain cells and further helping in reducing the occurrence of dementia.


As a hungry body needs food so does a starved brain needs oxygen and glucose. The degeneration of the brain due to dementia can partly be offset by taking creatine which as a Nootropic enhances the energy level of the brain and gets it going. Cretine is produced in the liver as an amino acid and is transported to different parts of the body including the brain. If taken as a supplement it increases the spatial recall and boosts long term memory.

N-Acetyl L – Cysteine

N- Acetyl L – cysteine (NAC) as a Nootropic helps the brain cells fight damage due to free radicals. It restores the glutathione and dopamine levels and reduces the chances of Alzheimer and dementia. This Nootropic is naturally produced in the body and is found in foods like ricotta and cottage cheese yogurt and some meats like duck turkey and chicken.


Decosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an essential component of the human brain. Memory loss and other cognitive defects have been attributed to beta amyloid plaques. As a Nootropic DHA protects the nerves from degeneration which is very important for prevention of dementia.

B –Vitamins

B vitamins help slow down the progression of dementia by reducing the rate of brain shrinkage in elders. Vitamin B9 and B12 along with folic acid condition are responsible for increase in amino acids in the bloods again a pre-condition for dementia. B vitamins can be found in an array of food items and taken as supplements as well. Several enzymes in the brain are responsible for maintaining the glutamate concentration in the brain.

How Effective Are Herbal Nootroopics In Curing Dementia?

Nootropics like Modafillin, Aderall and Ritalin have been effective in combating dementia to some extent nonetheless the side effects like increased heart rate, anxiety, insomnia and headache have forced people to look for alternatives.

Herbal Nootropics derived from nature are now being considered equally effective in curing dementia sans the side effects.

Huperzine , Nuara Pauma, periwinkle, Catuaba, turmeric, sage, cats claw, Pine bark extract, Gingko biloba are some of the herbal nootropics used to manage dementia. But due to lack of clinical trials and concrete research the usage of these products is regulated and a certified practitioner would refrain from recommending them until they are FDA, ANDA approved.

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Become Cleverer and Thinner – Does Nootropic Weight Loss Work?

Nootropics are drugs, substances, and supplements that alter the brain’s functions by enhancing them. Different types of nootropics are being sold on the internet, and they have been doing a great job in helping people with their brain-related problems such as concentration, memory recall, creativity, logic functions, and so on.

There are so many people whose problem not only revolve around their mind’s performance but also their physical look. We have a generation of people who work hard and hardly have time to work out. Because of that, their body weight goes off the charts. Since the weight is too heavy to carry around and there is a lot of work to be done, the brain also gets tired and fails to function optimally.

People have turned to nootropics and weight loss supplements to help them cope. But what if they can kill two birds with one stone? What if they can get a product that allows them to lose weight as well as stay sharp at school, work, or any other place? Luckily, people can now use nootropics that have significant impacts on their minds and bodies.

Nootropics That Help You Stay Sharp And Slim


Modafinil is a type of smart drug that a lot of people use to enhance their brain function. It has been used for a long time and science proves that is efficient in what it does. This smart drug is usually prescribed for people who suffer from narcolepsy or Chronic Obstructive Sleep Apnea. People with ADHD also use the smart drug sometimes.

Modafinil drug enhances the cognitive function of the brain. It makes a person become alert. It awakens the mind and keeps it active. That is why a lot of people who do not suffer from the above conditions also use it.

Other than mental alertness, Modafinil has a reputation for suppressing a person’s appetite. Typically, when you ingest the drug, it boosts the production of orexin in the body, and it is a neuropeptide that is responsible for your appetite among other things. When the orexin levels are high, there will be an increase in the histamine levels as well. The histamine hormone is the same as orexin hormone, and it helps to lower your appetite

When the appetite levels are low, you will not feel the urge to eat at all times. You will also not find yourself overeating during meals or desiring junk foods. As a result, you will be able to lose weight as the body will burn the stored fats. You will also be able to maintain a healthy weight.


Adrafinil is also an excellent nootropic, and it is also excellent for improving a person’s cognitive function. It is one of the drugs that people use to awaken and activate the mind. Other than that, it helps to ward off fatigue. It is not so different from Modafinil and is thought to be the precursor to it.

Adrafinil has a wide number of users who see the exceptional results when they use it for their mental needs. Even so, many others complain of its appetite suppressant features. Typically, the drug is pro-active, and it gets metabolized to Modafinil hence the effects.

This nootropic is efficient when it comes to facilitating weight loss. When it lowers your hunger levels, you will ingest a lot of calories. It also increases the fat burning rate in the body thus causing you to have high levels of energy.


Adderall is also a drug used to treat ADHD like Modafinil. This drug is trendy and particularly among college students. It is a stimulant drug that helps to activate the brain and consequently improve its function. The use of Adderall has to be regulated. The reason is that a person can become addicted to it.

When used responsibly, you will be able to concentrate for extended periods and have better brain function all around. This drug is also widely used for controlling the body mass index (BMI.) A lot of doctors prescribe it for weight loss because it helps with lowering a person’s appetite. This helps one to control their caloric intake. Adderall is also associated with increased levels of dopamine. This neurotransmitter will motivate a person to engage in behaviors that are rewarding such as workouts. This further helps with weight loss.

Green Tea

Drinking tea has never been taken so seriously as people do now and especially with the introduction of green tea and its health benefits. There are numerous benefits that green tea offers and that is the reason why it is considered to be a nootropic.

Green tea enhances a person’s brain power and prevents cognitive decline that comes as a result of aging. This tea has compounds such as polyphenols that have EGCG and L-Theanine. Studies show that this tea enhances the ability of a person to complete working memory tasks thus better cognitive performance.

Also, green tea is excellent at helping you lose weight. The EGCG present prevents the breakdown of norepinephrine hormone. This is the hormone that alerts the body to process fats. Green tea also tends to increase the levels of the norepinephrine hormone. Therefore, the fat cells will receive stronger signals to break down the fats.

Ultimately, you will have more energy to carry you throughout the day, a slimmer body, and a sharp brain. This is a winning combination.

Do The Nootropics Work?

Yes, they do. Having looked at the different nootropics above, you can see that there is truth in their functionality. They will boost your mental performance and make you slimmer without a doubt. Therefore, you can trust them to deliver the desired results.


In an era where life demands that you have a sharp brain and remain physically fit, getting some help is not out of the ordinary. A lot of people are using different ways to achieve the results that you want. Therefore, you are within your rights also to get an advantage whether at school or the workplace. These nootropics are all the advantage you need.

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How To Quit Your Adderall Addiction Safely With Nootropics

Adderall may not be a new term to a lot of people. But in case you do not know what it is, we will cover it for you. Adderall is a type of medication that doctors use to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD. Typically, the brain has some natural substances that help it perform different functions. Adderall alters the levels of these natural compounds.

Adderall is made up of a combination of drugs namely amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. These drugs are stimulants, and they stimulate the brain to levels that are not recommended, and neither are they natural levels.

Present Use Of Adderall And Addiction

In this era, people are using Adderall for different reasons and without prescriptions. They are using the drug to stimulate their brains so that they can stay up for more extended hours, have high concentration levels, and so on. It is a popular drug among college students and people in different professions.


While many people can say that have seen some benefits of using this drug, it causes terrible Adderall crushes. This is when a person experiences physical as well as cognitive side effects because of a negative comedown.

Other than that, many others who use the drug longer tend to become addicted and can barely function without taking medicine. When they stop using the drug, the experience Adderall withdrawal after long-term use.

Some of the side effects include anxiety, irritability, insomnia, the intense need for more Adderall, extreme hunger, and depression.

Adderall addiction is something that a lot of people suffer from, and a lot of people find it hard to stay away from the drug. However, nootropics provide a way out for addicts.


Nootropics are famously known as smart drugs, and they are substances, drugs, or supplements that boost the brain functions. These products enhance one’s memory, improve their focus, enhance their creativity, and so much more.

Nootropics have been found to be the best alternative to Adderall because they do not stimulate the brain to abnormal levels. As an alternative to Adderall and a helper for quitting Adderall, nootropics will get the body and mind from a state of catecholaminergic stimulation to a state of GABAergic relaxation.

Using Nootropics

When you want to quit this drug using nootropics, you can choose to create your stack of nootropics or opt for premade ones. There are some premade supplements that you can get online. There are so many brands that you may have a hard time choosing the best.

Here are some of the best nootropics that you can use to replace Adderall.

Qualia Mind

This nootropic hit the market like a wave, and people received it excellently. Ever since the inception, it has been doing well and proving its worth. Qualia mind is excellent for everyone.

Qualia mind has a lot of ingredients, and they are divided into neuro-vitamins, neuro-anti-inflammatories, amino acids, antioxidants, choline donors, Adaptogens, neuro-minerals, and some other compounds. All the ingredients have different benefits, and they work together to create a wholesome result. There are so many scientific studies for the individual components that make the supplement, and they all show their potency. The formula used to create the product is brilliant.

Qualia mind works to increase the production of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, and it helps with sending signals between the motor nerves and skeletal muscles. It also helps you to stay focused for long, improves your memory, lowers the anxiety levels, increases energy supply in the body, improves your processing speed, enhances your creativity, and so much more.

There are no side effects associated with the use of Qualia mind. Therefore, you will not experience withdrawal syndrome or have any crashes. All the ingredients are safe for your consumption. It does not contain any additives or chemicals.

As you use the product, cycling is recommended. Take the supplement for five days and stay away from it for two days. Typically, it is recommended that you do not take more than 12 capsules in a day and most people take seven pills. Even so, the dosage tends to vary depending on some factors.

Mind Lab Pro

This is yet another nootropic that is valuable and an excellent replacement for Adderall. It is a product that is also causing a lot of noise on the internet because of its wonderful benefits when it comes to improving your brain’s functionality and consequently improving your quality of life.

Mind Lab Pro has so many reviews of satisfied clients that show you that it works and delivers the promises it makes. In understanding how it works, a number of its ingredients have been mentioned, and studies on these ingredients show their power.

The supplement has Bacopa Monnieri that helps in the production of acetylcholine as well as enhance the ability of a person to recall information. Phosphatidylserine is also an ingredient present. It aids in optimizing of crucial neurotransmitters. This leads to improved conduction of information across the nervous system. Citicoline is also an ingredient present, and it helps with promoting concentration as well as the performance of logical functions.

There are scientific studies that support the functions that these ingredients carry out. When you use this product, you will enjoy enhanced brain activity, better focus and concentration, slower aging process, improved blood circulation to the brain, and more.

Since it is effective, you can go ahead and trust it. As a premade stack, it is easier to use, and the recommended dosage is included in the packaging. It works faster after ingestion, and you will be thrilled with the results.


Ciltep is also a nootropic that many people have also used successfully to enhance their brain function. It is an excellent product that delivers the promises it makes. As a supplement, it is made up of ingredients that are natural and safe for use with no side effects. It has 5mg of vitamin B6, 900mg of Artichoke extract, 750mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine, 500mg of L-Phenylalanine, and 20mg of Coleus Forskohlii extract. These are the amounts per serving, and each serving has three capsules.The product is also gluten-free and non-GMO.

These ingredients work together to help you concentrate for extended hours, recall information, and retain information for longer.

As you use the supplement, you should not use more than the recommended serving in a day. Also, it is recommended that you use the cycling method. Take the capsules for five days and skip two days.

The best thing about Ciltep is that anyone can use it whether they are vegetarian or vegan. You will enjoy a lot of benefits when using this product and ultimately have no regrets. It lives up to the expectations.


These are some of the nootropics that you can use to help you get off the Adderall wagon safely and without a lot of trouble. These products have proved their value in the market, and people all over the world have demonstrated their potency.
To get these products, purchase them from the official websites or a trusted online store like Amazon. This is the only way you can be sure of what you are getting. The internet has all kinds of people, and they can defraud you. Be careful.

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Lifestyle And Nutritional Habits For A Healthy Brain

The health of our brain depends on how well we take care of ourselves and how we live our lives. Proper care of one’s health impacts both the mental and physical state of a person. A lot of people enjoy quality lives because of excellent brain functionality.

Remember that your brain controls your body functions. Therefore, if its functionality is not exceptional, your body will be in jeopardy. For this reasons, doctors emphasize on proper health care and lifestyle for your well being.

Top Habits To Adopt

There are lifestyle choices and nutritional habits that you need to adopt so that you can promote healthy brain functions. Such habits include:

Getting Enough Rest

When you are getting your night sleep, the body takes time to replenish and self-repair. During the deep sleep phase, the body releases growth hormone that is essential in the repair of tissues. Do not make up a hectic schedule that you end up with three hours of sleep. This is unhealthy for your body and brain. You will not give your mind enough time to rest and process information.

Avoid The Use Of Drugs And Alcohol

A healthy lifestyle calls for you to drop your drinking habits as well as substance abuse. Drop that habit of smoking a cigarette so that you can feel relaxed. All these negatively affect your brain. A perfect example is when you drink alcohol, and you cannot walk, talk, see, or think properly. When you sober up, why does one find it difficult to remember? There was an impairment of the brain. Substance abuse will adversely alter your brain’s functionality and may cause long-term damage.


We all know that exercising is essential for our health. It benefits our minds as well as our physical bodies. When you exercise, and particularly for aerobic exercises, there is a high flow of blood to the brain. Therefore, there will be nourishment as well as an ample supply of air to the brain. Other than that, as you exercise, there is a trigger for the brain to produce brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF.) This is a molecule that is critical for the repairing of the cells in the brain. It also establishes connections between these cells.

Other than physical exercises, there are also mental exercises that you can engage in such as word games, performing math calculations in your head, and so on. Pair up physical activities, and mental exercises and your mind will be brilliant and sharper.

Eat Healthy Foods

A lot of people in this era have become accustomed to eating unhealthy meals and particularly fast foods. The reason is that they are quickly available and people hardly have time to cook. Because of unhealthy eating habits, they become unhealthy, and this affects the mind as well.

Eating a healthy and balanced meal provides the body with the nourishment it needs. It supplies the body with the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. These nutrients will reach every vital part of the body as well as the brain and nourish it.

Have You Heard Of Brain Foods?

Other than eating a healthy and balanced diet, there are specific foods that provide so much for your brain. They are foods that enhance your brain’s functionality. These foods are rich in components that help the mind stay sharp and focused, retain information, regulate dopamine levels, improve motor skills, and so on. Such foods include blueberries, spinach, turkey, fatty fish, oatmeal, broccoli, avocado, and more. The benefits of these foods have been scientifically proved.

Taking Brain Boosters

We have supplements of all kinds including those for the brain. A lot of people are using supplements that help improve their brain functions, and they are enjoying loads of benefits. These supplements are healthy and safe for human consumption. They work excellently to enhance your memory, boost your concentration levels, and so much more. Two capsules a day, depending on the booster, will suffice for your daily needs. A lot of these supplements prove to be sufficient for improving the brain function of people who suffer from certain brain conditions.

Break From Your Cocoon

Being a loner has a lot of disadvantages and can affect you mentally. Having social ties keeps you engaged and excited about life. To a great extent, these social ties help us deal with a lot of situations that would overwhelm us if we were to go through them alone. Being in touch with friends and family brings light to those dark days. They give you expectations, help you experience new things, give you a sense of emotional security and support, and so much more. In the course of life, your mind will be healthier, and you will have healthier emotions. Having people around us make us feel good and this shows a healthy mind.

Be Spiritually Awakened

Being spiritual does not mean that you are religious. Everyone needs a spiritual awakening. It helps us to be aware that there is a higher purpose in life. It helps us to have higher consciousness and awareness. It instills a sense of love and peace in us that cannot be found anywhere else. It gives us a sense of connection, harmony, timelessness, and so much more. When you have a spiritual awakening, your mind becomes more stable and peaceful regardless of the things that may be happening around you that would otherwise perturb you. When you have peace in you, the influence will affect your brain positively as well as your body.

Be Curious

Cultivate a desire to want to know more about things and life in general. A curious mind will always stay sharp and active. With this desire, you will be learning new things every day, and this is one way of teasing or exercising your brain.

These are some of the habits and lifestyle tips that will help you maintain your brain in a top working condition always. They will enhance your memory, boost your concentration, elevate your cognitive function, and so much more. Implement these tips, and you can say goodbye to a rusty brain

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Top Ten Brain Enhancement Tips For The Elderly

As we age, our brains grow ‘old’ as well. We start experiencing difficulties when we try to perform specific mental functions. As our minds slow down, a lot of things start to go wrong because the brain is responsible for a lot of functions in the body. Even so, there are excellent ways for us, and particularly the older adults in the society, to ensure that the brain stays active as time goes by.

Top Ten Ways That Work

Use Of Nootropics

Nootropics are supplements that have been specially designed to help boost the performance of the brain in various ways. These supplements are manufactured using the best formulas, and they use the best ingredients that are safe for human consumption.

Memory boosters for the old folks help with keeping the mind sharp at all times and minimizes the aging process.

These nootropics will vary in their functionality depending on the ingredients to bring forth the results you desire. Their dosage also differs from one supplement to the other. Even so, the results are always pleasant.

Enough Sleep

Deep sleep is an excellent remedy for an aging mind. As you relax and rest the mind while sleeping, you can slow down the aging process. Other than that, when you get enough sleep, the brain’s functionality is improved. It will be sharper and more capable of retaining information for extended periods. Therefore, you will not experience moments where you have ‘memory loss.’ You will be able to process information excellently as well.

Physical Exercises

Engaging in physical practices is imperative in preserving the mind. Physical activities are excellent as they help to stimulate the body as well as the mind. When you work out, the mind is involved. Because of its involvement, it becomes awake and alert. That is the reason why a person who works out before going to work tend to be more alert without needing a stimulant. Other than that, studies show that people who exercise have bigger sizes of the hippocampus. This is the part of the brain in charge of verbal memory and learning. The exercises recommended are those that make you sweat and increase the heart’s activity of pumping blood.

A Perfect Diet

What one eats will help in improving the mental capabilities of a person as well as their physical health. As you eat a balanced diet, ensure that you also have a high intake of the foods that boost the brains performance. Such foods include nuts, fatty fish, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, soya beans, and more. They will significantly improve the brains performance. As the performance goes high, your productivity, as well as the quality of life you live, will improve.

Be More Social And Interact Often

Social interactions are significant for the elderly. It provides an avenue to meet new people, forge new relationships, experience new things, and so much more. All the different possibilities that come with social interactions help the mind to stay sharp. Establishing new friendships and having new experiences helps one to feel involved and excited about life. This excitement will keep the person active. When one is closed off and does not interact with others freely, the age factor sets in quickly and they let themselves go. When you have nothing exciting happening in your life to trigger the brain, the chances are that your brain will go to sleep.

Develop a Habit or a Hobby

A habit or a hobby is essential in keeping the brain engaged and active during free times. When you age, you get a lot of free time on your hands. Rather than staring into space as you pass the time, why not read a book or write a story? Why not tend to the flowers or listen to music? These activities will help the mind stay in shape as time goes by. It will help develop the ability to focus and concentrate as well. Habits or hobbies will keep us engaged with life and keep one from watching as life passes them by. They help us stay in touch with reality.

Stress Management

Stress and aging is not a good combination. Stress takes a toll on a person both physically and mentally. Typically, as one gets old, a lot of things change, and this can lead to higher stress levels. Your children may move, people close to you may pass on, the world may change, and so much more. In all these things, find a way of dealing with these situations. If not, they will take a toll on your brain and cause adverse effects. Different health conditions will come up, and they will further cause your brain to deteriorate

Engage in Mental Exercises

There are numerous mental exercises that you can use to tease and train your mind. For instance, there are some mental games that you can play. A lot of newspapers do not lack games that tease the brain such as puzzles of code word games. You can take the time to play them every day. Other than that, in this digital era, there are so many game applications that you can download onto your smart device and play them.

The number of brain games available on Google PlayStore and Apple store is unlimited. There is something for everyone.

Manage Health Conditions That You May Have

Photo p.1

When a lot of people age, conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems, and others can crop up. Whenever they occur, ensure that you manage them. Take the prescribed medications properly. When your body is well, the brain will be well. Vice versa is also true. Also, if certain medicines are messing with your mind, talk to your doctor so that they can review the medications. They may be the source of your mental problems, and when they are changed, you will get back to normal. Pay attention and be diligent in taking care of yourself when you have these conditions. Proper care will determine the health of your mind.

Learn Something New

Learning new things is one way that a lot of older people use to ensure that their minds say active and in perfect shape. Learning something new is a challenge that will get a person excited and driven. It can bring in a new wave of excitement about life that a person needs as they grow old. It may be as simple as learning a new vocabulary every day. As you learn the vocabulary, use it correctly throughout the day so that you do not forget. You can decide to sit down at the end of the week to review the vocabularies you have learned. This can be the challenge that you put for yourself to help the mind to stay active and curious. You can also learn how to play different instruments, different recipes, and so on.


Mental health is critical as one grows old. It helps you to age gracefully because the state of your mind will affect the state of your body. These ten tips will dramatically improve one’s experience as they age and keep the brain active and enhance its functionality. The elderly can now escape the fear of their brain ‘wasting’ away.

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How I Scored Straight A’s With The Best Memory Pills For Study

Getting ahead in academics is one thing that everyone is always looking forward to in life. Everyone wants to make something of themselves. They want to get the skills that will make life excellent for them. They want to enhance their careers and take it to a new level. Regardless of what the drive is, we all want to be at the top. That is why we all try different means to ensure that our brains are working optimally.

People have used different stimulants and nootropics to enhance their minds. I am not any different, but I chose a safe way to go about it. I have been able to maintain straight A’s in school and excel academically. I have not had any adverse effects from using nootropics such as crushes or addictions.

I have a list of nootropics that can significantly help you with studying. They have proved to be dependable and safe. Here they are:

Qualia Mind

There is a reason why everyone is talking about this product all over the internet and globally. It is a product that has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt that it is the real deal. Qualia Mind has helped a lot of people with their academics and is very popular with people of different ages.

This product is made from some of the most brilliant ingredients that are categorized depending on the functions they perform. We have antioxidants, neuro-vitamins, neuro-minerals, Adaptogens, choline donors, neuro-anti-inflammatories, amino acids, and other exquisite compounds.

These ingredients work together to reduce your stress levels, enhance your cognitive functions, enhance the production of acetylcholine which is vital for signal transmission, enhance blood flow to the brain, and so much more.

Qualia Mind will help you stay attentive for more extended hours and to retain the information you gain for a more extended period. With these abilities, there is no reason why you should not perform excellently. When you use the product, you need to cycle it. Use it for five days and skip two days. A lot of doctors, nutritionists, and specialists recommend Qualia Mind because it is impressive and potent. Read the full Qualia Mind review here.


Noopept is a nootropic that is manufactured by a famous Russian pharmaceuticals company. It is one of the best and most recommended nootropics by medical practitioners. It is gaining its popularity in other countries and especially the US because of its potency.

Noopept works by binding itself to the receptor site for glutamatergic AMPA. Consequently, it enhances the levels of glutamate and causes it to move freely across brain cells. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter and one of the most potent ones. When it moves freely across brain cells, the cognitive functions of the brain go to a new level dramatically.

Noopept will help you focus for long, recall things faster, process information and react more quickly, improve the memory capacity, enhance your social abilities, and so much more. Not only will you be excellent in your academics, but you will also be excellent outside the class and in the company of many. Read the full review of Noopept here.

When you take this nootropic, only take 30mg in a day because it is too powerful. Take 10mg thrice in a day.


Sunifiram is a nootropic that is closely linked to Piracetam nootropic because their chemical structures are the same. However, it is more potent than Piracetam. Its potency levels are almost the same as those of Noopept.

Like Noopept, Sunifiram works to impact the AMPA receptors which are in charge of the production of glutamate in the brain. As a crucial neurotransmitter, when the levels of glutamate go lower, you will have a lot of problems staying attentive, recalling information, and being able to learn. Sunifiram helps with the regulation of the neurotransmitter.

Other than that, it also causes an increase in acetylcholine which is also a neurotransmitter. This neurotransmitter will improve your cognitive functions further. It will also promote the communication of your brain’s left and right halves.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is also another nootropic that has a lot of praises from its massive number of users. This supplement comes from an herb, and the best part is that the plant has Ayurvedic properties. It has been in use for hundreds of years and is still useful.

Bacopa Monnieri is one of the best supplements for enhancing your minds ability to store information for a long time. Typically, it is the main active ingredient in the supplement. Chemical compounds known as bacosides are present in this plant and particularly in the leaves.

Bacosides are excellent as they trigger the growth of dendrites and they also help with information transfer to cell receptors. Studies in humans show that it is an excellent enhancer for memory recall.

You can purchase this supplement in leaf form, in powder form, or as capsules. The recommended dosage is at least 750mg or at most 1500mg in a day.


Pramiracetam is a nootropic that is fat soluble and also has a lot of benefits for your brain. It is also a popular option for a lot of people and has delivered excellent results. When compared to other nootropics mentioned, it stands out for two reasons. It is fat soluble and promotes behaviors that are goal-directed and rewarding. Therefore, you will be able to stay focused on accomplishing your academic objectives. Since it is fat soluble, you take the nootropic with meals, and you can take it once a day. Its effects are long-lasting because they are not water soluble.

Other benefits of taking the nootropic include enhanced levels of concentration and focus, excellent memory recall, improved fluid intelligence, and more. Pramiracetam has been tagged as a study aid, and many students can attest to its positive results. The mental fluidity that it promotes has helped a lot of people. Therefore, you can be confident that it will help you as well.


These are some of the nootropics that you can safely use as your study aid. You will be amazed at the results that you will get at the end of the day.

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